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  1. harihrn Pragmatic Play
  2. Stake is one of the best provably fair casino site, with the best team/mods around. Keep it up. Congrats.
  3. harihrn

    leverage trading

    Leverage trading is always risky, i went from 0.1 BTC to 0.4 BTC and then to 0 BTC But there is a concept of Rebate of 0.025% when you do a limit order (Bitmex), So ideally when you enter and exit in the same price with limit order, you earn some profit. this is more for Altcoins. I used to open and close 50 to 100 trades at same price / little profit - this makes a really good profit. But this is very time consuming process.
  4. Getting 1 Million in first 5 rolls is extremely rare case. It may not even happen for 1 million rolls most of the time. You are lucky to have hit this.
  5. 1066 was my highest streak at 1% chance with 1,00,000 Rolls Ideally you should see 1000 + Reds if you do more than 1,00,000 Rolls at 1% Chance
  6. I have got another seed combination as well for 45 Million result.
  7. The Provably Fair link to check calculations - is missing in Stake 3.0 Why?
  8. Did some more analysis on digging deep in to bet archives and i found this. Result 49,500,000x (49Million) My Bet was 2x!!
  9. Was trying my Dice strategy with Limbo and 1 Million X happened