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  1. ETH for ETH 2.0 Proof of stake BTC bitcoin halving scarcity/bitcoin etf possibility BNB as I use Binance exchange anyways so do many who have alt coins.
  2. The problem with the bitcoin exchanges is that there's no government backing so there isn't any federal insurance policy in the event of bankruptcy. Waiting for the ETFs. Hopefully SEC just approves one in the near future. Then many mutual funds, pension funds, retail investors, institutional investors, hedge funds, etc. can formally trade bitcoin. Not those bitcoin futures which just isn't the same as it's just tracking of the BTC price
  3. I just use the default wallet of that cryptocurrency. That way it's held in your own storage/file on computer which you can transfer to other devices and not someone else's server. Even the great MtGox went bankrupt so no exchange is safe out there
  4. I always use forums. Like when I was in the USA, I would use slickdeals. There's many altruistic people that spend time finding deals for yo. There's also websites out there that can track pricing like I use pcpartpicker for computer parts tracking previous+current. Camelcamelcamel for amazon