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  1. @Dan I think some simple animation would go a long way. Use the user's profile picture to represent them, and a Stake icon for the site. Both the user and the site have an animation showing them both providing their seeds, the nonce and round are tacked onto the client's seed, then both go into some sort of representation for the hash function. Could be a picture of some sort of "machine", just a simple box, anything really. Out comes that hash, but you wouldn't have to show the whole thing, just the first 8 characters or so, then an ellipsis, then split up those 4 hex pairs, show them changed into base 10, show the pieces multiplied by their powers of 256, show how they all add together to your number between 0 and 1. This is Stake specific of course. Then you could even go as far as to create different ends for the animation for each game. Show how your 0 to 1 number is multiplied by 37, and then animate it moving to the correct spot on the roulette table for instance. Or show how a bunch of different numbers either 0 or 1 determine how the puck bounces on plinko. I think if you do things like only showing the first few characters of the long hex strings, make it a little colorful, and just abstract away all the crypto functions behind "machines" or pictures then that will go a long way.
  2. I don't like it at all. In my opinion there are some bad people behind it with some less than savory ideas for the whole crypto world.
  3. RGBKey


    Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you as I don't ever use the faucet. (You can't use the faucet if you have a non-zero balance, and money invested counts towards that). I do know that it depends on your user level, which in turn depends on a few factors, mostly your amount wagered but also any amount wagered by your referrals, how much your investment has been used by the site, and people that follow you on the site, and how much they have wagered.
  4. @kazuyabr It looks good, could you add some sort of style to the active game so you can tell which game it's on? That's a terrible way to think about it. You should always verify your bets.
  5. RGBKey


    @hawkey42 yes, you don't need to invest to play, and you can also play with the faucet.
  6. RGBKey


    Site profit is up to a crazy 193 BTC, come join us!
  7. Question, why is your unit "Satoshi's", with an apostrophe? If you're using it as a unit of currency, shouldn't there be no apostrophe? The way it's used, it sounds like "10,000 satoshi's what?"
  8. RGBKey


    It's fine for people to like Stake over other sites. What's not appropriate is to clutter a topic dedicated to another site with comments of "I like this Stake better". It's nonconstructive and spammy.
  9. RGBKey


    There's a 15k withdraw fee if you don't need an instant withdraw There's no need to post on this topic if you only like stake. Don't clutter up topics.
  10. RGBKey


    What do you need to know? DiceBot supports YOLOdice. Are you having trouble logging in or something?
  11. You might be able to try a paint analogy, like the one commonly used to explain the Diffie-Helman key exchange: Imagine a game of roulette where the number on the board was determined by a shade of paint, and every shade of paint had its own number. The number of shades of paints is very large, because you can always change it by mixing just a little more of some other paint in. The house starts off by picking their own color of paint, but they want to keep it secret. So the house mixes their secret color with a special paint and shows you the mix. You can't tell what their secret color is from this mix, but this will come into play later. Next, you come up with your own color of paint, and give it to the house. Then, the house mixes together their secret paint (that you don't know), your paint you gave them, and one more color color that changes every spin. (This last color is something that you know, so imagine they just pick red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc. every time but they have an infinite amount of options). The color they get once they mix everything together is what they use to pick the number in roulette! Now, why couldn't they just pick a number by themselves without all that stuff in the middle? Since you gave them your color before they mixed the paint together, you changed the outcome in a way they couldn't expect. This means that the house does not have any control over the shade of paint, only the way they use the paint to get a roulette number Now, you've finished betting for the night. The house shows you their secret color! To make sure that they were doing what they said they were, you take their secret color and mix it with the special paint just like they did in the beginning, and you see that it made the same mix as the one they showed you at the beginning. This is important! This means that the house was doing just what they said they were doing If you wanted to, you could mix the colors yourself to see what the results are yourself, i.e. now that you have the house's secret color, you mix it with your color and the color that changes every spin (remember, you know the color that changes for every spin, let's just say it's red for the first spin). You get a mix of colors and find out that the mix corresponds to the number from the first spin on the roulette wheel. Yay! The house isn't cheating you! The nitty-gritty: The house's secret paint is the server seed. Your paint is the client seed. The paint that changes every round, is the nonce (A nonce is just a number that usually starts at 0 or 1 and goes up by one for every bet you make). The special paint is a cryptographic hash function, which is a special function that takes in any data and gives you a different piece of random-looking data. The important part about the hash function is that it's one-way: If you only have the result, you can't use it to get what was originally put in the function. Provable fairness isn't one particular method or set of actions, it's more of a general set of rules: The user must somehow influence the result - This is provided by the use of a client seed The game must operate in a way that shows the result could not have been altered in the favor of the house, or in any other way - This is provided by the hash of the server seed Hope this helps, it could probably be more friendly but that's what I came up with on the spot.
  12. Math that allows you to prove the house has not altered the results of the game
  13. RGBKey


    Indeed, site profits have done very well.
  14. I'm afraid not. While it was a good idea, I lacked the skill to implement it. On top of that, my personal life has become incredibly stressful so I've had less and less time for these kinds of things. Apologies for any let downs, I'll be locking this thread now.
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    Features: Invest: Invest your Bitcoin (with leverage) and profit when the site makes money. Rakeback: Get up to 30% of the house edge back directly to your account. 1% house edge. Levels: Gain xp and level up by wagering, investing, and referring. 0-confirmation deposits: If your deposit is small enough and sent with a high enough fee, it can be credited into your account instantly. Faucet: Get free satoshis to play with. Provably Fair: Bets are provably fair, in a manner easily accessible to users. Secure: Fine-grained 2FA support to restrict your account actions. Cold wallets used by the site. Mobile-friendly: Use it on your phone. Instant or cheap withdraws: Choose to either have your withdraw sent instantly, or pay less than half the fee to have it sent a little later. DiceBot support for Seuntjie's DiceBot. Two Jackpots: Get lucky and hit either jackpot, winnings are credited automatically to your account. Frequent Competitions: All sorts of big competitions are held multiple times a month, with huge prizes for the winners! Not just wagering and profit competitions too! Night Mode: For when you want to go easy on the eyes Check it out here! Ref Link: https://yolodice.com/r?2FYJC-7JZ