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  1. setting the target is an important thing because if the target is successful then surely we will get profit and play without the target it's just useless and you make a lot of losses that are in vain.
  2. very reasonable because you can get a large profit and you can hold for a long period of time so that it can make you profit, all of that requires capital so that if the high price is reasonable, low prices can raise questions.
  3. reebox

    Bitcoin ATMs

    I am not interested in using ATM bitcoin because I like to do transactions online and I can do transactions without leaving the house to make the bitcoin transfers that I have.
  4. I am very good at playing chess and have never found a chess betting site, if the stake makes a chess betting site it will be very interesting and I will definitely play with a big bet because I am great and brave.
  5. I will rest and will not gamble because when I have a lot of balance it will definitely make me go back to bet with the effort to get a big profit but when it fails everything is broken. I will play when I can increase all profits and try to get a big profit.
  6. 15 usd but you get a lot of benefits that ordinary players don't get, so many people try to reach VIP, congratulations you succeeded. what game can make you get big wagered ?
  7. I really want usdt added so that when I have a lot of balance I can exchange it to usdt and when there is an increase and decrease in the price balance that I have does not be affected.
  8. I don't think it's necessary because Eddie has a lot of balance that can be rotated to daily wagered sites and he doesn't need investors on the site, maybe if the stake loses a lot of bitcoin due to a system error and will go bankrupt, this is the step that will be taken.
  9. I think the Covid virus has made a lot of sports stopped, so sports betting is lonely and rarely is a bet. I myself prefer to bet at the casino by trying to still be able to get a profit and to race as I said in other topics, I did not participate just continue to play and unconsciously wagered me big.
  10. maybe a stable coin can be added but it's not popular so eddie doesn't want to take the risk of adding unpopular coins on the site, although eddie also loses when bitcoin prices go down but of course he can sell directly when he gets the profit of the site.
  11. I prefer to reload because I can play boldly without fear of losing because I can make claims when I get a loss and I can continue my bet.
  12. I rarely hunt big payouts because I am very difficult to be able to get profits, so I prefer payouts that are easy to get hit and I really do not want to play on the payout you say.
  13. you should contact support directly and there is no need to make this topic and you also have posted in the wrong place, but I just think this kind of problem is very rarely experienced by other players, so the problem must be resolved quickly.
  14. congratulations you are very successful and successfully hit, I do not believe it turns out this might happen. I will try to play it too and hope to get good luck like you do.
  15. never give up this is very appropriate for you to say because it managed to get profit after getting huge losses and managed to recover, you play very brave and get profit.
  16. the topic will be closed and given a reply at the end of the topic with you can make a coupon claim and when you claim it will automatically add to the balance you have.
  17. I can get profit when playing the game mines, it's a very exciting game because I try to get profit by avoiding the bombs and trying to open lots of diamonds.
  18. I have never entered a competition, it's just that when I play to get the benefits of trying to make a big wagered so that I can enter the position of prizes given during the race but it is very difficult.
  19. I prefer to play with a PC because playing with a cellphone has a small display and can not make me satisfied controlling the game I want, playing on a cellphone only when I'm out of the house.
  20. Good idea, I really want Eddie to make a VIP chat room so it doesn't make the chat room spam when there is rain from a diamond player because I hope to get rain, this happens very often.
  21. I hope bitcoin can become 50k usd but that looks impossible but I am very sure it can be because of seeing market conditions like this and there are certainly many whales that hinder to be achieved.
  22. at this time it is already May but the new BTC is experiencing a good increase and it looks like it will be very difficult to be able to reach 14k usd, I just hope bitcoin can try to go up because this will happen halving.
  23. losing everything in gambling must have been caused by his greed while playing so he had to be able to give advice so that his friend could stop gambling addiction, because he could lose all the items he had.
  24. You get a big profit but damage it to a small profit, I highly recommend you not to become a greedy player and try to stop when it has increased the balance to be large.
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