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    Hey Dan , am not sure whats going on, but my account is not counting satoshis, I have even checked my satoshi and my posts that I have started but they dont show at all, could you help kindly this is worrying, if you could help, thanks a lot, I will be greatly thank ful if I could understand the reasons why

  2. Sometimes separating emotions and sports is very difficult, have ever heard the way people shout and dance during a soccer match, those are emotions and we are all surged when it comes to sports we want to work hard and put together everything in the right perspective, emotions always fly when there is a competition, it only becomes unhealthy when one decides that its gone too far and they can harm themselves
  3. Sure?, why do you think so ? because I think it has come such a long way to just give up at this moment but we need to wait and see what happens it could be going up in some time coming, but we hope that thing just change, the effort to understand bitcoin is still on, I hope I get to understand it to the last, the technical part is a struggle for me.
  4. Irungu

    Why I love dice

    Though I haven't been able to play dice on this stake forum but am looking forward to playing it, there is a reason why I love it, the reason it being that you can be able to really work as hard and put on some statistics that can help you move forward that it being that you can place the price to a certain point, I mean , you can place the take profit, on a 50-50 chance but the problem is , you need to be careful to check it time to time, dont take to many rolls, it might end up not giving you some profit, just start with around 10 rolls and hope that your wins will be more than your losses,
  5. We have been waiting for a long time for bitcoin to set itself back to where it is right now, I personally have been waiting for it to surge up to about 11,000$ to even to 17000$ its one of the best thing to do , we have to keep on putting up everything in the right perspective. what will be the next move for bitcoin , because looking around, it seems as if it has just developed a new upward move. Though the price of bitcoin has stayed for some weeks, 2 probably at around 9000$ we are hoping it does go up, it will be really beneficial to all of us, so we need to keep on waiting and seein
  6. Thats right and am sure that they symbolism of them not taking it far again will help a lot of people in understanding how to be able to work and develop the right ideas that follow to build the two nation, I think Kim has been able to understand that it takes you no where if you keep arms and the development of arms was very expensive for a country that was suffering, the country need to move forward and leave the state of feer they live in
  7. Well either, all the quistion adds to , are you getting anything from it, the work you are putting up, is there anything that is coming in from it , the work for the good ideas we see, the way you play is the only way that matters, are you making some money out of it, it needs to be well organized in its stand, you can play on a mobile or pc, it perfectly means what is best for you, what is the best idea that works well for you
  8. Yeah this is true avoid making mistakes but keep yourself well informed in any case, you might get hit real time by the two chances, and the two chances always makes you lose the money you have had so work hard to really define your chances of wining the right idea would be to really keep everything well organized it could be that you have the 5050 chance but also value your wins, one win could bring you something
  9. Am not currentyl watching anything but am trying so hard to get the book of eli, the star was denzel washington he is my best charactor and my best and favorite actor he knows what he does its pretty awesome. if not that am trying to get Dallas season 4 if there is any so it would help me understand where am heading and it would really be the best
  10. Lets hope he comes back and gets us some good information of what they did , but gambling is not something to be proud of , or either to be ashamed of, it takes it bother, just go with it, mines I tried it and am not sure what am doing it does not make sense at all , it just does not but if you look at it very well and carefuly you need to keep youself safe, know your exit point, and they have a stop loss that you can use perfectly
  11. I also think you should not take gambling that long it can take you down, for a whole day you gambled? wow thats a new one , guess lock down got you doing stuff you have never imagined , but its you thats what you wanted and thats what you enjoyed that day , dont worry about the lose, you doubled at first right? then dont cry about the loss
  12. I dont think so, I think bitcoin is not done yet, it is going still to run and get to the upper side, its important we are able to understand what will happen when a break out happens, am very very hopeful that it gets to 20,000$ this year so am not cashing out yet am still trying to get everything straight so working in this I still have to keep my eyes open , corona proved to us that things can change over night
  13. I have been trying to understand which one is better , but I always come up with one conclusion, that there is non, you got to work hard and prove yourselves you can work and get something from it , it requires you put a lot of effort in what you are doing just to make sure there is nothing in wrong motive. understand each game, know how you lose and when you lose , how do you at least return your money back , thats how its done, and its very important you do some serious variation before you start gambling.
  14. What would be your best time to gamble, just like trading in either forex or otherwise , what would be the best way to do your job in gambling and what are the experiences that you have had with gambling. I have not started yet , but I have been able to understand what to do with betting on dice, it has been a little bit not what I expected but the whole idea on Casinos is different from trading , people claim that forex trading or any other trading is similar to the two however there is always a chance to change your mind and create a strategy that consistently earns some money , what w
  15. Really Lacazette is leaving, well thats a new one, but I think he is a good guy you look at his scores and you understand he has been doing some great work , arsenal needs some guys that can do the job, lacazette can and as you have stated , he is not consistent , you got to keep the ball 80% inside the net as a striker, but if you as a striker your rate is possibly 50% of the time you are missing , then we need at least another effective striker
  16. Bitcoin has its own rules, overtime you want to understand it , or at least when I want to understand it , I always find my self even more confused so it becomes irrelevant for me to actually understand what would be the right thing to do , so when working in our forum and formula there is a good thing to really define what is bitcoins fears, because when ever we start going down with it, it does not really get that far, we are usually left in a strange place trying to speculate what would be the next move, you can not analyse it like stocks or forex, but sometimes it requires you know how t
  17. For those people who dont actually understand trump, he really does know how to work, he really does so be careful trying to undermine what he does he knows how to work , he maybe controversial but work is always done on his side so we need to respect him and I actually would vote him , its a good job he is doing a pretty good job
  18. If posts dont meet the starndards of the forum they are going to be deleted, its important you keep everything in one road and work hard for it, there is no way your post will be deleted for nothing,be careful this forum will be very strict with their rules, I really was banned for 6 days for making a tiny mistake so its important we have to keep and doing the right thing in the forum
  19. Can you increase your investment on stake casino by just about 10% every month or evey day, is that posible, when we are here we have to really know what is happening there is a lot of people working hard to really keep on pushing forward we have to really where we have to really keep everything in this stake casino, I want that kind, I want some good money from it, just around 5 percent a day in increase so that if I have about 10000 satoshis or even 100000 , Increase it with just 5 percent , thats the key to me. Am studying this case , casino dice and the wheel, there is a lot am learn
  20. The best thing is to be careful next time, this will be really good if you be sure that we have to work as hard and be sure of what we have to work in the same , the best thing to do is to put together a good dice system , the more you do it the more you have you have the chance , there is a lot of good effort to it , its important we have to put everything in on different games, dont just play one game, spread around, some other games are better or even stable
  21. That could be some of the good issues that come with the dice is the roll itself, am using the 98% win ratio but the chances for me wining is a lot higher than that o the other side, but to me I want to maximize on the 98%, the good things that we have to work with. the dice is really a good one, but the other games am not really getting them except the wheel
  22. I want to play for profit and am looking for something that we have to use, the good thing about the casino is understanding how good we have to work as hard to know that game, I have been trying dice and the wheel, so far so good, but the profit is not rolling as expected but look at the chances that are given in some cases there is a star to which am going to discover.
  23. I have been studying a lot the Altcoins , there is a lot of good issues that come with studying them so its important for us to look at the one that is fastest, and the way ripple has been designed that we can have very fast transaction and not only fast but be very good in transferring large amounts of money, the greatest effort as we do, others my be fast but the one I have used and works very fast is ripple
  24. Corona virus is one of the greatest thing we have ever seen in this world we have to look for a way to really stabilize the crypto world, the way we see this crypto world, I was shocked that when the rest of the finance world went down then it followed the same, the best thing we have to do is to back bitcoin and any other Altcoin with something, because if you look at the red day, when everything was red, gold was the only one that never moved, in fact it went up 1% up in the same day Oil just plunged 23%. What would we back bitcoin with, because as it stands today it is backed by demand
  25. What has happened because of corona virus its really disheartening, even a game I was waiting, the best thing that that could be its important we have to prepare , but the game will happen and I suspect the game will be done behind doors, the whole issue of corona virus is really different. But the main cause of this was that |Arsenal players had an interaction with someone who tested posted, its also important we have the best things we have to work in the best ideas we have to follow in the best effort for it,its good we wait for the self Quarantine, we have to really be sure of what w
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