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  1. every other crypto depends on bitcoin there is no doubt about it, but other crypto also have their own price and market and investors, so sometimes other coins can go opposite of bitcoin
  2. i dont think every web wallet is hackable, never heard if anyone hacked blockchain.com wallet ever, except someone's own foolish acts like to click on phising link or lower security
  3. it will be very difficult for others to race especially to those players who have a very limited balance. since this is a 24 hour race, there is alot of time for a player to bust
  4. I don't think countries will choose bitcoin as an official or national currency
  5. This is really not bad. Congratulations on your successful hunt. After reading your post, I myself wanted to do it
  6. On stake you can bet on 0 and multiple numbers at the same time
  7. think it's important to point out that Stake is the community of players, not the site
  8. This may not be permanent. But we also don't know anything about it
  9. Well its kinda of my side work trading it on LocalBitcoins
  10. maybe its because BTC is commonly use for a transactions rather than LTC
  11. I think if you have a good bank roll and you play your normal game then this is possible you get platinum 4 in 10 days.
  12. Navi the best team, she will take this tournament 100% nice to watch
  13. why btc so dropped in price what is the problem?
  14. the coronavirus pandemic is a very big problem for the whole world but I'm sure that we can overcome it