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  1. Use TRX fee is lower and it's faster
  2. Aston Villa 1:2 Arsenal Burnley 2:0 Brighton Newcastle 1:0 Southampton Fulham 1:2 West Ham Man Utd 2:0 Everton Tottenham 1-0 West Brom Wolves 0-1 Leicester Liverpool 1-3 Man City Sheffield Utd 0-2 Chelsea Leeds 2-1 Crystal Palace tiebreaker 23" user: edwinouj
  3. Hello I just look Diamonds topic nobody talk about this, someone win 158 btc with a bet of 3 btc on it! And you, do you have any strategies with this game?
  4. the strategy of caveman is pretty good
  5. I like us TRX or EOS it's really fast for deposit!
  6. HI ! Happy to see you around here !
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