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  1. If Bitcoin is the gold of crypto Litcecoin is the silver.i think the price will get pumped till halving but after that ot will fall again.i have few Litcecoins so waiting to exchange them few days before halving.maybe its not right decision but i will make that.And i will buy gold(Bitcoin)
  2. gougou


    So guys thanks for answering this topic.maybe in few week will see something like that to happen here.it will be nice of stake team will add few more sats as reward for winners.for example i mean. If ticket os 10k and there are 100+ players they can add 0.005 btc more If ticket is 100k and there are 100+ players they can add 0.05 more If ticket is 0.01btc and there are 100+ players they can add 0.5 more
  3. In few weeks i will try to make an exchange office for friends .so it will have an only 1% trading fair .i think it will be really nice for all and for me
  4. Οk now i will answer different.younare friend so i will make a funny comment for fun (although i can miss the entry) lol. I like your giveaways cause you send us money to have fun and gamble so we try to make stake.com on bankrupt.Not cause you are a nice friendly guy lol
  5. gougou


    Lets see if the stake team read that.they will check it and maybe in future we can see something like this.I am sure that stake team is open to new proposals because day by day they become more friendly to most of players
  6. As we all see few days ago Stake.com started races challenge.this is great but how fair is for the small players?? I would like to make a proposal.i dont think that this will be reality but its a good way for all players to participate and have the opportunity to win a race My proposal is: 1) Every players can buy a ticket from stake which can cost from: a) 10k sats b)100k sats c) 1000k sats So they will he 3 races 2) Stake will give them the same chips (stakechips) that anyone can use to participate but every player will start with same balance and try to wager as more a he can. Then the players who win will be rewarded
  7. I love these giveaways because any time its something different and clever.
  8. From my total earnings i invested about 50% on small appartments for renting.30% on fiat money to be ok for my family life 18% on crypto by buying every month few cryptos and 2% fir gambling ajd only in stake.com
  9. BLACKJACK: 6,295,863,740 placed by gougou on 10/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 BLACKJACK: 6,295,866,787 placed by gougou on 10/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  10. Limewire is a stake legend my friend.i wish i could be legend too