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  1. Dice:364,091,759 placed by ravenyvolle Wagered: 0.00000033 Payout: 330.00x Profit: 0.00010857
  2. ravenyvolle2

    Anong giveaway?

    Haha yeah good times. Maalala ko yun:) Ako naman kht ano hindi naman ako masyado sumasali sa mga giveaway hehe
  3. I try to refresh when i experience NaNan then it will be okay. Or trying clearing your caches and cookies and you will be fine.
  4. ravenyvolle2

    Why Invest in Litecoin?

    For me , etherium has more potential to be the next bitcoin, but then again maybe just behind or second to bitcoin because i think no coin will ever replace bitcoin.:)
  5. ravenyvolle2

    Why Invest in Litecoin?

    Well, litecoin has been one of my favorite coins to gamble with but i never actually store them. This is a good read and i might reconsider trading and storing them soon and it has really a good potential.
  6. ravenyvolle2

    bmg never paid back loan.

    Best to talk to her in private i guess. Not dragging this to public forums to shame her? Would you prefer to shame her and not pay you back or to talk in private and make arrangements.
  7. Played with it a bit but i dont remember withdrawing anything.. Lemme check hihi But i did remember the amount i wthdrew to coins.ph which never arrived.
  8. High multipliers are much more profitable and you wager less as well. While in low multipliers like below 2x payouts are riskier.
  9. ravenyvolle2

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Spell my Name | Mines Challenge!

    Username: ravenyvolle Mines:360,927,603 placed by ravenyvolle Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 40.87x Profit: 0.00003987
  10. ravenyvolle2

    Slots and Live games in stake

    Yeah it should be. It will be very very fun:) So i hope they will consider adding them soon.
  11. ravenyvolle2

    Private Trading Channel

    Try calling him out in chats ..He should send you back what he promised as i see him playing a lot of huge bets, so paying you should not be a problem at all.
  12. ravenyvolle2

    Slots and Live games in stake

    Hahah yeah me too.:) I used to play poker before with pokerstars and i can say that i am good at it, i will see if it will translate in the real online gambling world.
  13. ravenyvolle2

    Slots and Live games in stake

    I would definitely want to see some slots added to stake and of course live games like poker and black jack where supports will be the live dealers Additional coins and games will upgrade stake into one of the competitive gambling casino sites and bring more players. i would love to see the girls deal the cards and even the men with a serious face or trying to keep up a straight face without laughing or being shy on camera
  14. ravenyvolle2

    Live BlackJack support stream!!! 01.06.2018.

    I will definitely watch it this time.And i have someone in mind to cast my vote in.:) This will be a good one and pls win Milan lol
  15. ravenyvolle2

    Plinko in STake vs. other site

    Yeah, stake's plinko seems a kot of fun compared to other sites i've been. The colorful interface attracts people to gamble and how fun to watch the balls falling to those payouts.