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  1. I posted a topic in the appeal forum section at the 25 March. But still, it stucked in this section. No one of moderators are seeing this. I am stopped posting for this problem. Because it causing fear for me in the form of account blocking. Let's check this if any moderator viewing this post.
  2. If we do not do any task that is not against to the country's law. Anyone cannot harm or arrest even commando or intelligence agencies.
  3. In the system of paybypost this process cannot your income needs. But in gambling you cannot win at Everytime. So it is not prefer for your income.
  4. I think that if your impression is still negative on this site. So do not do any task that they turning yo to negative. So left these task or leave this site. My impression is at now time is positive.
  5. As you know that everyone can buy Bitcoin online via localbitcoins. But in some countries a money to digital currency converter is available that is ATM.
  6. As you know the China already successfully controlled at the coronavirus and this system will arrange in all the countries. So bitcoin cannot illuminate. It price will controlled after stopping coronavirus.
  7. Ufra

    10% in a day

    Coronavirus is currently dis-activated in China so China won battle with the coronavirus. And the China will turn again and will open his cryptocurrency. It will impress the cryptocurrency prices.
  8. I prefer you to use yobit exchange for only selling Bitcoin if you already owned some Bitcoin. Because I am using this for more than 4 years ago by properly.
  9. I think that you are telling right. Nowadays, there is no time for people to waste time for his home. So he try to invest in digital sources to do any simple job like investment in airdrops.
  10. Ufra

    Bitcoin fees

    I think that the transaction of the Bitcoin processed more than a million dollars in blockchain in every hour. So where goes the transaction fees of people who use Bitcoin transaction?
  11. Every country has different electricity costs, some countries using solar system or wind energy from avoiding expensive energy. I think that the topic member from there where the electricity costs high so it is recommended to use solar mining for this.
  12. I think that the cryptocurrency is not for this world because it has no any shop that improve deeply needs of human. It's mainly come here for future world that will come after coronavirus attacks.
  13. No one can say about future because this world cannot tell the human that what will. So do not conflict really of future talks.
  14. There are many chances to become using cryptocurrencies in all the world. This task will done with cronavirus. Because it is spreading fastly in those countries who blocked cryptocurrencies such as China blocked Bitcoin and will open his own cryptocurrency but now it is not possible because of coronavirus.
  15. You.are talking right because all transactions of cryptocurrencies network depends on soft-copy and cannot be touched these coins directly. And soft copy process of cryptocurrencies can be doing by internet connection. If the coronavirus attacks the country internet service provider. So it is not possible to refund cryptocurrencies in internet harmed countries.