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  1. ravenyvolle2

    Bitcoin Prediction might not happen

    Yes bitcoin will rise a lot next year maybe, we dont know:)
  2. ravenyvolle2

    Bet Archive - Yay or nah?

    It is necessary for those who need it and gambles. It is a good addition really to add this in stake. And nice to see too that some problems are fixed already:)
  3. ravenyvolle2

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    Imagine doing it with bitcoins, 😱 18 btc woot, but stil a very good accident
  4. ravenyvolle2

    Phasing out loans, has it worked?

    Loans are never ever okay for both lendees and lenders. Ive been in the position where its not okay anymore etc. Loaning to gamble or to invest with others is a dead end decision, very stupid one. But it is good to be in touch with people you still owe and should have pay all at least still and ghosting is never a good choice. Learn from mistakes, grow up, move on and never do it again. Explain and pay. Thats all.
  5. Dito sa forum na to okay lang, pero sa kabila, prang may galit sakin ang isang tao don, haha lahat ng topics ko hinhide nya whatever. Lahat naman related sa primedice, papansin lang siguro siya-.-
  6. ravenyvolle2

    Take care about Martingale strategie

    This is one of the scariest strategy, as with 2x or martingale, it can go up until 20 plus losses that even with 1 btc balance, it can consume all.
  7. ravenyvolle2

    Bigger Chip for Doge

    Maybe they will add them soon, so be patient for a while:) For sure Dan will see this or other developers
  8. Hahaha tama, ung iba porket mod kala mo sino na 😆 oh well. Gnyan tlg., Kaya kakawalang gana tlaga
  9. Yun nga eh medyo hindi fair, hinabaan ko naman ang replies ko at gngwang kong related sa stake ang topics o sa gambling. Lalo na sa primedice forum, aalisin nalang bigla ng walang pasabi like wth:O
  10. I did before when i am a new member in forum.i hit 10 posta immediately😆 And now, i cant even hit max for vip tag.
  11. ravenyvolle2

    Betting with the wrong currency

    Oh i havent done this yet but it will be awesome if its a good mistake, that will turn out to be a good win in the end. But yeah, be more wary in the future.
  12. ravenyvolle2

    Stoker, Badger, Seat 9

    Poker will be a fun addition to stake, i think a lot of players will be game with this esp even it player to player mode. I am not staying long with the site, but i hope while im still here, i can see poker as a new addition:)
  13. Minsan makakatanggap nalang ng mensahe na wala na yung pinost na topic o komento na ginawa mo(nang walang pasabi kung bakit man lang inalis o kung may nagawa kabang paglabag sa stake forum etc). Sana man lang may "rason" kung bakit inaalis ang kontents ng mga nglalagay o ilista mga nilabag o gustong gusto lang inaalis ng snsasabi ko? -.-
  14. ravenyvolle2

    House Edge

    Ur choice to play there, but its too high. 5% is realy high for a house edge, better play in lower h.e sites.
  15. ravenyvolle2

    All In, Why ?

    I was playing a lot of emotions last year, that got me lost a lot of bitcoins. Never a good strat.