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  1. haahh, not like that, but i want to become the account people come to for everything
  2. i want to create the 9GAG of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  3. hi, i'm trying to start a daily bitcoin Instagram account and i was wondering if anybody had some footage they want to get shared, maybe footage of you winning instagram: Bitmynt if you have anything i can share i will be sure to link your account in the description.
  4. this is by far one of the best faucets i have seen in a long time, thanks!
  5. it's quite smart, if you get paid more if people are interested in your topic people will try to write interesting things.
  6. wow!! sounds amazing dude!! would be so cool to do something like that.
  7. Do you really get satoshis from using the forum now that the faucet is down?
  8. I want to travel to China, not like the big cities, but the small villages and the more raw nature.
  9. sorry to say, but this strategy didn't go so well for me, maybe I just didn't have the luck on my side today.
  10. this is my review https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/20-primedice/?do=findComment&comment=402 this is my BTC address: 17UWaXZ417RWqZHgWzCn8KxgMzxLasx7gX