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  1. I bet with 0.00000001 of Doge. This was not for profit just experimenting + I left my computer for hours without checking on it so I din't want to risk anything.
  2. In total I analyzed 530857 of Limbo results with the same seed, these are some facts about them: First of all, did I get a million times multiplier? No, not even close to that. Did I get a 100000+ times multiplier? Yes, 2 of them, but it took a long time. The first one, 104461.91094339623 multiplier took 511199 bets, the second one 205054.8622222222 multiplier took 522395 bets. Did I find some magic numbers that would have been profitable if I only bet on them? No, every day I was checking performance of all the numbers, and every day less of them became profitable and fina
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