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  1. asayoyaasa

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] See-Saw | Hilo challenge!

    HILO: 1,736,048,718 placed by asayoya on 02/12/2018 Wagered 2.22222222 Multiplier 41.3397x Profit 89.64373022
  2. asayoyaasa

    Save BTC For Our Kids is a Good Idea?

    Cryptocurrency is a nice investment, but I don't think it will be a good idea to rely on that as a legacy to your son, I mean if you just have son last year and you gonna gave him your bitcoin when he turns 18, that's a really long time to wait. it's not like I don't believe in the future of crypto, just maybe at that time there another coin already replace bitcoin. so if you want to give your child something it better be gold or any other option that more "stable".
  3. asayoyaasa

    Gambling on a cruise

    Slots is like money sucking machine man. Online or at a real casino the result still the same you need a hundred or even thousands roll so that machine will make big payout or something. Prefer to play roulette on real casino cause it will be fun and thrilling. Or black jack it's easier though.
  4. asayoyaasa

    [Closed] Create Wallpaper for Stake and win BTC!

    Android pc and ios https://imgur.com/gallery/wcsWF2D Edit: cant upload directly here look like the file size to big
  5. asayoyaasa

    i cant access stake.com

    I try to changing browser changing device even change my connection using VPN I still can't access stake.com I hope there some update going on
  6. code: Verge (XVG) invested: $20,000 ----- code: Tron (TRX) invested: $20,000 ----- code: Ripple (XRP) invested: $20,000 ----- code: Qtum (QTUM) invested: $20,000 ----- code: Digibyte (DGB) invested: $20,000
  7. asayoyaasa

    "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    @coeghacked send me link here
  8. asayoyaasa

    📢 2017 Stake Awards

    Most loveable Stake member: @Coeghacked Funniest Stake member: Exadao Favorite Stake forum poster: @GodLoft Favorite Stake chat user: Madcoin Most intelligent Stake member: Jkd123 Most influential Stake member: Exadao Best Stake moderator: @ThugStream Funniest Stake support member: @Bojana Favorite Stake support member: @Darko Favorite Stake admin: @Edward