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  1. No chance to raise btc price 50k this year because the corona effect to crypto currency all over the world. But it price can be high too again .just wait for this
  2. Yah guys. We are facing this problem nowdays that btc price going low and low but hope its price will go up when corona virus will go
  3. I have not reached my goal yet because i am confused with some goal that how i will be achieved those game. Hope soon i reached my goal
  4. I am also newbie here. So welcome you are in stake and be careful too...best of luck for you and work goodly here ...have a nice day
  5. No actually i am from Bangladesh brother... You can find another one..i can't help you brother..thannk
  6. Corona is a serious desease because of it attach system and died rate..it has killed to much people already but still some people dont take it serious.. Hope god help them