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  1. No,But I always stay in home.Because my area is lock down and everyone are safe and secure.
  2. In stake,My favourite game is limbo games and then dice games.Both are good and attractive game.
  3. Both are important. National currency is use in your country but bitcoin is internet based currency. So,both are important for us.
  4. In those things, I choose gambling because at now I am single. I dont have wife and gambling is very profitable.
  5. yeah,At now bitcoin price is not so good. You can easily buy bitcoin of low prices . then you sell it more prices.
  6. Its impossible. Bitcoin current price is not so good for corona effects. I think in this year,bitcoin price rate is hit around $15k. Its impossible. Bitcoin current price is not so good for corona effects. I think in this year,bitcoin price rate is hit around $15k.
  7. Yeah,You must be aware to choosing wallet. Because by this wallet you can safe your currency. So,before choosing wallet you should be know anout its safety.
  8. yeah,bitcoin is affected by corona virus. mny people cannot use it. Thats why its market rte is down.
  9. It is really good things for us. If we face some problems then we will contact with support team and they can response within 2 minutes.
  10. Bitcoin is Internet based currency . you can earn it from internet by doing some tasks.And stock market is the whole country economy market.
  11. MrX

    Profit goal this month

    I want to earn $10 profit this month. If I earn $10 profit then it is enough for me.
  12. After joining this forum site, everyday I play dice games. It is addictive games. I like to play when price is good.
  13. Hello everyone. I am new user in this site. I want to learn about stake games or stake all things.
  14. I play for profits. I want to earn some profit from this type of games.But also sometimes I play for raffle.
  15. MrX

    10$ eth giveaway

    thanks for giving this giveaway. Its help us to earn some money.
  16. yeah,I also agree with you. If this happen will occour then bitcoin price will again increase.
  17. I think per day $10 profit is enough.If you can earn $10 profit then it us great.you also earn more but I think it is safe for per day.
  18. MrX

    How to Get Bitcoins

    You can found many bitcoin site in internet which are providing bitcoin by doing skme tasks. you can easily work here and earn bitcoin.
  19. MrX

    Bitcoin ATM machine.

    Its really good news for us. If atm machine will be stay on any place of cpuntry. then we will easily eexchange it.
  20. there are many site in internet whoch are buying and selling bitcoin.But I think coinbase wallet is the best to doing ghis things.
  21. Yeah,At time bitcoin price is dropped out for corona virus effect. In this time its price is low. At now, I buying bitcoon and after I will sell it at good price.
  22. yeah,I also think that bitcoin price is again rise up. Its current price is down for corona effect. after the effect it will again increase.
  23. It is impossible to hit $50k in this year. I think after the end of 2020,bitcoin will hit $15k.
  24. of course, I accept bitcoin. If I have business then I always approved bitcoin. Because in internet there are many people work for bitcoin.
  25. I think in march its price is dropped because for effect of corona virus. for corona virus the market of cryptocurrency are dropped.