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  1. Private Trading Channel

    i have joined and its a cool thing to join to:) Gluck all
  2. New PH Mod

    lol natawa naman ako dito oh well ganun talaga, sana kht ng explain nlng sya or magbayad kahit delay pero ganun ang pinili niyang solusyon.
  3. G'Day Mate

    Best of luck:) Hope you win a lot
  4. New site for dicers

    Yeah when i first saw the site, it looks familiar.:P It has the same gaming style like pocketdice.
  5. 30 Days Savings Challenge

    Day 3 update:) additional 10k sats😘
  6. 30 Days Savings Challenge

    Yes, updates are written above with its total:P i will just comment daily total tips.
  7. My Introduction

    Heyah! Welcome to the forum and stake and i hope to see you more and have fun as always of course!:) Good luck!
  8. If you are referring to stake or even primedice, these sites are provably fair so you dont have to worry because you can check your bets if they are real. As for the ip, i dont believe it is a factor of you losing or winning. This is gambling anyway, there is no long strategies or whatsoever, it is all about luck and control.:) Good luck!
  9. 30 Days Savings Challenge

    Day 2 update 03/19/18 Bal: 0.00078,333 btc
  10. How to hit 1000x in PLINKO (share ur trick here)

    I never hit this one and i dont think I'll ever will. It just luck or good seed i believe:) But still fingers crossed just in case:) It will suck if you will hit the 1000x while prerolling hehe
  11. Quit while ahead!?

    Most of the time, we are greedy and we want more, but mostly, we bust if we play long hours. So it is best i think to stop playing once you profited even 50% of your initial deposit:) Control is the key
  12. Twitter now bans crypto ads

    Seems like a lot of sites are now banning ico advertisments 😑 Sad to hear but because maybe they want a piece of those ad fees:P Nothing is free nowadays anyway.
  13. Bitcoin will die?

    I dont believe it will. It is the first coin that started it all and it will not die that sudden as long as a lot of people still invest on it.
  14. Kid sounds like Iron Man

    I have seen this somewhere but i dont know whre or who shared but yeah it is very funny
  15. 30 Days Savings Challenge

    Thanks you and you guys can do it too:) Here is the additional for day 1:)