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    Irungu got a reaction from kebiski in Why I love dice   
    Though I haven't been able to play dice on this stake forum but am looking forward to playing it, there is a reason why I love it, the reason it being that you can be able to really work as hard and put on some statistics that can help you move forward that it being that you can place the price to a certain point, I mean , you can place the take profit,  on a 50-50 chance but the problem is , you need to be careful to check it time to time, dont take to many rolls, it might end up not giving you some profit, just start with around 10 rolls and hope that your wins will be more than your losses, thats the reason why I love dice,I have practiced it for a while, and the probability of wining and losing on dice giving it a 50-50 chance, the odds are really good, but hope you win more on your chances , than you lose. 
    Other reasons, I dont know, and hoping I get to practice them to, there are about 11 games in the casino that are not related to sports so there must be one that am good at.
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    Irungu reacted to path78 in What next for bitcoin?   
    i think dump soon .
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    Irungu got a reaction from Limbo in My whole day on Stake casino   
    I also think you should not take gambling that long it can take you down, for a whole day you gambled? wow thats a new one , guess lock down got you doing stuff you have never imagined , but its you thats what you wanted and thats what you enjoyed that day , dont worry about the lose, you doubled at first right? then dont cry about the loss
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in Winning probability   
    I was play the dice the other day and it seems very thrilling every time you roll, but there is a way you change the probability of winning, say you have about 100, but share from 98 to 2% wining probability , and I play the 98% winning probability , but the pay out is low, but always I was winning, though very little, I thought, if I rolled about three times and win all of them , that would be a good day, but I would have to bet with a lot of money to make sure that am getting something to take home, lets say you have 1,000$ and the winning probability is 98%, which means the winning potion is bigger than the losing, but check out , the 2 chances you have of losing, takes away all the betting money you have on that bet, say the 1000 usd, but when you win, which you have 98 chances you win small but something good say 10$ or so, how do you see this guys, this is a good way to work in stake casino and make some good money .
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in Best game for a new guy   
    Am pretty new in everything even in gambling, but can anyone please advice me which one is the better game for a new person in the gambling world, I know nothing but I can roll the wheel, if there is dice to be played , yes I can get there and if there is anything to do with chess, I would love that, but yet to see chess on stake casino, am not sure really what is good for me, every other is something am totally not comfortable with except sports betting
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    Irungu got a reaction from Kompo in Bitcoin hit By corona virus   
    Corona virus is one of the greatest thing we have ever seen in this world we have to look for a way to really stabilize the crypto world, the way we see this crypto world, I was shocked that when the rest of the finance world went down then it followed the same, the best thing we have to do is to back bitcoin and any other Altcoin with something, because if you look at the red day, when everything was red, gold was the only one that never moved, in fact it went up 1% up in the same day Oil just plunged 23%.
    What would we back bitcoin with, because as it stands today it is backed by demand , the way it is used. its important we have to really keep an eye on this let there be very vigilant to the process.
    Its very very important
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    Irungu reacted to Etude in Bitcoin hit By corona virus   
    I think it is more fair to say that this coronavirus contagion issue has hit the world economy more specifically rather than just Bitcoin alone given that it is pretty much causing panic and lockdown everywhere now that has cases of it. 
  8. Ethereum
    Irungu got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Altcoin alternative to bitcoin?   
    Are Altcoins the alternative for this case of bitcoin, there are thousands of coins that have been brought forward and they are a little bit of a case that we can learn to enjoy a variety of coins, this coins are so many and people are using them to make some good money the best of this is to really run the market properly and be sure of so many others so Altcoins are offering alternative.
    I have been looking at the features of Ripple, and I understand it , why its better than bitcoin and also , Ether comes to mind, but the who site of about 3000 coins then it becomes difficult to learn all of them so, when you look at how Ripple is adopting to the traditional money transfer systems. That gives me hope, the other thing that makes me chose Ripple is its transfer speed and transfer fee, they are really important and it has a huge number in supply that makes it easy to get.
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    Irungu reacted to Dp10011 in 10% in a day   
    The scenario is of general decline. And cryptocurrencies would not escape this. Btc is very crazy! I was startled to see his price today.
    It is a time of great caution with each and every type of investment. The general market is unstable. Cheering for things to be resolved!
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    Irungu reacted to FGas in I have experience in sports betting   
    I was expecting 9 correct matches and two mistakes who wanted to see my account Telegram @ shoots0
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    Irungu reacted to Mwangi in Thread post removed   
    Can a thread you have started be deleted , or is it that case of when you make a mistake , you just have to continue and if the thread is deleted, will any payment or earning from it be deleted or retracted?? kindly would love to know, am still going round the forum trying to understand what goes on and what happens here, so can anyone explain to me this case, thank you very much.
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    Irungu reacted to seanwattson in Which coin has the fastest transaction speed?   
    That would be the ripple, or XRP. I started going with this coin after ethereum for the exact reason. Plus it's close to my own currency so I see value very easily.
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in I tried the wheel   
    I tried the wheel this morning, and its far much better than I thought, I made a significant amount of earning, though it was something that was different and I tried to catch up on the odds how to set them but at the end of the day I made something from them and am really exited, I will run with my luck and try again tomorrow, who believes with me that this is a far much better game, because to me it was all about rolling and creating odds that are much easier to reach than we would think . Well I have also tried the dice and its not as much good as any other but it has a good point, you still can earn, I take the 98 chance of wining and play it.
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in Nico Erik Rosberg   
    I  Actually do agree, its important we have to realize the two are superior and its important for us to really keep on putting up the pressure on Hamilton but we also need the likes of Ferrari and every kind, its really form to works important that we have a change in the Grand prix and that will made it beautiful to watch and all kind, the domination of one person is really important
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    Irungu reacted to Mwangi in Nico Erik Rosberg   
    I wait for the day when he will dominate F1 , this is very important for me to really define the best way . I want him to be the biggest in the world am  a little bit tired of Lewis Hamilton its good to keep on pushing its a good thing he takes over and the nest grand prix am praying that he takes it again, the last was to happen in china but canceled because of the virus but am still with him all the way .
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    Irungu reacted to Mwangi in Mistake you never forget   
    When you remember about crypto currencies, what is the huge mistake you have ever made> because there are so many I will narrate mine and the other is  for someone else there are so many that we have to follow look at it this way , there is one time bitcoin was just 1 dollar so its going to be the time I knew bitcoin, I had money to buy it ,and so because I could not understand it, I just left it, I had  1000 dollars then, I could have bought and waited ,, and just years later this could be 9Million dollars. whats your worst mistakes that you have ever done.
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    Irungu reacted to sahil777 in Sites accepting bitcoin   
    not only these but there are already hundred of sites whom are accepting bitcoin, some are locals and some are international, i think its pretty good because with bitcoin everyone can shop online without any fuss of credit card or wire transfer or any other thing.
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    Irungu reacted to Mwangi in Sites accepting bitcoin   
    the following are some of the sites that I know are accepting bitcoin, 
    Reeds Jewelers.
    Gyft. ...
    The best for me is Newegg because I love computers and this is very good news for I can be able to purchase the same with the same. its the best for me
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in Bitcoin and Samsung   
    There is a new one from samsung, they are putting up a link and a direct bitcoin icon on their new sumsung s20, you will be able to buy bitcoin and other crypto at the tap of your fingers and this will be a good chance for you because it will be even having safety features that you will not need to have any other wallent, you can store even other crypto, I think this is huge with samsung being second in the world After Apple, you realize the sold over  300 Million phones last year and they have been able to stand and bring in the crypto world this is huge guys.
  20. Love
    Irungu got a reaction from Alaina1001 in What is considerred a good post,   
    Okay good morning, guys, what is considered as a good high quality post, because when you look at the way things are , we have to be careful when posting, this are my guide lines to posting a thread or a post even.
    1. The thread to me must cointain at least 200 words and they must be well organized
    2. The thread must be posted in the right place, not any other , for example if its about sports it must be in the right section, sports section.
    3. One must not flood the system or the forum with so many threads, and its important to check the spellings or else something will happen like being touted as making low quality posts this is what one to me this I must follow, \\
    What must I add on this list , its short but that is what guides me
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    Irungu got a reaction from Mwangi in Daniel Sturridge Ban   
    He ha a match ban for the rest of the season , I saw it yesterday and he will not be doing the work he will be staying off the pitch  because he shared insider information about his transfer with his brother and asked him to bet on it, and he is going to pay for it
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    Irungu got a reaction from Mwangi in Best sport game to bet on?   
    which of the so many sports we have around , is far much easier to work with, on betting that is, I actually love soccer and am going to still be betting on it , but the way I see it its actually very important we do some research, know your games before you bet, my brother is actually a pro  in the said betting sites, he wins a lot of the time, and the best he had is soccer and he won 10,000$, huge for him , he bought a car and it was good because he made it an uber and he earns extra income from it. So which one is your favorite?
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    Irungu got a reaction from Mwangi in Made a Mistake and got a warning, sorry   
    I made the same mistake mate and today I have been given the same warning and it has been a really tough time for me they are two warning actually but am taking this serious and am going to make myself better , work on my posts and the way I do my work and also be careful very careful that I dont get banned, so many people here I think get banned and its one of the best way to really remind us here that we should be very careful.
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in Daniel Sturridge Ban   
    The former Liverpool striker has been banned from international football because of flaunting regulations in |FA, he has been missing in international football seen after leaving liverpool, he has been fined 150K pounds because of giving his brother insider information that he would be leaving Seville, but there is a lot of good ideas that can land you in a lot of trouble now instead of earning , the huge fine will serve him a very tough  measure. thats one of the best thing that we have had as we all know
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    Irungu reacted to Kariuki in Who made a bet of Liverpool vs Watford   
    After two defeats in three matches, having also lost in the Champions League to Atletico Madrid, the FA Cup trip to Chelsea takes on extra significance for the Reds in terms of regaining the momentum they had before the mid-week break. Kloop is not as confident and he keeps on trying to maintain a positive mentality for the club but aftert the watford defeate and ready to face  Chelsea, he surelly has to worry if his team are getting worn out, what was even tough is that most people did not predict that watford would have a clean sheet at Liverpool and so those mostly who bet on Liverpool, Which I suspect were many , had their night  of surplice, who did you bet on
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