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  1. UEFA has suspended all Champions League and Europa League matches "until further notice" due to the coronavirus pandemic, European football's governing body said after a meeting on Wednesday.
  2. Cryptocurrency should be use at this point in time but so far no government is taking the effort to recommend such usage and implemented it thoroughly, many have undermined it's usage instead people dump their share and converted it to fiat, because with fiat they have lot of option to use it in hoarding foods and other basic needs.
  3. Bitcoin today is the best investment, although even those, who buy this cryptocurrency do not realize it still. Over time, people become aware of the universality of Bitcoin as an independent international system of calculation, something more than virtual money. And then, after 10 or 15 years, we can see a better world that will belong to united humanity, and not to individual states.
  4. People are smarter but they are same greedy as always. At the beginning of 2017, it never occurred to anyone that in a few months the price would rise from $1k to $20k, so 20x. Now we have $7.5k, it is possible that the price is not able to grow 20x, but 10xin my opinion is possible, so $ 75k is in the range.
  5. The reason behind it is that countries want to take control of inflation and interest rates. Everything on the economy are related to political issues and the existence of that country.
  6. people's tendency to use crypto in trading or as a means of payment is very low. most of them make short trades to benefit from the movements in the market. functionally crypto as a means of payment I think is still not realized.
  7. I only need one reason, it's Bitcoin. It started it all, and it's concrete solid. No matter how deflated it's value is, still it's not gonna go away
  8. Bitcoin options are not gambling, maybe bitcoin binary options are gambling because those have huge house edges. Vanilla options are different, there is a open market. You can be a maker of these options also.
  9. Bitcoin will remain and become the main crypto, indeed many think bitcoin will weaken and be replaced with other coins, but in fact bitcoin is still the main one.
  10. We are know about bank or FIAT money after we born in this world. But about bitcoin just couple of years. So It's totally pointless if we compare between bank and bitcoin. There is no doubt that in near future people will denial Bank and use bitcoin or blockchain technology for their financial life.
  11. I believe 2020 is going to define another high for bitcoin. Now many people are expecting bitcoin to get back to it high of 2017 but that has not happened and I believe that in some few years to come let said 3 years to come we would be wishing bitcoin should get to were it is in 2020 and I am thinking that it might touch $50,000 in 2020.
  12. perhaps in my opinion the development of the crypto currency depends on the investor itself and the loss of the crypto currency can also be due to its own investors, and the loss of crypto may also be possible due to government restrictions
  13. The idea behind trading is very simple, you just buy low and sell high. You clearly don't know anything for sure but to predict, you just need to follow the news regarding that specific coin (a hard fork, an update, being added to an exchange, merchants accepting it etc.) all these factors play a big role in determining the price. Another way would be to buy CryptoPing BOT subscription, It has the ability to predict based on the increase on volume etc
  14. I live in a country where gambling isn't popular. To be honest , there isn't a casino in the whole state. Only in one state it is legal to have a casino that too after going through a hell of a process to get license. As you suggested , I do play with my friends .
  15. I honestly couldn't name a single game. It would have to be anything Mario Bros franchise on N64. I've played games from the franchise on older systems like Super Nintendo and newer ones like the Nintendo Switch. Can't beat those games
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