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  1. Hey guys, hope everyone out there in crypto world is doing great. I have to ask every one of you about the halving of may 2020 after 4 years is going to happen after 5 month and some days. what you expect from the over all crypto market cap ? i hope of crossing it above a trillion dollar, as in 2017 it passes above 800 billion dollars.
  2. Sorry to say that but your prediction is totally wrong brother... The price of btc go down just for the hit of corona virus..if not corona come then there has a Chance that btc will hit 12k in march bro..hope you understand
  3. Dogecoin price are very low since past for today. Most of the miners not mining dogecoin and its going to dog. Dogecoin price can be get high value 2020 or not. This coin name also funny. Anyone knows the partnetship between dogecoin and its name??
  4. Thanks for your review bro..he still hidden as far as i know..may be he afraid of catch out by police so go throw another place..but he created a great currency like bitcoin which really helpful to us right now guys...thank to him
  5. Hey i am kompo and come with a information.. For beginners or newbie like me, free way to earn money is very interesting but not with bounty hunter. We know from 2019 most bounty program is scam and the coin never listing in exchanges, that's hard for us. This moment bounty program with popular coins payment ( BTC and ETH ) comes up. Even in small quantity but can be used to get income, the program is similar with pay per post. I'm try to say there's solution for every problems, we only need more harder to find the information. Make time to visit every forum & site to get it. Never give up and maybe if you already has the answer please share with us
  6. Australian entrepreneur, Craig Wright, declared himself the creator of Bitcoin, which has been using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. His admission ended many years of speculation about who gave birth to the original idea related to this digital cash system. Wright provided technical evidence to support his statement using coins that were known to belong to the creators of Bitcoin. He has revealed his identity to three media organizations, namely the BBC, The Economist magazine and GQ magazine. Do you believe the news? And according to you whether he is really Satosi or not??
  7. Let us have a discussion in here about the site Bitcoin.org and Bitcoin.com Bitcoin.org Bitcoin.org is the main website of bitcoin (BTC). It's being held and run by Cobra, it's the official Bitcoin (BTC) website. You can get all the information about BTC there. But problem is the site did not create much awareness even till now. Bitcoin.com Bitcoin.com is not an official website of BTC but it used to be a good site before this fork of Bitcoin was made to create Bitcoin Cash. Roger Ver own the site and he is contently misleading the users saying this Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. He is doing this massive market that people thinks this is the official site for bitcoin.
  8. When do you think that Bitcoin we start to influence other altcoins in the cryptocurrency market so that as is rising in price other altcoins will join it to rise as well, but not to see opposite side of it in other coins. Can Bitcoin actually influence other altcoins in 2020?
  9. No chance to go high because the main center of crypto currrncy in America,Russia, Italy etc country but those country now in great problems of corona virus which lead their stock market go down and its huge destroy for them..so no chance to go it price high till corona not finished
  10. I not yet get any profit from this forum so my life is not good still here. But when i had worked on cryptotalk my life was good because they give us payment everyday which bright my day by transfer my btc..but cryptotalk banned my country.. So i came here and hope this forum help us who get banned in crypto and make our life shine again
  11. Yes i am agree with you..because now a days bitcoin price too much low and its great time to buy and store it while sell it when it price will go up..this year btc price was good around 12k but suddenly it price go down just for corona virus guys..
  12. In one words bitcoin is best than another currency because of it price but btc has bad site too that its transaction speed so low and its fee high while litecoin is good and its transfer speed also high and much good about trade..
  13. My favorit tv show is adalat where i can know many trick guys..the show fully look like real and the trick you can use in your daily life and there discussed about general Knowledge so it will be helpfull for you too..so i like it
  14. Whenever we lose ,it give us a words always that we need to play more goodly and become winner. We should not be sad for that anymore and if we win then we should not be much happy but try to do best next time more guys..
  15. Actually btc price was great last year and it price also good in the beginning of this year around 12k almost.we were happy with it but suddenly it price fall down abd down and now it reach to 5k which is unpredictable
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