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  1. ravenyvolle2

    Trusted indonesian :)

    Pls pm me and send ur tele il contact u there ...u will be a huge help:*
  2. ravenyvolle2

    Trusted indonesian :)

    I like that. Il contact him
  3. ravenyvolle2

    Trusted indonesian :)

    Yes:) Hehe not for me to disclose atm. @etude pls check
  4. ravenyvolle2

    Trusted indonesian :)

    This bank
  5. ravenyvolle2

    Trusted indonesian :)

    Bank transaction .payment for something ehhe
  6. ravenyvolle2

    Trusted indonesian :)

    Bank transaction.. Its hard to pay here from philippines to ur country.
  7. Hi, i need someone to have bank transact for me in indonesia and i need a trusted one Pls message me here thank you
  8. ravenyvolle2


    Welcome and enjoy stake!:) Bankrupt stake! Lol
  9. ravenyvolle2

    Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Set to Explode In 2018

    Hahahha i dont even know how to make one:P and il be a rish bish if this is true
  10. ravenyvolle2

    [Seeking] 200k

    What is it?:)
  11. ravenyvolle2

    Lower withdrawal fee

    Yeah but with lower fee. Which is fine Ye i hope stake follows as well..
  12. ravenyvolle2

    Lower withdrawal fee

    Yes they did, its only 10k sats now hehe so its cool too if it will be implemented in stake as well:) Yes will be good
  13. ravenyvolle2

    I am REALLY new here

    No excuses! Haha . U remove them when u go home am i right? Or u sleep with it on?:P
  14. Since pd lowered their fee down to 10k sats, i hope that stake will do the same and lower it from 30k sats as well. I hope to see this happen anytime soon:) Gluck!
  15. ravenyvolle2

    Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Set to Explode In 2018

    Hahaha. It was named after me ?:P I didnt know they created one without my permission