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  1. Stake 3.0 clearly sucks cause its impossible to bet in mobile if i click a match live and i want to exit it i gotta click that < button 5 times or more and i cant even press the live button anymore sports got really nerfed
  2. Josh if this was ur idea to make this shit happen i will ask eddie to fire u sorry
  3. Joni07

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I would go back in time and find whoever created covid19 or whoever animald had it and shot him
  4. 1.Top 50 positions get a 5-25$ bonus If u waggered above 1.5 btc u get 5$ If u waggered above 2 btc u get 10$ If u waggered above 3 you get 15$ If you wagger above 3.5 you get 20$ If you waggered above 5 you get 25$ 2.Top 40 positions There will be 4 100$ winners which they will get randomly picked before thw races starts and each gets 250$ From 30-40 20-30 10-20 1-10 Each one will get 250$ and there will be no hints for the positions they will get annnounced when race ends 3. 2 players get 500$ They are selected from 1-25 and 26-50 The players must have hidden mode disabled when the race ends and the positions will get announced 10 mins before race ends if they waggered above 5-10 btc they get an extra 20$ 4.100$ for 10 racers 10 racers from position 1-40 get to win 100$ they must be unhidden and waggered above 3 btc hints will be given in english chat in 3 different times
  5. sport:1936424 jelena told me she will tell u about this one odds provider misgraded immobiles goal u can check flashscore too
  6. Wtf demize im gathering people for riots here ur ruining my thread muted
  7. Tyler i need memes