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  1. Hello friends, I need some help. I hope that you provide the names of forums similar to this forum that pay us money in exchange for posts. I need these forums to work better.
  2. I just did itπŸ₯°
  3. I read an article talking about the World Health Organization requesting the use of cryptocurrency instead of paper currencies until the end of this virus and this step in order to reduce direct contact between people and to skip the use of paper currencies that can carry the virus so this may lead to the adoption of more people and the adoption of currencies Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. What do you think that?
  4. My friend, I am talking about the news that I hear and read it, as there are a lot of people that the price will go up, so I made this post so I can make sure of their words.
  5. Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world, many sports places and events were closed, and gambling halls were also closed, as we now cannot go to these halls, and we cannot gamble and play within it, so the only thing we can do is gamble online. So my question is, will you go quickly to gambling halls after treating the virus, or will you continue to play online gambling games only?
  6. The best sports bets is because I have experience in the field of matches, although it is possible to urge unexpected things in the sports betting, but I prefer more than the casino.
  7. Everyone says and talks about the Ripple currency that will witness a high price in the months and years to come, and maybe up to $ 1,000 and more, and this is what led me to think about buying this currency and then doing and storing it. Is the thing I am doing good or is it bad and is this news that is being talked about about the currency true or false
  8. It is impossible and it is very difficult for bitcoin to reach this price. It is possible to reach 15,000 or 20000 during the coming period or the end of the year.
  9. I see many questions that talk about cryptocurrencies and can they become a substitute for paper currencies, so I decided to answer all these questions through this post. It is very difficult for digital currencies to replace banknotes for several reasons. One of these reasons is that it is a decentralized currency, it is neither profitable nor safe for any country to implement all of its things because it cannot be managed and manipulated unlike the US dollar and also because bitcoin currency is limited and because it still has a long way to go Development
  10. Most of us always ask if bitcoin is the best refuge for criminals, pranksters and activities like money theft, money laundering, terrorist financing and all kinds of illegal activities. The truth is that a total of $ 11.5 billion in cryptocurrencies was associated with criminal activity which represents only 1.1% of the volume of cryptocurrency transactions. Several years ago, a woman was arrested, who was supporting the ISIS organization, located inside Syria, in the currency of Takween Also, there are a large number of people who use cryptocurrencies in dark websites where they buy
  11. We cannot expect or know what will happen at that time. All we can do is just wait and be patient and see it
  12. I am having difficulty distinguishing between posts that I have responded to and posts that I did not respond to, and I have done a lot of research on this matter, but I have not found any answers, so I need help and clarify if there is a feature within the forum that enables us to know the posts that we have responded to from Posts that we haven't answered before please help
  13. Although the Litecoin coin is present, the bitcoin coin is older than it and my favorite process is the bitcoin coin and I do not think that there is a currency that will be more important than the bitcoin coin because this coin is more month and more high in price
  14. Frankly, coding is very important in my life at this time because I can get the money and secure everything I need while I'm sitting at home
  15. Hello everyone when I joined here the first thing I did was to read all the rules related to the forum and pay and I understood them well and learned that members will be paid when completing 30 or 50 posts I managed several days ago to complete 30 posts, but I did not receive profits, but I knew that if payment was not made after completing 30 posts, then payment would be made after completing 50 posts, but today I learned from one of the members ’posts that the payment starts after 30 posts only so I need clarification about This matter and whether to start getting money after 30 posts or
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