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  1. I tested it with BTC, i deposit 0.001 BTC and ran this for 2 days, was lucky it didn't bust and i earn 0.01BTC now. Awesome setting.
  2. I've tried your second option, it's definitely risky af. I could've busted with losing streak > 120. I'm playing with XRP with base bet of 0.0000002
  3. i wonder when is the next reload going to be
  4. Hey everybody, just curious what is your highest losing streak you ever achieved with 1% chance? The highest reds i got is around 850. I am still waiting for the day i reached 1000 reds in a row.
  5. Wow amazing, you have such luck. Wish i had the same as well, I've been wasting my reload on the same thing as you and have yet to get my super high payout hahaha
  6. I guess i'm kinda lucky, i tried this strategy with $1 LTC and made $5 LTC worth and i stopped before the red streak kills me.
  7. limbo is awesome for insanely high multipliers. But i have never ever gotten over 99x multiplier in limbo, i just gave up on limbo
  8. i'm loving the reload benefits, even though it's small i managed to accumulate $1 worth of btc lmao
  9. Yes i'm still continuing with this strategy. Yup, using Martingale and true i found death this morning, it literally went down like a fishing rod because i forgot to place a stop loss but nevertheless i won it back after a few hours. Right now i'm at this state. It's slow but surely i gain some profits. I'm just playing with pure profits, i've already withdrawn my initial deposit of $20 LTC.
  10. After testing multiple strategies, finally found one that makes slow profit overtime. I'm playing with LTC, if only that amount is BTC edit: here is an update, my dicebot stopped a few times due to some mismatch error, session was restart thus the graph isn't as accurate.
  11. i wonder when will version 4 be released. I love the dicebot so much
  12. is there anyway to auto cashout and continue the bot?
  13. it's hard to succeed with martingale strategy in dice game with chance of 50x unless you have high bankroll, it's better to play with high payout.