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  1. OBrad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, great actors
  2. First time stake.... Always stake. Forever ❤️
  3. Oh man, just invest like 100$ and u eill rreach bronz3 in one hour go dice wagger 1.01 and recover slowly on otger games, and back again to dice 1.01, good luck
  4. I usually change seed if i lose to much, maybe other seed is more lucky. In addition i always change seed when i have a green light and win too much, i know that this seed will bring me back to bust soon if i continue playing 😂😂
  5. I would love to get 1000x, never happend thou i guess im not lucky
  6. I love 10 min reloads, sometimes i go all in with them on mines,l. My biggest winnings was 0.7 xrp to 1500 xrp xd Screenshot from last 0.7 xrp reload, to 100 xrp
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