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  1. I have nothing against it, I think because we are different countries, it doesn't make me better than you
  2. casadedices


    i don't like poker game i can't play any cards
  3. thanks how to win btc here on the forum?
  4. how do i become a vip?
  5. it is not easy little by little we are discovering new things in the stake
  6. and friend we are two is not easy. I don't know but what to do
  7. hello i'm new to this game so i would like a few touches to make some money
  8. casadedices

    monthly bonus

    good this bonus how does it need to be VIP ?
  9. hey i'll talk to a friend he speaks korean i'll send him to look after you
  10. hello friends my name is Silva i am learning to play this stake games it is not easy i already lost a lot still will end with the rain but we are trying to live in this casino who can measure a tip i thank