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  1. KENO: 29,537,375,094 placed by Chiny on 29/09/2020 Wagered 0.00023000 Multiplier 11x Profit 0.00230000 KENO: 29,537,374,703 placed by Chiny on 29/09/2020 Wagered 0.00023092 Multiplier 11x Profit 0.00230920
  2. 40 DICE: 29,530,609,440 placed by Chiny on 29/09/2020 Wagered 0.02250000 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00022959
  3. 8 casino:29165537273 27 casino:29165536731 13 casino:29165823154 33 casino:29165823571
  4. I also prefer keno. Since its like luck +skills . Slots are just pure luck.
  5. Interesting strategy. thank you . i will try for it. also, do you put increase % on lose? or you just bet on like 0.300 xrp all the way?
  6. I still havent tried stake blackjack but i saw that its house edge is low. usually prefer simple martingale when it comes to bj. and when certain number of losses is reach. i start to double raise my bet. its profitable but always. you can try it with low amount first. but always remember that theres no strategy that works forever.
  7. I'd say. no strategy works for a very long run. unless you bet 0.00000001 doge and have a bankroll. that might work. i actually saw some experiment using this strategy on youtube. with over 5 million bets. he earned around 300 doge using martingale. with 0.00000001 doge as base bet and around 500 doge bankroll. just not sure. if it works just that once. or what. but in conclusion as long as you have the bankroll and the max limit is good. it will work.
  8. Hello! Does it need to disable my 2fa when i use dicebot? sorry im just starting to learn using it.
  9. Dang! that sucks but it happens. It also happen to me before. im just too greedy. I'd say, we must have discipline in the future. but oh well. Lesson learned!
  10. Yep! I really appreciate that 10 minutes reload. Especially in this lock down. Hope they do it again in the future. Thanks Stake!
  11. Wow! Congrats to all the winners! Hope next time we got lucky too. 😊
  12. Its really unfortunate that they change it. I just got back to playing here after some time and my goal is also that vip gold. I just hope that even tho they change it. they also increase the promotions for Vip to make up with it. For new players, its really hard.
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