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  1. It just sounds like you've been unlucky with Plinko. It has about the same house edge as the other games you mentioned.
  2. Do you have a reference about DAI not allowing coins to be used in gambling and how they can enforce such rule? My understanding was that it was fully decentralized.
  3. The proven trick for making money with Bitcoin is to hodl and stop watching price
  4. I would probably gamble it and grow it to million $. Or probably lose it all 😆
  5. Most games are quite simple. Like everyone else said, dice is probably the easiest to understand for a beginner.
  6. Which user are you talking about? I guess i missed it
  7. Yeah, it's a bit annoying. I think the limit gets lifted after some time?
  8. Wow, are you me? That's my favorite food too. I loveeee smoked meat, too bad I can't find any good around where I live right now.
  9. I like the old school graphics. How do they make their money ?
  10. My guess is by the end of year, it's going to go in the 20-30K$ and "crash" down to the 10K$ range. I'll be HODLing and watching
  11. So, it seems very few people have tried the extension. I wonder if it's because people don't really care about verifying bets or something else. Any theories?
  12. I agree but people lie to themselves. When nothing is at stake, people tend to have an idealized version of themselves (they answer how they would like to act, not necessarily how they would really act). Anyways, it's still interesting to hear the answers and actually offering 10K$ to people would make that experiment a very expensive one haha.
  13. I consider myself a world citizen, I don't believe in nationalism. That said, I was born in France
  14. It's easy to spot such scammer but I guess not everyone is suspicious enough. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. My guess is the scam possibly goes like this: 1. Scammer advises victim to place a bet on X, where X is actually picked at random, for FREE. They claim they have insider information. 2. If X bet loses, the scam is over. 3. If X bet wins, the victim goes back to thank the scammer and requests next bet advice. Scammer first asks a cash "tip" since victim won thanks to them. 4. Go back to step 1. Scammer essentially makes money by advising random bets.
  15. Letting my beard grow and losing weight 🤣
  16. Same. No friends yet, but would be nice to make some. I guess the chatroom is a better place than the forum for that?
  17. Where are they streaming? On Discord?
  18. I believe Monero is widely used on the dark web due to its anonymity. I am not sure how robust it is though.
  19. It will cross 9000$ , everyone will post the IT'S OVER 9000 memes all over the Internet, and it will go back below 9000 again. Rinse an repeat.
  20. I made this video on YouTube: Basically all you need to do is go on Stake's verification page and click on the extension's icon at the top of your browser. It will generate the game outcome using the client/server seed from Stake. You can then verify that the game outcome given by the extension matches the one Stake gave you. Hope it helps. Let me know if it answers your question.
  21. Tiger King. That guy is nuts and I like it 🤣
  22. How is dating on Stake supposed to work exactly? Are we all supposed to post in this thread and wait for matches? 🤣
  23. I don't know, to be honest I always play the same games and I don't get bored. What kind of game do you think is missing?
  24. I doubt so... Since men believed in gods they always preferred to do mental gymnastic to keep believing in their god rather than accepting the evidence.
  25. I'm sure you would get a lot more positive answers if you were actually offering such a deal Otherwise, it's hard to tell if people are really saying the truth.
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