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    peaz got a reaction from Ghostnipple in Monthly   
    I wager 8k this month they give me a joke 7 day reload in total thats like 10$, cant take them serious anymore they gave me more on a weekly then monthly and i wagered like 300% on the month
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    peaz got a reaction from MetroLyrics in What is ripple? 2020.   
    The Ripple Cryptocurrency is an open payment system in beta. Its goal is to allow people to break free from financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, and other networks that enforce fees and foster delays. As per market size and capital, Ripple is the third-largest cryptocurrency, sitting just behind  and .
    The Ripple network now has billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency on account. It was built as a digital payments network for real-time financial transactions, and is also the core owner of Ripple XRP, the digital coin that increased its value 40 times in 2017 alone.

    To avoid confusion, the network is referred to as Ripple, and the Ripple coin as XPR – Ripples. The frequency of releasing new coins into the system influences the price and rate. In total, there are 100 billion XRPs in existence, and Ripple owns approximately 60 percent of them. If you take all this valuation into account, it would be worth more than several US tech startups put together. XRP is majority owned and tied to a single company.
    Ripple is constantly investing in its network and growing partnerships with global firms and financial institutions. Some of the banks that have signed on to use Ripple include BBVA, SEB, Start One Credit Union, and Cambridge Global Payments.

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    peaz reacted to Ali saher in Limbo 2020   
    Ohh this is very bad if you not hit just 5x multiplayer with 50 rolls . I think if you play just few rolls and you see game this time not going good for you .then you take a break because some time rondamly game give very bad results.
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    peaz reacted to Ali saher in Mines money Strat   
    Mines is my best and favarite game and last 8,9 months I play mostly mines game because I make so many times good profit with this game and I make small to very big amount like 10k dogecoin to 870k dogecoin.i mostly play with low multiplayer but I change bet amount on every lose bet.i think if you play relx mind this game you make good results.
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    peaz reacted to Ali saher in Ripple Prediction the future   
    I not this time guess right but I think in future ripple price must increase because now this is very papular coin and so many exchange use this coin .so I think in future this coin value more up.
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    peaz reacted to Baqee in Ripple Prediction the future   
    Ripple is a popular alt coin and is mainly used because of its transaction speed. This is consideration, i think in the future, ripple will be used in a lot of countries for online transactions. It is also cheap which gives it more advantage over other alt coin.
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    peaz reacted to AliciaLee in Ripple Prediction the future   
    XRP my favorites coins... low fees, fast for transactions.
    About speed, its important for traders.. bcs 1 seconds can make you profit. If late and the coin price going down. You must wait again, till the price going up 
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    peaz reacted to JacksonPalmer in Ripple Prediction the future   
    Not a big fan of ripple, but to be fair they are quite popular in the cryptocurrency space and it is listed on a lot of exchanges and has a lot of uses in a lot of shops, websites and other things. So I would not be surprised if in the future the price of it will rise a lot. On the other side I heard a lot of controversy around it too, so you never know what will happen at the end.
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    peaz reacted to Janurooj in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    A considerable lot of the tricksters can make sites that contains perilous data in the structure by counterfeit airdrops and bounties. On the off chance that insight administration mindful in 2020, I am viewing these benevolent a trick poo from recent years so I dont think
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    peaz reacted to Salsa in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    Most YouTube video nowadays provide fake video that cause a bad effect to us...so we need to know about the news clearly... We should not fully depend on YouTube as it now a place of earning money with fake news..
    I should thank you as you warning as about scammer... We can fall into their trap..as a newbie i need this information to be more aware right now
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    peaz reacted to Wazlad in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    You are correct ... I don’t know why people would choose to scam people to earn a living. It’s so disheartening 
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    peaz reacted to BidaManEris in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    If you are intelligent and inquisitive enough and you have already been lurking around the internet for quite some time, you will not fall for these tricks. For these kinds of things I would rather ask a professional or someone who I can financially trust first before gripping a word from people I don't really know.
    Bots have malicious scripts that can steal your credentials or even coin balances away from your wallet.
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    peaz reacted to ultimate in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    There will always be an opposite side in every aspect but been proactive and caution is the key to stay safe, always be guided by your security details 
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    peaz reacted to LUBAID95 in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    Thanks for the information, I came across a short YouTube videos that talks about crypto and earning big from them, I visited the site and it all scam 
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    peaz reacted to itconsults in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    You guys are really helping people. We should inform others if we see something wrong. But this should be done on fair terms. I know many YouTube are promoting scam projects just to make money for their own.
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    peaz reacted to Kariuki in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    I thought it was a different story . there are scammers in every area you find money , when you look at the story of every scam, they usually sneaf around looking for site that has a following and they are potentially easy to take in some of your money and that is the case that we should be very very careful about , scams are everywhere and the you tube is not excluded
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    peaz reacted to Seuntjie in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    When's the last time you checked? DiceBot has supported Stake since before Stake officially opened.
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    peaz reacted to Joni07 in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    There are so many scamms at youtube and we already know lmao
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    peaz reacted to 1vgvgvgvgvg1 in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    I was wrong and I'm sorry - don't know why I overlooked it multiple times when searching for it. I edited my post to not confuse any future readers.
    Keep up your great work 👍
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    peaz reacted to reebox in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    I think this is not a scam but a bot promotion, which I know is a lot of scams on YouTube in the form of making a deposit and then a lottery will be held that often happens. for the video that you gave, I don't think this is fraud.
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    peaz reacted to bliznec in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    Thank you for offering this review and presenting a fraudulent site. It is not very safe when there are such deceivers. 
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    peaz reacted to Seoulmate in Limbo 2020   
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    peaz reacted to Dayanara #1905 in Limbo 2020   
    Hola muy buen dia, en mi opinión es algo difícil el juego, requiere  de mucha practica, solo de esa manera podremos  saber como ganarle 
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    peaz reacted to Elpadrino in Limbo 2020   
    This isn't how you play limbo man, you should bet small and hunt for 10k x or more i saw many winns like this, I dont like limbo because when you hunt for 1.24x it goes 1.23x and i hate that moment.
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    peaz reacted to evet in Limbo 2020   
    All games have bad losing streaks. I hate all the games as much as I love them like a moody girlfriend
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