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  1. Why I am loosing so much.... Can any of you swear to God and say that you are in profit.
  2. There is no way to recover loss in casino. The more you play for recovering your loss , the more you gonna lose.
  3. Technically rainbot is a bot so it can't be biased. But Mods yes they are biased towards some of users. Machine never favouritism but humans do.
  4. there is no use of Appeal, they are not gonna listen.
  5. Mods are biased on muting people. They have the power to shut down anyone and power corrupts people. That's what happens with me 😭😭 I was betting... But suddenly I goes to chat and some dusan guy post that the next person jokes about covid 19 ... Gets some prize. I just mistakenly jumped on that conversation made a joke and woof.... He blocked me for 240 hours yes for 10 days. 240 hours is too long...if he wanted to punish me he can warn me or can mute me for a day or 2 hours but 240 hours that's unjustified. And whats the use of Appeal if they didn't listen our point of view. I apolog
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