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  1. Ugeller

    Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    What do you mean? The same way the edge is aplied online. On poker, the rake is generally higher. On machines, the expected value is significantly lower than the games on Stakes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but blackjack pays 3 to 2, so the edge is huge. As the casino has to pay much more for the physical structure, they can't apply edges as low as online
  2. Ugeller

    ETN will Beats BTC

    Ethereum does have an advantage over BTC as it's harder to track so it's better if you want to keep your privacy and safety. However, as BTC was the first cryptocurrency to come up, I'd say it's very unlikely that any other coin will take its place. BTC is the most famous and I think it will always be.
  3. Ugeller

    Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    If you wan to have fun, probably the physical casino will be more interesting for you. On the other hand, if you want to win money you have better chances on an online casino as the house edge is lower.
  4. Ugeller

    Is Bitcoin gambling?

    Bitcoin itself is not gambling, it's a currency like any other.
  5. Ugeller


    I've tried many times but I've never won anything significant
  6. I use primedice and stake to play. To keep my btc safe, I use the blockchain wallet
  7. Not a bubble. There is a reason for btc to be wanted, so you cannot say that it is a bubble just because the price is high
  8. Ugeller

    Steam Drops Support for Bitcoin Payments

    I speak for myself, but I have had to wait far too long to make a transaction with BTC. Now that BTC is growing more and more, the network seems not to be able to take care of the huge number of transactions. Together with the price oscilations, maybe that explains why Valve does not want to accept BTC as a form of payment.
  9. The only betting websites I know are Stakes and Primedice. I think those 2 are the main refferences when you think of bitcoin gambling
  10. My review is right here: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/21-stake/ BTC Address: 1FLHUfJh6mc35VrFxVyQa3FEFBU74HAcp6
  11. Ugeller

    Bitcoin in Wall Street Journal, just a bubble?

    Those guys are just idiots who either don't understand what bitcoin is or do understand really well but as it's much harder for the government to take our money and control our lives if we use bitcoin instead of their currency, they hate it.
  12. Why the heck is blockchain takiing o much time for ONE confirmation? I've been waiting for my deposit to arrive for like 5 hours and it's still waiting for confirmation. Is the same hapening to you guys? Does anyone know when the situation will be solved?
  13. Ugeller

    Increasing faucet

    I think that setting a maximum number of claims per day is pretty much enough to limit the abusers.
  14. Ugeller


    Lol that happens in any game that involves money buddy, that is normal. When people lose significant amounts of money they get mad and start cursing the platform. For example, look how many videos there are in youtube saying that pokerstars is rigged.
  15. Ugeller

    Increasing faucet

    Oh, so i has to do with the wheel, very nice. I'd love to get free money but I don't really believe that wil be the case lol