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  1. Tip: South Dakota State -4.5: 1.94x - Sport: American Football https://stake.com/sports/american-football/usa/ncaa-division-i-fcs-national-championship/41942222-south-dakota-state-jackrabbits-sam-houston-state-bearkats SDSU is just the better team here and they play in the better conference. Sam Houston State has barely gotten through against 2 teams (JMU,Monmouth) Despite almost choking a 21-0 lead and being down 24-3 at halftime. That won't cut it against SDSU who was also ranked #1 coming into the playoffs. SDSU's defense is too much for them and they'll win and cover for sure. T
  2. Fight/Match: Jorge Masvidal by Kamaru Usman Link: https://stake.com/sports/mma/ufc/ufc-261-usman-vs-masvidal/41894994-usman-kamaru-masvidal-jorge Tip: Kamaru Usman by Decision - 1.86x Kamaru Usman already dominated him in the first fight and it won't be any different in the rematch. Kamaru will dominate in the clinch and use his foot stomps and shoulder strikes. He has the ability to take him down whenever he wants too as well. Jorge has only been finished once by strikes and many believe that it was a very early stoppage. Jorge has the heart to not be finished but I believe h
  3. What is your Stake username? cdot How much time on average do you spend on Sports-Chat every day? 6-8 hours recently in different time intervals Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? The job of a moderator is to help the users in chat with what they need; for example to help users place bets, answer any questions they have about the sportsbook, and discipline the users misbehaving in chat with intent after warnings. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? I feel like I can help sports chat become less toxic and give help to the p
  4. Big college basketball game, final 4 matchup. Take the Baylor -4.5 Baylor proved they can play with the best of the best throughout the whole season, playing in one of the best conferences in basketball ( Big 12). Houston hasn't played a single seeded team yet, ( Cleveland St - 15, Rutgers 10- Syracuse 11 and Oregon State- 12). They were also down 10 with 5 minutes to go against Rutgers and went down the wire with an Oregon State team that's not on the level of Baylor. They killed Oregon State and Rutgers on the glass but it's going to be hard against a tough team like Baylor. Plus
  5. Stake Name: cdot ESPN.com name: Cdotstake Bracket name: Da Bears
  6. Leicester 0-3 Liverpool Crystal Palace 0-1 Burnley Man City 2-0 Spurs Brighton 0-2 Aston Villa Southampton 2-0 Wolves West Brom 0-3 Man Utd Arsenal 1-2 Leeds Everton 2-0 Fulham West Ham 2-0 Sheffield Utd Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle Burnley 0-0 Fulham Everton 0-3 Man City Tiebreaker: 12 Username: cdot
  7. sport:6617290 Coin Toss Result Tails Which team will win the coin toss? Chiefs Jersey number of first touchdown scorer Odd Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? No A longest successful field goal Under 47.5 Which TE will score more Touchdowns? Kelce Will there be a scoreless quarter? No Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? Yes Not including extra point(s) after touchdown, what will the last score be? Touchdown Will the game be tied at any point after 0-0? No Will anyone other than Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes attempt
  8. Aston Villa 2-0 Arsenal Burnley 1-0 Brighton Newcastle 0-2 Southampton Fulham 0-3 West Ham Man Utd 2-1 Everton Tottenham 2-0 West Brom Wolves 0-2 Leicester Liverpool 1-2 Man City Sheffield Utd 0-2 Chelsea Leeds 2-0 Crystal Palace Tiebreaker: 17 mins Username: cdot
  9. Wolves 0-3 Chelsea Manchester City 4-0 West Brom Arsenal 1-2 Southampton Leeds 2-2 Newcastle Leicester 1-1 Everton Fulham 1-3 Brighton Liverpool 2-3 Tottenham West Ham 1-2 Crystal palace Aston Villa 2-0 Burnley Sheffield United 0-3 Manchester United 12 mins for first goal in Spurs-Liverpool match
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