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  1. I would be very happy if I could get the benefits I was looking for, but if that was not achieved and failed I would be very upset and angry over the greed that I did while playing, the expression would continue to change depending on what I got.
  2. I have been playing gambling for a very young age, I know stake because I found an ad link on an internet forum and I just signed up to start playing and can make a profit, I like my stake betting to be very, very fair.
  3. Corona makes me more active in gambling because I am always at home because I don't work. I hope that Corona will leave soon so I can work and make money from my work and not continue gambling because I can spend money if I lose.
  4. I think the stakeholders have often contributed to the benefits gained, because I have seen stakeholders make a vote where the donations will be given.
  5. I often reset the seed every time I play, maybe around 200 to 500 roll I will reset the seed or also when the game I did didn't hit immediately so resetting the seed is the most effective way
  6. age has no effect in gambling, everyone feels the same and the main goal can benefit so everyone only cares about profits without looking at the age of someone who is in gambling.
  7. I really like playing using dogecoin that coins make me the most fortunate and get a lot of profit, for other coins I rarely use it to play.
  8. I have never played gambling at a casino, I have always played gambling online because it is better and I can control the game very well.
  9. I have read very often and most people who succeed are certainly not good at managing the money, I assume those people are indeed not ready to be able to get a lot of money so that it runs out due to wasteful.
  10. I like reggae and rock music, I always play it every day.
  11. I am very confident that the price could be more than $ 500, the main reason for bitcoin this year is halving and of course the price of bitcoin will be very high and make other coins like eth also go up and I am very sure that eth can be more than $ 500 or even the price will reach $ 700.
  12. if it's true that there is a magic seed and to get it I have to buy it because I can win 10 times in a row it's very good, I will risk all the money I have and can get a lot of profit.
  13. I have played 10 times on payout very often but don't know what the minimum balance is so I can avoid losing lots, usually I only use 0.01 litecoin but after seeing you play with a balance of 0.06 bitcoin it's a very large and interesting amount to try.