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  1. Crypto is too much helpful in my life as it pay me everyday for work here which is make my life easy to bear my expensive in all thing..more over its teach me about currency too...have a nice day
  2. Yes brother.. Without any doubt i like to accepted bitcoin in my company to pay the employ because bitcoin has a great a opportunity and we face it now
  3. We are now face the corona virus effect to our btc price..but one day corona virus will go down and bitcoin price will up..so that we need to be patience and invest btc now
  4. Yes brother there has a chance to go down it price more because of this corona effect but we all need to be patience because it price will rise up again...thank you
  5. For me the best crypto wallets in this year is coinbase wallets which provid us easy way to transfer and received money. No scame here so lot of people are now involved with coibase wallets
  6. This year we all thought that it price will go up but unfortunate the corona virus come and it lead to decrease the price of bitcoin..hope it increase again..just wait for that guys
  7. Hey i am stake and i am newbie here..i study still about this forum.. I love this forum as it give me different knowledge guys. Thank you
  8. I think so guys because since the corona virus come the bitcoin price go down and down..no chance to up it price once more if not the virus effect gone from us..we are confused really
  9. I like to received both but this two valuable thing depending on my work here..if i work goodly here then surely get benefit like reward and reaction guys. Hope you get
  10. Yes you are right brother... We all are face this situation because of this corona virus. Hope this issue gone soon and we can sell our btc with high rate guys..thank you everyone
  11. As far as i know its your wrong turn in your game brother.. You should not chose o because if you choice so then surely you will not be profit in game bro..thank you...play with 2 choice
  12. No there has no chance to increase the price of btc if it connected with ppp forum because there has a initial problem..moreovr ppp forum is small so there has no chance to increase its price btp
  13. My higest limbo was 2000x but its Lil bit bored for me because it take my much time nowdays and it harm my study time..but this game is great to all of us and related with this forum which give us money..so i think its good for us in all view..
  14. Actually i am Still learn about this slot game so i cant say something about this right now brother.. But from your topic i can guys that its interest game so i am learning it more fast now..just help to do this brother..thank you
  15. Relax bro...you need to be patience tp received that such amount of 9900x now in dice game..if you are newbie there then wait and keep play there..you will be success there without any reason i believed this brother