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  1. ravenyvolle2

    is discord gone forever

    I was patiently waiting for the 4th discord server again haha but oh well.
  2. ravenyvolle2

    your favourite game at stake ?

    I like hilo atm as some of my strategies working so far
  3. ravenyvolle2

    Happy hour

    How much is it? I didnt notice anything hehe
  4. ravenyvolle2

    Some Brand Managers Infos You Should Know

    Yeah i will never ever ever get scammed again lol
  5. ravenyvolle2

    Some Brand Managers Infos You Should Know

    Yeah due to recent scams done to me as well, with almost 0.5 btc total scammed, got caught up lol but yeah finishing up Been with this team for a while and had to take a leave as il be busy in the moment and they are awesome! Keep it up:) @Carollzinha
  6. ravenyvolle2

    Update: Christy

    Okay babe 😘 keep us updated ty
  7. ravenyvolle2

    Any good and cheap country to travel

    Ahem ahem ..u said u will go here.
  8. ravenyvolle2

    Update: Christy

    Wonder when she will be back. Cant message her at all as she blocked me in facebook, this is not looking good at all.
  9. ravenyvolle2

    I was hacked

    Hahahha well stupid of him as he can hack more accounts
  10. ravenyvolle2

    I was hacked

    1. Dont use same passwords on your accounts but if you do, always enable your 2fa no matter what. 2. Have you given you pw to lolgato? And how did u know it was him?
  11. ravenyvolle2

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    Sshhhhhhh hahaahaha i can relate lol
  12. I doubt he will be back.too much loans
  13. Nah the pic in his telegram are fake. We have his id, and unfornutely, not a female.
  14. Its a combination of all he owes. It piled up to 4 btc, as i mentioned above, he seems to be trustful before with the payouts and stuff but as i said too, maybe the intention before was clean, but then it gets harder to pay all of us, so the only thing he thought of is to ran away.
  15. He acted a bit trusting at first, or maybe he doesnt have really bad intentions at first, but then he losses more and more and unable to pay us, so the last resort he did is to escape.-.-