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  1. Kuleguten Stream #20! Hilo retard! Giveaways!

    goodluck buddy! stakename: harun10
  2. [Seeking] 0.002 BTC Loan

    @lupandina thankyou
  3. interest 10% per day, back in 1-7 days thankyou. stakename : Harun10
  4. Diamond's Worth

    you always the best on giveaway mate!
  5. Diamond's Worth

    DiamondPoker:182,767,763 placed by naldi23 Wagered: 0.00001221 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00001221
  6. I am very happy to be a part of the stake family, since I signed up on this site I became oblivious to the time, every time I open the stake, although often I just chat without betting, here I know a lot of good people like @badger @bmg @taytots @rockingmonk @SuddenlyBroke @christy and many mores that i can't tell everyone. here is also cool moderators like @ThugStream @rack001 @maverick528 @Grifter and the others , and do not miss too the greatest supports @Mirela @Milan @Irena @Bojana @Jelena @Darko there is the supports i loves, always ready to help when there is a problem in stake, on this site also give giveaway every day. Since being a stake so I leave other social media. Here I also know people from my country that is Indonesia, who became the best friend in social media like @coeghacked @madcoin @jkd123 @Exadao irazta, iswarahadi, jbebby and the others. and i never forget about this one, Special Thanks to @Edward !!
  7. How to be cool in stake chat

    i love this thread, cool man! @SuddenlyBroke
  8. interest 10% per day, back in 1-7 days thankyou. stakename : Harun10
  9. goodluck shinjo , stakename: Harun10
  10. Three games giveaway

    congrats asombroso
  11. interest 10k per day, back in 1-3 days thankyou. stakename : Harun10
  12. interest 10k per day min payback 1 day max 7 days thanks stakename: Harun10
  13. OlegBarca's Stream #170!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    goodluck oleg! stakename : Harun10