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  1. No Luck with Big Bets πŸ˜‘

    I think I will hit this 2018. I surely hope so.:) So i guess we will have a race on who will hit 1000x first:P Keep me posted haha You dont have to play anyway:P you are rich. Rich kurian:)πŸ™ˆ
  2. No Luck with Big Bets πŸ˜‘

    I wish so too:) Trying that with Plinko nowadays and hopefully someday hit 1000x:) and win a lot hehe Goodluck to you as well πŸ€—
  3. No Luck with Big Bets πŸ˜‘

    We are the same thats why we lost almost the same as well:P Being too emotional or greedy makes me bet a lot more than I am used to. And yeah having a big bankroll is a huge factor of winning more But I am a bit scared to deposit much more cause who knows if I'l be crazy again and bet all my balance..:P
  4. No Luck with Big Bets πŸ˜‘

    Yeah "emotions" When i lose, I always want to recover fast so I tend to bet 100% of my balance and sometime I lose and loose more instead πŸ˜‘ I am speechless with your very long essay:) But yeah, you are right, we tend to think of reasons why we lose and always blame the house:P I see you are recovering well and i hope i do that someday
  5. No Luck with Big Bets πŸ˜‘

    haha omg #hugoat? Yeah as i said maybe im just bitter on losing a huge bet. Anyway gambling is all about luck
  6. Hi im Yvolle:) πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

    Oh em gee. soo cute πŸ’—πŸ’— Welcome and nice to meet you πŸ€—
  7. In gambling, there are times that we win but mostly we lose:P I've been playing in stake for quite some time now and I observed that sometimes betting low satoshis, you will have more chances of beating the house edge compared to betting higher or all in:P I always love to play dice in stake( even though I am aware it is 2% house edge) and always use 1.26x payout. I bet small at first like 1k satoshis at first then it will give you like 10 or more greens, but once you bet higher than 100k satoshis, it is always red. I felt like it is programmed to lose when you bet higher satoshis and sadly with all in or rage bets.117 Like for instance, in mines, this happened to me like 5-6 times already, I will bet 5k satoshis on 1 bomb mines, and it is so smooth and always choose 5-6 diamonds or more. But if i feel like doing a huge bet, like 400k satoshis, it so happen that I will click the only bomb. Worse is when I bet 0.04 satoshis and I clicked one bomb (bummer).😒 So yeah, I think it is kinda programmed to do that way , that if you bet high or place max bets, you will always lose. Anyway, it is only my observation and my opinion, or maybe im just greedy or bitter sometimes and think it is meant to happen that way. I just realized betting higher more than 50% or 100% of your total balance is not a good choice. It is risky and you will lose more So bottom line is, bet lower and play safe than bet higher and lose all:)
  8. Stake 2017 Award Winners!

    Okay, how much did u bribe them? i wont tell I promise:) πŸ™Š @Darko πŸ˜…
  9. Is bitcoin's 5000$ crash coming now ?

    I dont think so, i believe it will still rise and get on track soon around near the end of january:)
  10. Dolores OΒ΄Riordan is no longer with us

    I had to search her on the web and its too bad I dont know her cause "Linger" is one of my favorites. Sad to know a good singer gone 😩 Rip beautiful soul..
  11. What will be your Club?

    I dont know how to make a club:P
  12. Why Bitcoin and other altcoins Plunge?

    It is kinda disappointing to see that the coins i hold or invested in is going down, but I sure hope it will rise back to its normal price anytime soon.
  13. Hi im Yvolle:) πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

    eevole something like that Nice to meet you adam:) I always see u in chat..u seem like a cool guy Yeah rockkkk huhu i feel kinda old haha You will learn a lot more soon:P Hey barbaris:) πŸ€— nice to meet u as well:)
  14. Funny Begging excuses/styles

    haha as always @kurian thinking of nudes @Darko im sure u have lots of those in support tickets and private messages haha @bellapelle hahah yeah sometimes its just the tag and actually they only got it before when btc is low. @babs01 i did not get it haha
  15. Hi im Yvolle:) πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

    No never too late anyway you owe us a party remember:P @Han2x always my partner in crime 😘 @Grifter kingdom of pervs:P