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  1. I think it odd how generally most everyone praised Donald Trump, Apprentice number one for years, people took his advise and emulated him for years, etc.. Granted in the 80's he was a little bit of a loose canon and there were jokes, but the time since he has proved himself a solid contender in his field. Even when he said he was going to run, people had nothing to say. But when he became the serious candidate people turned, and not everyone obviously, but only those that wanted their side to win. Let me say that again, those who wanted their side to win. Many on that other side were not all that fond of their candidate. But were interested in their party and thus blindly just followed the reteric. Many in the media who had been shaking his hand and groveling to get into his events the day before, suddenly took and opposing view. Now, yes he has his faults as all humans do. But he is the right person at the right time that looks to serve and in the end will prove positive. I've always been one to look at the field in any field, and look for what may be best or have the greatest prospects and he has a great deal of potential. But those who will blindly follow a party at all costs, rely on what they hear or tertiary evidence and/or reporting without doing their own research, seeking out the primary evidence will continue to repeat the negatives until their part finds control no matter who they are or what they do or don't bring to the table.
  2. PeterPine

    Is silk-road safe?

    The original Silk Road as has been stated, doesn't exist anymore. However, there are several sites and sellers that have risen up in it's place. It is some what safe as long as you do the research on what you're getting to test visually and chemically that what you've received is real. The major concern really is who you chose to do buisness with and the possibility they just take the money and you get nothing in return. There is no 100% in this area. However, if you do your homework, check out ratings, not their own clames but actual buy/sell ratings and legitimate comments, you can make better choices and should work to your favor
  3. Greece. I'm a bit of a historian and wish to take in what is left of the Parthenon, Delphi, and other sites. When I visited London and the British museum it was amazing to see the remains of the Greecian Marbles. Just fantastic.
  4. I travel and want to travel to places in the order of my level of physicality. Meaning I want to go to places where there's lots of things to do while I am still half way young enough to do them. Yes I wish to someday visit the pyramids but I'll wait til riding a camel is about all I want to do. -lol- I went to London, Paris, Edinburgh, and Dublin. Just took a backpack, stayed in hostels (they aren't just for students anymore), and did alot of walking. It was great, freeing, and magical.
  5. I was vegan for a couple years and eventually fell back into being an omnivore. The arguement that a combination of rice and legumes create a complete amino chain is true in theory but practically does not give the body the same value as meats will. Living vegan is great. It won't kill you. But when thinking about meats, I think it best to take an ancestrial approach. Meaning, not over buying and then wasting but buying smaller amounts and using them in smaller proportions. And if you're looking for a better ratio, make fish your number one, chicken your number two, and beef or red meats your number three and not the other way around.
  6. steps are great for toning, you're getting physical activity, getting the heart rate up, so yes, if you're eating well, you should loose weight and lose inches in the areas you're working. However, your body will reach a point where it gets used to it causing you to plateau. Meaning it will start giving great results but will hold over time. To give the body variety and achieve overall weightloss a great thing to alternate with is the good ol fashioned treadmill and walk a 4mph for 45mins to an hour. Very helpful.
  7. Yes the shapers are definitely great when waist training. Thank god we've come along way from the whale bone corsets that were known for breaking ribs. But understanding the area is a good thing. Meaning, we get a distorted view when looking down or into a mirror. If photos can be taken straight on with good fill lighting from all sides, that may be surprising on how the area looks. We find the slight overhang at the weight tends to lessen when tight pants and belting is worn at the waistline. When we move into low-rise bottoms or a super high sinch, there is nothing constricting that area thus leading to over hang. Situps and other core training done with weights will bulk up the area more, however core training done freely without too much tension and done regularly will produce the best slimming effects. Also, when fitness training what you eat does matter and one good rule is to have a think, why do dancers always look so slim, sleek, and toned and the why do body builders have the bulk and mass? Sure weight training is involved for body builders, but body builders rely an lots of protein as well. Dancers rely on carbs. I know we hear such bad things and to stay away from carbs. But carbs can be your friend. The key is you have to move, get lots of physical activity, then carbs are friendly. However, if you eat salad continually and sit around without movement daily, it just won't do any good.
  8. Long term fasting is, in my opinion, not the greatest for the body when it revolves around low nutrient consumption. However, I can get behind fluid diets that consist of juicing so that you're getting wholesome vitamins, minerals, and other replenishing nutrients. This method I have tried a few times for two week up to a month. By doing so, my energy levels stayed up and cravings were minimal. And yes, I looked better, felt better, lost a little weight, and bowels definitely proved I was going thru the phases and eliminating what I needed to from my body.
  9. I find basic Pilates along with pushups and pullups give me all the toning and mass I desire. My interest is not in looking out of proportion but overall slim and defined while achieving strength
  10. The last train left an hour ago, They were singing "All aboard" All bound for Mu Mu Land, Then someone starting screaming "Turn up the Strobe" (bring the beat back)
  11. To Tulare County California from pretty much Easter thru Thanksgiving - lol - pretty much 100 degrees+ thru all that time. I know other places get hotter but I i can't mention all of them. I dont want to be anywhere the climate reaches over 80
  12. Yes... but usually dont have enough for them to care - lol