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  1. My favorit tv show is adalat where i can know many trick guys..the show fully look like real and the trick you can use in your daily life and there discussed about general Knowledge so it will be helpfull for you too..so i like it
  2. Wow..it's pretty good that you have won in this such game.congratulated you for this.do better next time
  3. Oh really..i am not yet introduced with korean or Japan people here so cant suggested you someone.. Keep find you will get lol👌
  4. Haha..you are totally right that something going to be change more..hope it will be benifit for us or they increase our payment😝
  5. We have nothing to do for this..because its their forum and they can change anything but it will be better if they inform us
  6. Yes you are right...but i did mistake so cant be success... We need better think to be the best next time to get this
  7. Yes its possible bro..you can do it in one day easily or less than one day. Its up to you..
  8. Kompo

    Love life

    I not yet meet with my love herr but i get a friend who help me in every situation that how to be a better member here..she now my close one
  9. You are already in great profit bro..don't be much greedy..keep work on..you will be success more
  10. Yes its frustrated... Stop corona ..boring to stay at home
  11. I not yet get any verification code guys..is something wrong with my account then?? Please suggested me guys...
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