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  1. I am using blockchain blockchain since 6 years ago. I am holding some BTC. When the price of Bitcoin up. I exchange it with stellar and when BTC rate low I buy again this. This process that I write is done with only blockchain.
  2. These altcoins that told at the last has no ATMs. Even it's conversion to the money process is very difficult. However the Bitcoin is much easier process to convert it to hard form of money. So, it's fee cannot impress in this process.
  3. Your given link is not working so please update your topic by editing. I think you need some follower for promotion of your self videos. So it is not a place for promote.
  4. Ufra

    Bitcoin ATMs

    You're talking right and a reason at there places where BTC ATMs is not available are very difficult to reach money in the hard form. Firstly exchange to localbitcoins which fees is too high and also exchange price to specific countries are very bad. So BTC ATMs are forcely need of every bank.
  5. BCH labeled yellow colour so I think BTG for surface.
  6. You heared a true news about ethereum. I think that in this week many chances are able that it's price will rise to 250$.
  7. Your best answer is no available at this place and you need to.contact with trader in your city that are doing trading in your city. I hope this will help you. https://www.quora.com/What-makes-Bitcoin-and-Ethereum-prices-go-up-and-down
  8. I think that you need to travel to Pakistan for visit. This country is not strictly rules. There are many places can be visitable there.
  9. In this forum some people come for only earning money that is called spammer and finally they banned. If you are come here for this reason, this stake is not for you. Remember this.
  10. Is there any of cryptocurrency that was officially launched by stake or any cryptocurrency that owned by stake.
  11. As you know that it is rule of this website that it is not allowed to use refferal code picture that pointing to website refferal in the signature, so beware from this rule.
  12. After the end of coronavirus, you need to hope that the Bitcoin price will goes up. No one need to invest in Bitcoin or altcoin at this crisis lockdown.
  13. I am now watching the artughul ghazi (drama of turkey debbuged in Urdu language) released film that is related to ottoman empires life.
  14. In my opinion the yoda-btc pair in yobit is very very much affected in this month. This change can be viewed in this price chart that is taken from yobit exchange.
  15. I want to know that how can I see my warning points expiry date in noob ranking. This question is for those people who are worried about their given warning points. If the expiry date not given, how can manually remove it. So they will be able to work with holding the forum rules.