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  1. Guys if you have problems with those bets contact live support, they will help you quickly!
  2. But doing that good things will look normal/known. I would like to be loved from every girl in the world and decide who ....
  3. And you'll know that you'll never get 3 scatters. To be able to dunk like Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
  4. If you hold your breath for more than 30seconds you'll become a fish. To be able to stop the time
  5. You'll piss your pants everytime you teleport yourself I would like to know what will happened the next 5 minutes (and win all the bets)
  6. Thought you wanted to talk about eminem....
  7. "No minimum bet requirement for 0.02 LTC prize. " I have seen this right now "1 valid entry per household. Feel free to edit your post if you get a higher multiplier. " how can i delete my second post?
  8. MINES: 24,918,685,480 placed by Bitcoin2048 on 25/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 6489.45x Profit 0.00000000
  9. I'm adding a new post after more than 24 hours. Crypt of Crypto Crypt of Stake