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  1. Wow. How do you do it? I want to know your ways... I also want to be successful like yourself in gambling. I heard its a bit risky though. What is your opinion on that? That's true that we should never deposit from our own pockets because we might lose everything. That's a very smart thing advise.
  2. That's awesome! I'm proud of you for doing that. It means that you really are putting effort into writing. I hope you, and all who are deserving to get recognized would also get recognized immediately.
  3. Yes. I think he is a very wealthy man because I heard that he owns this site and other sites as well. I never talked to him yet but I'm looking forward to! 😁
  4. Thank you! This will help me especially because I'm still new here. I want too, to make the highest quality of posts that I can. I'm excited to earn here now.. 😌
  5. Wait... 50 ripples is a lot. Or maybe not for you, because you already have a high rank, but for me that's a lot. I hope you get even more and earn what you deserve the next time! Good luck! 😌
  6. What did you do? May I know this mistake that you did so I could avoid it as well? Thank you. Also, thank you for sharing! This will definitely help us all. 😌
  7. Alaina1001

    Love life

    Hahahaha. I don't think this is a place for that. You could go look for love at tinder but definitely not here lol. 😂 But we still don't know, what if, right? We'll just never know.
  8. Wow really?? They're giving that much Satoshi? Okay I will join. Wait for me! 😁 But I don't get it. How do I get those Satoshi? Lol
  9. I think its better to if it's done only once because by doing it five times a day, it would be a hassle to all of us; but I think they have their reasons by doing so.. 😌
  10. Yes definitely! I think they will do their best to make this site the best of all, and by doing so, they'll have to look into our suggestions! 😁
  11. There is a table for beginners like us who don't know how to play yet it will guide us. It is helpful for me. 😁
  12. Yes. Zero profit is definitely not bad 😃 as long as we don't lose anything. It's worth playing again 😁
  13. Wow really? Could we also earn from that forum? Also, this forum kinda also looks like cryptotalk's but I hate cryptotalk now hahaha so nevermind that. 😁
  14. Yes. Also, gambling is very risky too. You could lose a lot in one go. But in life, we should take risks, because it's more fun. 😌 I think it's okay if we don't get any profits yet, we just need some patience and we'll make it. 😁
  15. I play chess! 😁 I think that's a good idea. I think if more games would be created in here, then more people will come. I never played any games here though. I don't know much about these games yet but I'm willing to learn! I'll research later about how I play so that I won't lose anything haha.
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