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  1. JrFromPH

    Kuleguten Stream #40! Giveaways

    JrFromPH Dont make it bust man!
  2. i think this is why riley always bust trivia host funds!
  3. JrFromPH

    📢 Stake's school is looking for teachers

    this is a pretty awsome idea!
  4. ow damn thanks man ! and now i know how to beat roll hunt people in keno and Diamond poker ! Ahaha
  5. JrFromPH

    Your regrettable moment

    me i tried to buy some coins but i dont know what to buy and i gambled it here and damn i lost all!
  6. JrFromPH

    coeghacked scammer

    I dont think coeghacked is that what you expected and i dont think he will still chat here if his purpose is just to scam
  7. JrFromPH

    Oxywizard Loan Default

    He also tried to get a loan to me , but i declined
  8. JrFromPH

    I'm new here

    Welcome here in stake enjoy our community bro ❤️
  9. JrFromPH

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] The BIG 200 | Mines Challenge!

    Mines:282,312,588 placed by JrFromPH Wagered: 0.00000101 Payout: 208.72x Profit: 0.00020980 yeheyyy so easyy and so cheezyy!
  10. Chartbet:282,296,681 placed by JrFromPH Wagered: 0.00100000 Payout: 1.50x Profit: 0.00050000 so easy and so cheezyyyy
  11. yeheyyy i will see rainbowsheep again! even if its midnight here U:JrFromPH
  12. try to watch some news about bitcoin . if it gets positive feedback i think it will go up and if it gets negative feedback i think it will go down
  13. the same value the same suits bro , its not eligable goodluck
  14. JrFromPH

    Gennady12 Stream #9 Gambling and Giveaways

    goodluck brooo i wish u will not bust in mines again like last time hehe U:JrFromPH
  15. thanks for info bro never seen these before , it looks good and interesting to play with .