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    These are the amounts of tickets ive had each giveaway and never won any of them
  2. I have 200 btc still caught up in the mt gox debacle which are probably the first btc i purchased, a little after i remember mining some on my laptop maybe 11 years ago? Hindsight is 20 20, its very hard to let that go but definatly doesnt make life any easier to dwell on it
  3. For a very *very* general and lay answer but from experience if you turn sutoplay on and letit bet uninterrupted, about every 2 hours you will hit 1000x
  4. play to win 100k then withdraw half and keep the other half to play. I think you need to ask yourself what you are comfortable with and go from there
  5. SLOTS: 42,794,314,293 placed by reddmist on 29/04/2021 Wagered 0.01048576 Multiplier 120.45x Profit 1.25252403
  6. My 2 Eth worth of opinion noone asked for but I feel the need to put out there; Btctothemoon and Cogmaster are just like so many other people with the same entitlement and armchair ego that feels like a specific byproduct of the cryptocurrency space, and the more money circulates on these sites the more of these people it seems either are created or drawn there to siphon off the giveaways, and other things meant for the participating and contributing members of that community and site, it never seems to be enough and we see these public tantrums play out anytime they can't bully or spin some scenario to get their way, or whatever they think they need for free while they can't wait to tell anyone who will listen to them how they were wronged and had to wait while someone couldn't or wouldn't give them priority just hoping they would go away while someone who participates, is part of the community, generates revenue for the company, and was probably even in line before them, and might have a legitimate issue gets ignored. Try pretending to be mature people next time you get muted for 5 days from a chat room, just don't chat for 5 days and on the 6th day go back to chatting like you did 6 days earlier and resist the urge to say anything about it, just let it go... I know it's hard and awful but after a while you might make people around you happier and you will be a little better of a person. 🧠
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