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  1. Thank you my friend. I am new to stake but have been in the crypto dice community on other sites for years. I’m sorry I should have clarified that earlier in my initial introduction. Thanks for the words of advice. I prefer my corona ice cold so I usually put it into the freezer and drink it right before it turns solid. As long as I don’t drive or drink too fast I think I’ll be safe from the corona. Hope you and your family are also safe from over indulgence as much as that crazy flu stuff going around right now. Cheers!
  2. Heyo! I’m jAishO! You might have seen me around the crypto-gambling community before. I’ve been dabbling in the art of crypto games of chance for a few years now and apparently seem to get around. Lol. If you have had the fortune to catch me on a good day/run I have the tendency to keep everything “in circulation” when I win, or at least that’s what I like to tell myself so when I bust I don’t feel as empty inside as I would of otherwise. I am currently in school full time for IT with a concentration in cyber security... penetration testing specifically. My girlfriend, the ever so famous SwAnIePrInCeSs lol, also has recently started to become more active in the community so if you see her say hi! She is one Krazy Korean but has fun just like the rest of us so don’t be shy. We have a beautiful daughter together that also loves to grab daddy’s phone whenever he sets it down and roll a few (usually somewhere around maxbet) bets while he isn’t looking losing everything, but only when he is up for the day around $1000 plus don’t worry. So if I do some stupid nonsensical bets randomly, those losses are brought to you by my baby Lexi lol.... but she is only three and so darn cute I can’t be mad at her lol. Anywho I wouldnt wanna bore y’all with any more of my story but I have been toying with the idea of creating a channel/site to share some of my strategies at the request of many players, but haven’t gotten around to putting together the puzzle pieces quite yet. But when I finally get a free moment from my busy schedule to slap together all the videos and strategies I’ve devised over the years I will definitely keep y’all posted. I’m always up for suggestions and ideas as well so shoot me a request and a message and we can pick each other’s brains if anything. Cheers and nothing but green pastures for all.