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  1. "I'm a mess, i'm a loser, i'm a hater, i'm a user"
  2. Okay, will tag another then
  3. I would love to see a selfie from this lady 🙈@Mirela Lol didnt notice this. Haha we responded same Same minds huh o.o
  4. Lets tag who we want to see?:P
  5. A selfie from you first perhaps?🙈
  6. Hahah yeah and every stream i didnt see you at all can u blame me ?:P lol jk i heard ur hot asf so see u 😘
  7. Well il see you personally soon soo..
  8. We want a solo pic of bojana and marija too where is it?:) 😘 Heheh she has still short hair and much much better fashion sense
  9. Okay here you go @Irena just got my hair permed like 2 days ago i look older lol
  10. Hehehe wait il check the a little bit normal ones
  11. I knew it a lot of cuties here !:) Again happy bday stake 😘 Oohh he wil love this
  12. Exactly ! Hehe same shirts like simon cowell wear is not that noticeable compared to women wearing the same dress over and over again But yeah, there is no crime on wearing same clothings evryday
  13. hehe yeah people nowadays do literally everything for views and to get their "15 mins of fame":P
  14. Is it real of they just talked to someone they knew and staged or faked it for views:P It seem like everything online nowadays are mostly fakes to gain more views.
  15. It is still all about luck. This is gambling anyway, there is no exact strategy to win. But this is a good explanation anyway. Goodluck players!:)
  16. I should learn how to drive properly first but a corvette is a good one.
  17. Its only days before Valentine's day and I know a lot are singles here in stake. I stumbled to some memes i saw on instagram and they are so funny! For no dates this heart day, these are for you:P
  18. @Dan is banned for rejecting nudes 😑 @rockingmonk oh its not allowed?:P
  19. Mrboss is banned for telling us that we are arguing ps. @dmbadillo10 no, those 2k messages are not proofs:P
  20. Dmbadillo10 has been banned for not sharing those nudes he sent to dan
  21. Dmbadillo10 was banned because of sending nudes to dan hahahaxD
  22. Yeah daily 10k steps is ideal:) But what ever suits you, you will do fine?
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