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  1. Yes this seems to be a serious issue. Maybe I suggest to you guys to enable your 2fa to ensure that your bank is safe and it is well protected, for the sake of your money tho! Since I dont have bank tipping publicly will not be my problem! xD I wish this issue will be resolved as soon as possible!
  2. It doesnt matter anymore as long as you are alive thats it! hahaha you can do anything with those things if you are dead instead just enjoy life haha
  3. ow how nice is that how many cards are those? 25 or something?
  4. wooot! how lucky are you damn. the highest payout i got in mines is just 356x! and you 1st one is such a damn payout to the moon i will try to get that one .00000004 = .17BTC+
  5. JrFromPH

    4412830.00x Payout

    and now that i saw a gambler won that kind of payout i am boosted up! to catch that wait me in High rollers guys!
  6. it could be either advantage or disadvantage , because it is how you will use your stacks.
  7. before i mostly play primedice and never getting interest in the site they called "stake" , but when i started to play it ,this is more fun than primedice because in pd there is just one game to play while in stake there are 11 games and +1 coming soon (wheel) and i do more profit here than in primedice
  8. i will choose the word " try " Good luck to everyone
  9. ow this is such a good tip for us blackjack players <3 playing wisely