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  1. Hey everyone! So some of you may be aware, but recently on our blog site, we've been doing weekly betting tips for the returning football leagues. If you're hearing about this for the first time, check out our site at news.stake.com. Last week, we did terribly and got one tip correct out of nine. Not great from us at all! But, to change things up a bit, we're turning to you guys to give us some of your suggestions for the weekend's set of matches. Before we publish our tips, we'll choose two tips from you guys that we like and think has a chance of winning. A couple of housekeeping rules. Firstly, your tip must be for a match that takes place on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Matches are taking place nearly every day right now but we're only accepting tips from weekend fixtures. Secondly, one tip per week. Why? Because thirdly, if we choose your tip and it gets up, you could be eligible for a special bonus. So don't spam the thread and choose one that you're confident in. That way, everyone has a chance. Lastly, please limit your tips to the major European leagues (Premier League, Serie A, La Liga or the Portuguese league). With your tips, we'd like to see just how confident you are in them. With your tip, rank it on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not confident at all and 10 being extremely confident. We'll also be running something similar on our Twitter page starting this week, so make sure you keep an eye out for that too! P.S. This thread will open every Wednesday at 12AM UTC and close every Friday at 3AM UTC
  2. Hey, everyone! We've all been brainstorming what an appropriate name would be for our current Slots game. But our indecision has given us an idea! We are giving you guys the opportunity to suggest an exciting name for our Slots game and also win some free credits in the process! The winner will need to come up with a name that will suit the Slots theme and is also catchy. Whoever's idea we decide is best will win 2 Litecoins (LTC)! Please note: You are only allowed one suggestion per day. Anyone who makes multiple suggestions in one 24-hour period will be disqualified. Entries will close at 4 AM UTC on Friday July 3. Best of luck, everyone - we look forward to seeing your suggestions!