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  1. My thoughts about Bitcoin price in 2020 is bitcoin price will grown up to $10,000.This is my prediction
  2. To my opinion i am always preferred Coinbase wallet to use for keep store Cryptocurrency.I think this is also the best wallet
  3. In my opinion Tronlink Cryptocurrency wallet is the best wallet for keeping TRX.You can use this wallet for storing safe your TRX coin
  4. I am also noticed that.Bitcoin price is falling down more in just one moment.This is very sad news for all Cryptocurrency users
  5. Right now, prediction about Bitcoin price is very hard.Because right now Bitcoin price is too much unstable.So i can not predict bitcoin price
  6. I am also think the effects of corona viruses is one of the reasons for falling bitcoin or Cryptocurrency price.This is my personal opinion
  7. Bitcoin ATM machine is very big opportunity for every bitcoiners.There are many Bitcoin ATM machine available in the world.But Bangladesh there are no ATM machine available for Bitcoin
  8. In my opinion i think binance exchanger is the best site for buy or sell bitcoin.You can do buy and sell bitcoin here so easily
  9. Recently bitcoin price is going down more than expected.But i think Bitcoin price will grown up very soon.I am still waiting for Bitcoin price rise up
  10. This is very disappointing things for me.Recently bitcoin price falling down.I think this is happened for Corona virus effect.
  11. If i have own business then i am use Bitcoin as a salary for my employer.I think this currency is very important for our life.We can earn also more money with this.
  12. If i have something like $10 of amount then i will play betting in stake site.Here i can multiply my btc within short time
  13. I believe that one day Cryptocurrency will replace to fiat currency.Then we can use Cryptocurrency in everywhere.Cryptocurrency will used as a payment methods
  14. I am also recommended to you freebitco.in faucets site.This facuets site is very trusted and old faucets.This is also high paying facuets site
  15. There is a no chance to Bitcoin price hit $50k in this year.At this stage bitcoin price is only $5k.This amount is more higher than current price of bitcoin
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