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    Never Pee Before Sex

    it sometimes work...for the reason that our urine is a bit acidic and sperm and egg cell will is needed to be on non acidic area of uterus to be able to live...so if you want to flash out or kill sperm inside urterus you can simply pee.. its like pouring an acid to a worm...
  2. Macdos

    Never Pee Before Sex

    i will help...but not all the time..i also used that strategy..i will tell the girl to pee after for her not to be pregnant..and if she dont want to pee..ill have another round and i will pee on her inside...lol...just kidding
  3. i think everybidy doesnt...it good hygience..that will lead to good personality ..
  4. this will be very helpful...need more strategy to profit...thank for this one dude
  5. goodluck @viksen hope u get ur laptop soon
  6. i buy my babys milk... i buy my babys milk
  7. I got my name dicehunt from the chatroom, I was using my macdos and got muted, theres an ongoing roll hunt that time, so when I create new username, I decided to get this dicehunt, lol, ill add more story, including my macdos,
  8. happy new year too mrboss, and goodmorning