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  1. Bitcoin
    GoldenMagnet reacted to zuxel in Охота за бонусом :)   
    ludmilka59 поздравляем в дайс ханте🥳 
    FrolovKirill оказался сегодня лучшим в минах, поздравляю🥳
  2. Wow
    GoldenMagnet reacted to Mirela in ​🎽​ Stake Merchandise Boxes | Hosts Challenge   
    Added to the list, @Raikage, congrats! 🎉😎
  3. Thanks
    GoldenMagnet got a reaction from Duhang in How to quit gambling?   
    I have a really effective suggestion!
    Offer, for people who are addicted to gambling, to read the Allen Kaar books. The more addiction, the more books you need to read. A person himself will quit gambling, just not to read this muck.
  4. Love
    GoldenMagnet got a reaction from Andjela in Hello, everyone! 😊✨   
    Andjela like an angel as I understand
  5. Love
    GoldenMagnet got a reaction from MrBTCGambler in Bronze Vip   
    Silver VIP is coming for me step by step😋 without haste
  6. Bitcoin
    GoldenMagnet got a reaction from gregorlca in Your wife or gambling?   
    If gambling's on your mind and you're choosing between family or gambling, you need help bro😉
    In Russia we have adage: we know not what is good untill we have lost it. Will think about it😖
  7. Haha
    GoldenMagnet got a reaction from e_abrams in Superbowl 55   
    I think that no one else knows anything about him.😁
  8. Ethereum
    GoldenMagnet reacted to Nenad in Impossible to Possible VI | Super Scarab Spin Slot Hunt 💰   
    Impossible to Possible (part) VI  Ends: when all of the multipliers are hit! 
    Win the closest multiplier (tolerances+-100x) to the following ones bellow on slot game Scarab Spin on any number of lines and get the corresponding prize:  (Done) 1. Prize: $200: winner - Zoltan (5002.5x)
    - Multiplier: 5000x(+-100x)

    2. Prize: $130
    - Multiplier: 4000x(+-100x)

    3. Prize: $90
    - Multiplier: 3000x(+-100x)

    (Done) 4. Prize: $70: winner - Marceline (2436x)
    - Multiplier: 2500x(+-100x)
    (Done) 5. Prize: $50: winner - RomaBeton (2000x)
    - Multiplier: 2000x(+-100x)
    (Done) 6. Prize: $25: winner - Kingsmore (1575x)
    - Multiplier: 1500x(+-100x)
    (Done) 7. Prize: $10: winner - vall (1002.5x)
    - Multiplier: 1000x(+-100x)
    (Done) 8. Prize: $5: winner -  Zulu189 (506x)
    - Multiplier: 500x(+-100x)
    *Note: - One win per one person!
                - Challenge will be paid when all of the payouts are hit!
                - First who post the closest multiplier will be the winner. 
     - If you wish to speed up the rolls, you can enable Instant bet, which you can find below the game's board.
    Minimum bet:  0.00000001  0.00000075  0.00000025  0.00000230  0.03800000  0.00120000  0.01130000  0.00012000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion.  
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below)

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