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    Joni07 got a reaction from Grid in How to work for Stake.com   
    Lmao what a question.You will never get hired to stake unless your in serbia and australia first of all and then second u gotta have a good cv and to be trustworthy.
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    Joni07 got a reaction from NikolaM in [$2,500] Perfect 10 part II | Sports Challenge   

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    Joni07 got a reaction from HavocAngel in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
  4. Lame
  5. Lame
    Joni07 reacted to Takezo Kensei in Dusan appreciation post   
    @Dusan This is bullshit...someone needs to delete this. I feel it's spam.
  6. Love
    Joni07 reacted to jerrahmaya in Applications for new Sport's chat moderator!   
    What is your Stake username?
    How much time on average do you spend on Sports-Chat every day?
    I have chat open roughly 12 hours on weekdays, little bit less on weekends. Recently i have not been chatting alot , but i have it open and if i see anything interesting i participate
    Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is?
    Just making sure rules of chat are followed and chat environment is good for all. Take any rule breakers out and let the others know whos boss 😎
    Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat?
    Well i have chat open for most of the day anyways so why not ? I think ill be fair to everyone and apply rules equally. I have experience dealing with bettors thats detailed at last Q.
    Plus i have bet almost every single sport there is to bet on and i think i am very knowledgeable about the industry. Been a degen since almost 10 years now, crazy how time flies!
    Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? 
    Warned: Maybe couple times for caps when i got excited about a game.
    Mute : 2-3 times for engaging in arguements after i was antagonised by some users. However i have not been muted recently and i have learned not to engage in unnecessary arguments
    Banned: i am assuming this means banned from stake website ? No i have not.
    Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform?
    Yes. I was a moderator/staff on Dota2lounge.com for 2-3 years back in ~2014. It was THE BIGGEST trading/betting platform for Dota 2 cosmetic items on dota matches at that time. We had millions bet on some of the biggest dota matches, which was insane at that time.!! It was a huge trading platform as well and i mostly monitered the trades posted and banned multi accounters,spammers,scammers(sending phishing links,fake items etcetc).When Valve banned/restricted item trading the site went downhill and betting was stopped.Trading died as well so i moved on.It changed ownership sometime ago and works again now but i am not involved anymore
  7. Lame
    Joni07 reacted to cdotonstake in Applications for new Sport's chat moderator!   
    What is your Stake username?
    How much time on average do you spend on Sports-Chat every day?
    6-8 hours recently in different time intervals
    Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is?
    The job of a moderator is to help the users in chat with what they need; for example to help users place bets, answer any questions they have about the sportsbook, and discipline the users misbehaving in chat with intent after warnings.
    Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat?
    I feel like I can help sports chat become less toxic and give help to the people that need it. I've been in sports chat for a long time  and know what comes and goes so I'll be prepared to handle any duties a moderator needs to complete. I also want to help the users who are fairly new to sports betting ;for example: Telling a user how to place a sports bet, how to access a sports bet, directing them to live support if they have any problems internally with the site, or any other questions they have. 
    Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? 
    Muted once when I was on the site when I was fairly new to the site and accidently posted a link, learned from it and haven't been muted since. 
    Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform?
  8. Litecoin
    Joni07 reacted to JackStraw42 in Applications for new Sport's chat moderator!   
    Firstly I would say thank goodness for this development as I think some moderation is desperately needed. Not to detract from Wiv at all - he's a fine mod and a good dude but he can't do it all and not for lack of trying.

    • What is your Stake username? 


    • How much time on average do you spend on Sports-Chat every day?

    Lol probably as much or more than anyone if I'm being honest. Forced retirement been great for finding time to hang around in chat all day. To put a number on it... 14+ hours/day 

    • Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is?

    Enforce rules so as to maintain a civil and safe chat environment for all users and assist those users when necessary. Wiv seems to often serve as sort of a level 1 support to lighten the load of stake staff support.

    • Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat?

    This is probably where I'd stand out or at least differ from other folks interested in the position. I only want stake chat to be the best possible version of itself that it could possibly be. Do I often call out passive begging and blatant sucking up to high rollers? yes - but only because I've seen how online communities can deteriorate to the point where no one is interested in being a part of them. I'm not interested in shaming bad behavior to inflate my own ego or make myself feel superior. I just want the members of Sports Chat who actually contribute to conversation and debate to feel like they are heard and a part of a community and not drowned out by constant nonsense or irritated to the point that they are not interested in attempting to participate in the first place. To be clear, I don't think the job of a moderator is to serve as a moral adjudicator or police the chat to the point where saying 'nice slip' makes one feel uneasy or at risk. We all know there is a line and most of us can see when that line has been crossed.

    • Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? 

    I've been muted but the last time has to have been over a year ago. I can't be sure but its been a long long time. Also, that mute was for a total accident.

    • Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform?

    I mod two twitch streams including the stake support staff stream. I also host my family's weekly zoom call.

    I'd like to add that I'm sure my name isn't the first name to come up when discussing this possibility but do consider the intentions behind my chat behavior which I've touched on above. It's easy to recall me being rather harsh to beggars in chat because I often do so in a comical way but if my chat logs were thoroughly reviewed, they would reveal that on a daily basis I am welcoming to new users, helpful to folks with honest questions, and friendly to the regulars that call sports chat home.  I recognize there is a difference between chatting as a regular user and as a representative of a company. I've worked in the legal field for the better part of the last decade and know how to be professional when the occasion calls for it. 
  9. Love
    Joni07 reacted to Takezo Kensei in Applications for new Sport's chat moderator!   
    How much time on average do you spend on Sports-chat every day?
    8-12 hours a day. Honestly more, but I'm not trying to embarrass myself too much.
    Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is?
    The job of a moderator is to understand all rules; abide by them, promote them, and correct and discipline those who break them. Overall, maintaining a positive environment is the goal.
    Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat?
    I want to become mod because I feel I embody everything that a Mod is and more importantly everything a Mod is not. To further expound on this, I will use this quote, "Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future." - Umar Ibn Al-Khattab. I understand both sides of the spectrum and believe I can be fair and just when moderating on Stake's platform. 
    Now let's be real. I mostly want to be mod because I'm on Stake all day anyway (gambling or not), and I want something to do. I am a Veteran with many skills and was once in a leadership position where my influence mattered and setting a good example was essential to everyday operations and the overall moral. Am I a little rough around the edges? Sure am. But that's something I take pride in because it makes me who I am. However, in a moderator position/ or when given a serious task, these imperfections would not be a problem, as i own many hats, and I know where to wear them.
    Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned?
    Yes, all three. This is good however. As I have experienced literally every disciplinary action Stake has to offer, so it wouldn't be difficult to administer proper discipline on those who break the rules, as I've been there, done that.
    Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform?
    Yes. I moded on one of the biggest Stock Investors forum in the world. (Investors Hub) Also, I owned a consultation business where I moded for dozens of paying members on the site. 
  10. Love
    Joni07 reacted to Takezo Kensei in Stake Singing Contest 2021- Replace the lyrics   
    Will try my best to record this song. 
    Reverse Lyrics - By TakezoKensei/RedHood
    Price Flies
    I don't wanna be without coin when the price flies
    Took so many L's, I just wonder when it's my time
    I bet every day like I'll die by the nighttime
    Me playing at Stake has me losing my damn mind 
    [Post Chorus]
    5 days straight, went bust, oh well
    Thought I had a win, but no, it's an L
    Probably should quit, I need some help
    Instead I re-deposit, "I will not fail"
    [Verse 1]
    VIP x10, but I ain't no Whale
    Someone post a slip so I can tail
    This Table Tennis fix has me bout to yell
    Bet on UFC, poor Israel
    I cant believe I bet the Heat, they actually covered
    Was down 19 at half, but came back against the Thunder
    I went all in on over but it ended on under
    Monthly's not today, what a bummer
    [Chorus] x2
    I don't wanna be without coin when the price flies
    Took so many L's, I just wonder when it's my time
    I bet every day like I'll die by the nighttime
    Me playing at Stake has me losing my damn mind
    [Post Chorus]
    5  straight bets, went bust, oh well
    Thought I had a win, but no, it's an L
    Probably should quit, I need some help
    Instead I re-deposit, "I will not fail"
    [Verse 2]
    Every day I bet on Dota, CS:GO, FIFA
    NBA2K, it doesn't matter at all
    It's never been so clear, but I'm ready to stay gone
    Nothing ever lasts long, I'm never beating the odds
    Bankroll taking dips, so I couldn't pay my Landlord
    Begged chat for a tip, I don't know what Support is mad for
    Thought I had a win, instead I got backdoored
    I'm still at my daddy's crib, ain't making money, I gotta ask for it
    I got tired of complaining,  I got up and changed my situation
    Lookin at my Stake balance, I thought I would never make it
    Every day I'm missing rains but that don't stop the money chasin'
    If you want it, go and take it, one day I'll be celebrating
    [Chorus] x2
    I don't wanna be without coin when the price flies
    Took so many L's, I just wonder when it's my time
    I bet every day like I'll die by the nighttime
    Me playing at Stake has me losing my damn mind 

    Link to Original Song: 
    Music: Time Flies - Rico Nasty
  11. Lame
    Joni07 reacted to Danica in Stake Singing Contest 2021- Replace the lyrics   
    Let's break the ice. Not my best work vocals wise,  but I'm proud of my lyrical abilities 😂
    For better experience use headphones.  🤘
      I got on the stake to check the games
    Originals were calling my name
    Neh nah nah nah
    Do I go for limbo or some slots
    When I place a bet my balance drops
    Neh nah nah nah
    Scarab got me mesmerized
    I’m hoping I can win a prize
    Neh nah nah nah
    I’m  thinking should I go all in
    And give it one last, fnal spin
    Neh nah nah nah
    Was a close call but I hit that spin
    To my surprise it was a win
    Neh nah nah nah
    Bonus spins came popping out
    I couldn’t believe my luck
    Neh nah nah nah
    10 lines is a way to go
    If you wish to get it all
    Neh nah nah nah
    All those symbols came aligned
    And it was about damn time
    Neh nah nah nah
  12. Thanks
    Joni07 reacted to Stefan in ⚽ [100$] Premier League Week 27 Predictions | Forum Challenge ⚽   
    You can claim your reward on the link below until the 21st of March!
    The full list can be seen here:
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    Joni07 reacted to Stefan in [700$]|Stake Premier League Table ⚽|Guess the Score   
    Game week 27:
    @Aponix|12 points @Shaykac|12 points @ionutcmp7|12 points @Chelovekk|11 points @jd007|11 points @Joni07|11 points @Baqee|11 points @Yayan|10 points @isidora6|10 points @cooldemos|10 points  
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    Joni07 reacted to Darko in [$5,000] Super Bowl LV Madness on Stake!   
    Super Bowl Madness on Stake!
    Ends: 07/02/21 @ 11:30pm GMT 

    With Super Bowl LV coming this Sunday evening we have decided to organize yet another promotion as we are just that crazy about this match! We are giving away 5000$ to 20 players who can best pick from a list of some Super Bowl props!🏈🤑
    To participate in the challenge you will have to place at least 5$ on a single bet on any pre-match market in the Super Bowl and to post that bet slip as a reply on this topic along with your picks on the bellow listed props! Each prop listed will include possible solutions in the brackets so that even those who are not familiar with American Football can participate and win. 😎
    Coin Toss Result (Heads/Tails) Which team will win the coin toss? (Buccaneers/Chiefs) Jersey number of first touchdown scorer (Odd/Even) Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? (Yes/No) A longest successful field goal (Over/Under 47.5) Which TE will score more Touchdowns? (Gronkowski/Kelce/Equal) Will there be a scoreless quarter? (Yes/No) Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? (Yes/No) Not including extra point(s) after touchdown, what will the last score be? (Touchdown/Field Goal/Safety) Will the game be tied at any point after 0-0? (Yes/No) Will anyone other than Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes attempt a forward pass? (Yes/No) Will Antonio Brown score a Touchdown? (Yes/No) What will the first turnover be? (Interception/Fumble/No Turnover) Which team will commit the first accepted penalty? (Buccaneers/Chiefs) How many interceptions will be in a match? (over 2.5/under 2.5) Which QB will have more passing yards? (Brady/Mahomes) Will any QB throw over 350 yards? (Yes/No) Which quarter will have the most points scored? (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/equal) Will there be a touchdown scored by the defense? (Yes/No) Will the final play of the game be a quarterback kneel? (Yes/No) Tie-breaker: What will be the total amount of points scored by both teams?
    One valid entry per household. Cashed out bets are not eligible. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion.  
    Prize Pool distribution:
    1st place $1250 2nd place $1000 3rd place $700 4th place $500 5th place $300 6-10th place $150 11-20th place $50  
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic by posting your sport bet ID and your picks of the props listed above. Don't forget the tie-breaker too! *Note: In case of a tie, players will be ranked: a) based on their wagered amount; b) if further tie occurs, players will be ranked based on the time of posting, that is, the last edit of their entry post on this thread.
  15. Thanks
    Joni07 reacted to Stefan in ⚽ [1LTC] Premier League Week 19 Predictions | Forum Challenge ⚽   
    You can claim your reward on the link below until the 5th of February!
    The full list can be seen here:
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    Joni07 reacted to Darko in [$2000] ​Goals or Not ⚽| Sports Challenge   

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    Joni07 reacted to Nenad in 🥇 [$6,000] ​​Roulette Master 🎖️   
    Congratulations VIPs!
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 22nd of January:

    The full list can be seen here: https://pastebin.com/khBx8kr4
    Make sure you are logged in into the proper account. 
    135 winners.
    Prizes are doubled for all verified users.
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    Joni07 reacted to Darko in [$2000] ​ Shooter 🏀 | Sports Challenge   
    Congrats to all the winners!
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 21st of January:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
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    Joni07 reacted to Darko in [$2000] ​Happy New Year 🎉| Sports Challenge   

    sport:5738655 @Joni07

    sport:5819429 @Joni07

  20. Bitcoin
    Joni07 got a reaction from Darko in [$2000] ​ Shooter 🏀 | Sports Challenge   

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    Joni07 reacted to Nenad in 🥇 [$6,000] Slide Full of Gifts 🛷 ​   
    Congratulations VIPs!
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 10th of January:

    The full list can be seen here: https://pastebin.com/EhbJXzMX
    Make sure you are logged in into the proper account. 
    145 winners.
    Prizes are doubled for all verified users.
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    Joni07 reacted to Nenad in 🥇 [$6,000] ​The Northern Lights 🎅 ​   
    Congratulations VIPs!
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 10th of January:
    The full list can be seen here: https://pastebin.com/jwA9QwUu
    Make sure you are logged in into the proper account. 
    119 winners.
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    Joni07 reacted to Nenad in 🥇 [$6,000] ​The Northern Lights 🎅 ​   
    The Northern Lights 🎅

    Ends: 28/12/20 @ Midday (12 pm) GMT
    The Challenge
    Win a bet with at least 50x multiplier on any third party slot that has a Christmas theme 
    (gifts, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Christmas lights etc).   0.4 USD minimum bet amount (in any currency). Prize Pool distribution (based on the number of unique players):
    Minimum prize pool: $500 If over 30 participants: $1,500 If over 50 participants: $3,000 Prize pool distribution:
    All players who complete the challenge in the next 7 days, will get a share in the prize pool! There is no limit to the number of winners. All verified accounts will get double the amount of prize and for all who do not have the account verified, the prize will remain the usual. Tips & Terms & Conditions
    You have to be one of the VIP members on our site (at least the Bronze VIP level). Bets must have been made after the beginning of this promotion. You should post your bet within 48 hours after you catch it. Christmas slots on Stake: https://stake.com/casino/group/christmas The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made. You can verify your Stake account here: https://stake.com/settings/verify 1 valid entry per household. The VIP challenges are more focused on players who are looking to try their luck with higher bets. How to Enter
    Respond to this topic by posting your valid bet ID, please. The screenshot is optional.
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    Joni07 reacted to Rigster in 1500 Slot House Edges   
    This was done on a Russian VPN to try and maximise slot availability - but it likely wont include all.
    This was done using the API, 1 issue ran into was when offsetting over ~ 1050 I got this error but this worked around by offsetting up to 1000 when sorted on asc and desc then merging.
    You will notice there are some slots with insanely high house edges - these are generally all by the provider Belatra and the games aren't even close to being fun.
    You will also notice there are some slots with 0% edge, this is very likely a mistake - probably just forgot to add it or the edge is unknown.
    Edge: 0, Name: Buffalo Power Hold and Win
    Edge: 0, Name: Disco Danny
    Edge: 0, Name: Dragon Fall
    Edge: 0, Name: Fruit Mix
    Edge: 0, Name: Sweet Success Megaways
    Edge: 0, Name: Scarab Temple
    Edge: 0.4, Name: High Striker
    Edge: 0.46, Name: Jacks or Better
    Edge: 0.63, Name: Fluffy Rangers
    Edge: 1, Name: Mega Joker
    Edge: 1.1, Name: Jackpot 6000
    Edge: 1.37, Name: 1429 Uncharted Seas
    Edge: 1.6, Name: Jacks or Better Double Up
    Edge: 1.79, Name: Fenghuang
    Edge: 1.82, Name: Jack in a pot
    Edge: 1.82, Name: Pumpkin Patch
    Edge: 1.84, Name: Sparta
    Edge: 1.87, Name: Jump!
    Edge: 1.88, Name: Hot Hot Halloween
    Edge: 1.88, Name: Marching Legions
    Edge: 1.88, Name: Ways of Fortune
    Edge: 1.89, Name: Wizards Want War
    Edge: 1.9, Name: 5 Mariachis
    Edge: 1.9, Name: Gold Rush
    Edge: 1.91, Name: Arcane Elements
    Edge: 1.92, Name: Santa's Village
    Edge: 1.94, Name: Mystery Reels Mega Ways
    Edge: 1.94, Name: Roman Empire
    Edge: 1.95, Name: Dragon's Throne
    Edge: 1.95, Name: Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
    Edge: 1.95, Name: Hot Hot Fruit
    Edge: 1.95, Name: Techno Tumble
    Edge: 1.96, Name: Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
    Edge: 1.98, Name: Gangsters
    Edge: 1.98, Name: Lucky Lucky
    Edge: 1.99, Name: Jugglenaut
    Edge: 1.99, Name: Wild Trucks
    Edge: 2, Name: 12 Zodiacs
    Edge: 2, Name: Blood Suckers
    Edge: 2, Name: Cake Valley
    Edge: 2, Name: Fa Cai Shen
    Edge: 2, Name: Fire Rooster
    Edge: 2, Name: Fortune Dogs
    Edge: 2, Name: Four Divine Beasts
    Edge: 2, Name: Jokerizer
    Edge: 2, Name: Ocean's Call
    Edge: 2, Name: Panda Panda
    Edge: 2, Name: The Koi Gate
    Edge: 2, Name: The Dead Escape
    Edge: 2, Name: Super Twister
    Edge: 2, Name: Scruffy Scallywags
    Edge: 2, Name: Ruffled Up
    Edge: 2.01, Name: Wicked Witch
    Edge: 2.02, Name: Magic Oak
    Edge: 2.03, Name: Wealth Inn
    Edge: 2.05, Name: Rolling Roger
    Edge: 2.06, Name: London Hunter
    Edge: 2.07, Name: 5 Lucky Lions
    Edge: 2.1, Name: Bombs Away
    Edge: 2.12, Name: Colossal Gems
    Edge: 2.12, Name: Happiest Christmas Tree
    Edge: 2.16, Name: Scarab Spin
    Edge: 2.17, Name: Coyote Crash
    Edge: 2.2, Name: Zeus Lightning Power Reels
    Edge: 2.21, Name: The Love Guru
    Edge: 2.22, Name: Knockout Football
    Edge: 2.37, Name: Gypsy Rose
    Edge: 2.4, Name: Sugar Pop
    Edge: 2.47, Name: Quest to the West
    Edge: 2.48, Name: Arowanas Luck
    Edge: 2.5, Name: Lucky Streak Dice 1
    Edge: 2.5, Name: Lucky Streak Dice 2
    Edge: 2.5, Name: Lucky Streak Dice 3
    Edge: 2.5, Name: The Ruby
    Edge: 2.5, Name: Safari Sam
    Edge: 2.58, Name: At The Copa
    Edge: 2.61, Name: White Rabbit
    Edge: 2.66, Name: Big Bad Wolf
    Edge: 2.66, Name: Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special
    Edge: 2.69, Name: Domnitors Deluxe
    Edge: 2.69, Name: Lucky Lady's Clover
    Edge: 2.7, Name: Bork The Berzerker
    Edge: 2.7, Name: Domnitors
    Edge: 2.7, Name: Good Girl, Bad Girl
    Edge: 2.7, Name: Quantum Roulette
    Edge: 2.72, Name: Lucky Leprechaun
    Edge: 2.73, Name: After Night Falls
    Edge: 2.77, Name: 3 Charms Crush
    Edge: 2.77, Name: Lucky 3
    Edge: 2.77, Name: Puppy Love Plus
    Edge: 2.8, Name: Booster
    Edge: 2.8, Name: Greedy Goblins
    Edge: 2.82, Name: Dim Sum Prize
    Edge: 2.84, Name: Gold Train
    Edge: 2.85, Name: Hot Shots
    Edge: 2.87, Name: Book of Pyramids
    Edge: 2.87, Name: Scroll of Adventure
    Edge: 2.88, Name: Rage to Riches
    Edge: 2.89, Name: Toki Time
    Edge: 2.9, Name: Baron Samedi
    Edge: 2.9, Name: Beauty and the Beast
    Edge: 2.9, Name: Fruit Million
    Edge: 2.9, Name: Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business
    Edge: 2.9, Name: The Tipsy Tourist
    Edge: 2.9, Name: The Angler
    Edge: 2.9, Name: Princess Royal
    Edge: 2.91, Name: Brave Viking
    Edge: 2.92, Name: Caishen's Gold
    Edge: 2.93, Name: Back To Venus
    Edge: 2.93, Name: Monster Pop
    Edge: 2.93, Name: Treasure Island
    Edge: 2.93, Name: Secrets of Atlantis
    Edge: 2.94, Name: Captain's Treasure
    Edge: 2.96, Name: Fortunes of Sparta
    Edge: 2.96, Name: Fruit Warp
    Edge: 2.96, Name: Hotline
    Edge: 2.97, Name: Wild Swarm
    Edge: 2.97, Name: The True Sheriff
    Edge: 2.99, Name: Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action
    Edge: 2.99, Name: Mystery of Long Wei
    Edge: 3, Name: 9k Yeti
    Edge: 3, Name: Barbershop: Uncut
    Edge: 3, Name: Cherry Trio
    Edge: 3, Name: Dark Vortex
    Edge: 3, Name: Epic Joker
    Edge: 3, Name: Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel
    Edge: 3, Name: Hit The Route
    Edge: 3, Name: Jack Hammer
    Edge: 3, Name: King of Slots
    Edge: 3, Name: Lucky Lady Moon
    Edge: 3, Name: Lucky Seven
    Edge: 3, Name: Wilhelm Tell
    Edge: 3, Name: Tut's Twister
    Edge: 3, Name: Steam Tower
    Edge: 3, Name: Reel Rush
    Edge: 3, Name: Playboy Gold
    Edge: 3.01, Name: Beverly Hills HTML5
    Edge: 3.02, Name: Cherry Fiesta
    Edge: 3.02, Name: Motörhead
    Edge: 3.02, Name: Mystery Joker
    Edge: 3.02, Name: Xmas Joker
    Edge: 3.02, Name: Wild Wheel
    Edge: 3.02, Name: The Shadow Order
    Edge: 3.03, Name: Coins of Egypt
    Edge: 3.03, Name: Mystery Joker 6000
    Edge: 3.03, Name: The Hive!
    Edge: 3.04, Name: Aztec Magic
    Edge: 3.04, Name: Diamond Strike
    Edge: 3.04, Name: Dragons' Awakening
    Edge: 3.04, Name: Erik the Red
    Edge: 3.04, Name: Long Pao
    Edge: 3.05, Name: West Town
    Edge: 3.06, Name: Blood Suckers II
    Edge: 3.06, Name: Mighty Arthur
    Edge: 3.07, Name: Wildhound Derby
    Edge: 3.08, Name: A Night in Paris
    Edge: 3.08, Name: Zombie Circus
    Edge: 3.08, Name: Total Overdrive
    Edge: 3.09, Name: Jimi Hendrix
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Bamboo Rush
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Dazzle Me
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Fortune Rangers
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Genies Touch
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Ghost Pirates
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Guns N' Roses
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Neon Staxx
    Edge: 3.1, Name: Victorious MAX
    Edge: 3.11, Name: Fortunes of Ali Baba
    Edge: 3.11, Name: Warlords: Crystals of Power
    Edge: 3.11, Name: Slots Angels
    Edge: 3.12, Name: Imperial Riches
    Edge: 3.12, Name: King of 3 Kingdoms
    Edge: 3.12, Name: Myth
    Edge: 3.12, Name: Pearl Lagoon
    Edge: 3.13, Name: Dragon Chi
    Edge: 3.13, Name: Pearls of India
    Edge: 3.14, Name: Cash Pump
    Edge: 3.16, Name: Fruit Spin
    Edge: 3.16, Name: God's Temple
    Edge: 3.16, Name: Goldilocks
    Edge: 3.16, Name: Powerspin
    Edge: 3.16, Name: Polar Paws
    Edge: 3.17, Name: Frankenslot's Monster
    Edge: 3.17, Name: Hellcatraz
    Edge: 3.17, Name: Jammin' Jars
    Edge: 3.18, Name: Hainan Ice
    Edge: 3.18, Name: Joker Pro
    Edge: 3.18, Name: Who's the Bride
    Edge: 3.19, Name: Arcane: Reel Chaos
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Butterfly Staxx
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Dead or Alive
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Dwarf Mine
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Football: Champions Cup
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Spiñata Grande
    Edge: 3.2, Name: Space Wars
    Edge: 3.2, Name: PopRocks
    Edge: 3.22, Name: Poisoned Apple
    Edge: 3.23, Name: KD: Sushi Mania
    Edge: 3.23, Name: Wild Wild Riches
    Edge: 3.24, Name: Aztec Idols
    Edge: 3.24, Name: Chinese New Year
    Edge: 3.24, Name: Grim Muerto
    Edge: 3.24, Name: Ninja Fruits
    Edge: 3.24, Name: Toads Gift
    Edge: 3.24, Name: Primal Megaways
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Easter Eggs
    Edge: 3.25, Name: GEMiX
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Leprechaun goes Egypt
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Oktoberfest
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Opal Fruits
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Paranormal Activity
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Winterberries
    Edge: 3.25, Name: Robin Hood: Shifting Riches
    Edge: 3.26, Name: Casino Win Spin
    Edge: 3.26, Name: It's Time
    Edge: 3.26, Name: Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist
    Edge: 3.26, Name: Sticky Joker
    Edge: 3.27, Name: Energoonz
    Edge: 3.27, Name: Golden Macaque
    Edge: 3.27, Name: Golden Ticket
    Edge: 3.27, Name: Troll Hunters
    Edge: 3.27, Name: The Wild Chase
    Edge: 3.28, Name: Enchanted Crystals
    Edge: 3.28, Name: Lucky Fortune Cat
    Edge: 3.28, Name: Tales of Dr. Dolittle
    Edge: 3.28, Name: Secrets of Christmas
    Edge: 3.29, Name: Big Bass Bonanza
    Edge: 3.29, Name: Hot to burn
    Edge: 3.29, Name: Loony Blox
    Edge: 3.29, Name: Sweety Honey Fruity
    Edge: 3.29, Name: Stacks O'Gold
    Edge: 3.29, Name: Return of the Dead
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Blue Samurai
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Diamond Mine Extra Gold All Action
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Touch
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Fruitoids
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Fruit Shop
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Fruit Shop Christmas Edition
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Iron Girl
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Naughty Santa
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Viking Runecraft
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Ultra Hold and Spin
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Stickers
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Secret of the Stones
    Edge: 3.3, Name: Razor Shark
    Edge: 3.31, Name: Book of Kingdoms
    Edge: 3.31, Name: Jellyfish Flow
    Edge: 3.32, Name: Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of time
    Edge: 3.33, Name: Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots
    Edge: 3.33, Name: Viking Clash
    Edge: 3.33, Name: Scopa
    Edge: 3.34, Name: Elemental Princess
    Edge: 3.34, Name: Fairy Gate
    Edge: 3.34, Name: Happy Ape
    Edge: 3.34, Name: Wizard of Gems
    Edge: 3.35, Name: Conan
    Edge: 3.35, Name: Kingmaker
    Edge: 3.35, Name: Mission Cash
    Edge: 3.35, Name: The Final Countdown
    Edge: 3.35, Name: Riches of Robin
    Edge: 3.36, Name: Book of Kings
    Edge: 3.36, Name: Ice and Fire
    Edge: 3.36, Name: Mercy of the Gods
    Edge: 3.36, Name: Mighty Kong
    Edge: 3.36, Name: Millionaire Mystery Box
    Edge: 3.36, Name: The Wish Master
    Edge: 3.36, Name: Rome Rise of an Empire
    Edge: 3.37, Name: Bronco Spirit
    Edge: 3.37, Name: Carnaval Forever
    Edge: 3.37, Name: Gunslinger: Reloaded
    Edge: 3.37, Name: Mayana
    Edge: 3.37, Name: Wings of Riches
    Edge: 3.37, Name: Sea Hunter
    Edge: 3.38, Name: Arcade
    Edge: 3.38, Name: Ultra Burn
    Edge: 3.38, Name: True Illusions
    Edge: 3.39, Name: Finn and the Swirly Spin
    Edge: 3.39, Name: Joker Stacks
    Edge: 3.39, Name: Wixx
    Edge: 3.39, Name: Tesla Jolt
    Edge: 3.39, Name: Star Bounty
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Banana Rock
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Crystal Sun
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Da Vinci's Treasure
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Divine Fortune
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Dracula
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Mythic Maiden
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Wild Turkey
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Weekend In Vegas
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Twin Spin
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Spartan King
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Slotfather2
    Edge: 3.4, Name: Razortooth
    Edge: 3.41, Name: 9 Lions
    Edge: 3.41, Name: Firefly Frenzy
    Edge: 3.41, Name: Football Mania
    Edge: 3.41, Name: Football Mania Deluxe
    Edge: 3.41, Name: Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots Legacy of the Tiger
    Edge: 3.41, Name: The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays
    Edge: 3.41, Name: Slot Vegas
    Edge: 3.41, Name: Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Eastern Emeralds
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Fire Blaze Jinns Moon
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Legacy of Dead
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Mystery Museum
    Edge: 3.42, Name: The Grand
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Sticky Bandits
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Sakura Fortune
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Rise of Merlin
    Edge: 3.42, Name: Reel Rush 2
    Edge: 3.43, Name: Jungle Gorilla
    Edge: 3.43, Name: King Colossus
    Edge: 3.43, Name: Sweet Alchemy Bingo
    Edge: 3.44, Name: Battle Royal
    Edge: 3.44, Name: Beast Saga
    Edge: 3.44, Name: Berryburst
    Edge: 3.44, Name: Legend of Hydra Power Zones
    Edge: 3.44, Name: Prissy Princess
    Edge: 3.45, Name: Contact
    Edge: 3.45, Name: Dragon Shrine
    Edge: 3.45, Name: Golden Colts
    Edge: 3.45, Name: MULTIFRUIT 81
    Edge: 3.45, Name: Wild Walker
    Edge: 3.45, Name: Wild North
    Edge: 3.45, Name: Twin Happiness
    Edge: 3.45, Name: The Great Pigsby
    Edge: 3.45, Name: The Dog House Megaways
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Chronos Joker
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Illuminous
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Immortal Guild
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Lady Godiva
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Leprechaun goes to Hell
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Magic Journey
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Wins of Fortune
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Wild Chase: Tokyo Go
    Edge: 3.46, Name: Rainforest Magic
    Edge: 3.47, Name: 3 Genie Wishes
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Ark of Mystery
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Aztec Bonanza
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Fruit Rainbow
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Great Rhino
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Hugo 2
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Hugo's Adventures
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Jade Magician
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Leprechaun Carol
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Monkey Madness
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Mustang Gold
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Northern Sky
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Wolf Moon Rising
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Wild Rails
    Edge: 3.47, Name: The Sword and The Grail
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Super Flip
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Royal Mint
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Rise of Dead
    Edge: 3.47, Name: Pinocchio
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Aztec Gems
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Breakout Bob
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Cloud Quest
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Extra Juicy
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Fairytale Fortune
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Genie Jackpots Megaways
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Gold King
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Hot Chilli
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Tree of Fortune
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Treasure Horse
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Ticket to the stars
    Edge: 3.48, Name: The Wild Machine
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Sweet Alchemy
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Super Joker
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Sugar Rush
    Edge: 3.48, Name: Street Race
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Big Bot Crew
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Demon
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Divine Dreams
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Divine Showdown
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Emerald King
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Event Horizon
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Eye of the Amulet
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Gems Bonanza
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Holiday Season
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Hope Diamond
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Imperial Wealth
    Edge: 3.49, Name: John Hunter and the Mayan Gods
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Le Kaffee Bar
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Master Joker
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Wild West Gold
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Triple Jokers
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Triple Dragons
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Tiger's Glory
    Edge: 3.49, Name: The Dog House
    Edge: 3.49, Name: The Champions
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Spin Party
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Royal Masquerade
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Reactoonz
    Edge: 3.49, Name: Pimped
    Edge: 3.5, Name: 2 Gods Zeus versus Thor
    Edge: 3.5, Name: 3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs
    Edge: 3.5, Name: 5 Lions
    Edge: 3.5, Name: 5 Lions Dance
    Edge: 3.5, Name: 5 Lions Gold
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Aldo's Journey
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Aztec Gems Deluxe
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Beowulf
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Big Win 777
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Black Mamba
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Bookie of Odds
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Book of Oz
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Buffalo Rising Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Caishen's Cash
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Chilli Heat
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Christmas Carol Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Cowboys gold
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Curse of the Werewolf Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Dance Party
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Drago - Jewels of Fortune
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Dragon Tiger
    Edge: 3.5, Name: EggOMatic
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Egyptian Fortunes
    Edge: 3.5, Name: E.T. Lost Socks
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fire Blaze Golden Amazing Factory
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fire Blaze Jackpots Adventure Trail
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fire Blaze River Empress
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fire Blaze: Tsai Shen's Gift
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fire Strike
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fruit Party
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Fu Er Dai
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Golden Legend
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Golden Ticket 2
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Great Rhino Deluxe
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Great Rhino Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Greek Gods
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Happy Halloween
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Hercules and Pegasus
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Honey Honey Honey
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Honey Rush
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Imperial Opera
    Edge: 3.5, Name: John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure
    Edge: 3.5, Name: John Hunter and the Book of Tut
    Edge: 3.5, Name: John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Joker's Jewels
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Legacy of Egypt
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Lightning Strike Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Lion Thunder
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Madame Destiny
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Mermaid's Diamond
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Monkey Warrior
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Moon Princess
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Mysterious
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Panther Queen
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Peaky Blinders
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Xmas Magic
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Wild Pixies
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Wild Frames
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Wild Falls
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Wicked Circus
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Vikings Unleashed Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Troll Hunters 2
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Tree of Riches
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Titan Thunder
    Edge: 3.5, Name: The Great Chicken Escape
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Sweet Bonanza
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Super 7s
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Safari Gold Megaways
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Sabaton
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Rise of Olympus
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Release the Kraken
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Queen of Gold
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Pyramid: Quest for Immortality
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Pyramid King
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Planet Fortune
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Pirate Gold
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Phoenix Reborn
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Perfect Gems
    Edge: 3.5, Name: Peking Luck
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Astro Magic
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Caveman Bob
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Dragon Maiden
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Hugo Goal
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Leprechaun Hills
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Luxury Rome
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Vampires vs Wolves
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Tiki Tumble
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Sizzling Spins
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Safari King
    Edge: 3.51, Name: Pirate's Charm
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Asgard
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Birds
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Book of Darkness
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Emoji Planet
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Jingle Spin
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Master Chen's Fortune
    Edge: 3.52, Name: New Year Riches
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Sweet Bonanza Xmas
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Street Magic
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Starz Megaways
    Edge: 3.52, Name: Pirate Gold Deluxe
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Ancient Egypt Classic
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Back to 70's
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Black Hawk Deluxe
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Cash Vandal
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Cops'n'Robbers
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Dragon Kingdom
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Dwarven Gold Deluxe
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Great Book of Magic Deluxe
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Hidden Valley 120
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Jade Butterfly
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Journey to the West
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Monkey Money
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Wild Worlds
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Wild Lava
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Survivor
    Edge: 3.53, Name: Space Arcade
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Fire 88
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Gemmed!
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Gold Pile Toltec Treasure
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Joker Strike
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Leprechaun Song
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Nuwa
    Edge: 3.54, Name: Temple of Treasure Megaways
    Edge: 3.55, Name: Book of Atem
    Edge: 3.55, Name: Fat Rabbit
    Edge: 3.55, Name: Fat Santa
    Edge: 3.55, Name: Gold Pile New Year's Gold
    Edge: 3.55, Name: Valletta Megaways
    Edge: 3.56, Name: Fu Cai Shen
    Edge: 3.56, Name: Golden Beauty
    Edge: 3.56, Name: Golden Grimoire
    Edge: 3.56, Name: Shamrock Holmes Megaways
    Edge: 3.57, Name: BARs&7s
    Edge: 3.57, Name: Diamond Mine Extra Gold
    Edge: 3.57, Name: Diamond Mine Megaways
    Edge: 3.57, Name: Double Tigers
    Edge: 3.57, Name: Elven Princesses
    Edge: 3.57, Name: Lil Devil
    Edge: 3.57, Name: Volcano Riches
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Better Wilds
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Cash Compass
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Fruit Case
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Game of Gladiators
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Halloween Witch
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Let it Snow
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped
    Edge: 3.58, Name: Rise of Maya
    Edge: 3.59, Name: Alchemy Fortunes
    Edge: 3.59, Name: Eye of the Kraken
    Edge: 3.59, Name: Mega Masks
    Edge: 3.59, Name: Tower Of Pizza
    Edge: 3.59, Name: Queen of Atlantis
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Aloha! Cluster Pays
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Blaze of Ra
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Champions of Rome
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Christmas Tree
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Golden Fishtank
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Hugo
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Lilith's Inferno
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Lucky Neko
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Money Train 2
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Windfall
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Wild Water
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Wild Spells
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Wild Robo Factory
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Under The Sea
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Under The Bed
    Edge: 3.6, Name: The Respinners
    Edge: 3.6, Name: The Invisible Man
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Spectra
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Reef Run
    Edge: 3.6, Name: Piggy Riches
    Edge: 3.61, Name: Dragon Chase
    Edge: 3.61, Name: Ignite the Night
    Edge: 3.62, Name: Dwarfs Gone Wild
    Edge: 3.62, Name: Inferno Joker
    Edge: 3.62, Name: Inferno Star
    Edge: 3.62, Name: Scruffy Duck
    Edge: 3.62, Name: Rainforest Magic Bingo
    Edge: 3.62, Name: Pirate From The East
    Edge: 3.63, Name: 777 gems
    Edge: 3.63, Name: 8 Dragons
    Edge: 3.63, Name: Beach Party
    Edge: 3.63, Name: Blazing Bells
    Edge: 3.63, Name: Electric Avenue
    Edge: 3.63, Name: Lock-A-Luck
    Edge: 3.63, Name: Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith
    Edge: 3.64, Name: Egyptian Emeralds
    Edge: 3.64, Name: Frozen Gems
    Edge: 3.64, Name: Legacy of the Wild 2
    Edge: 3.64, Name: Magic Crystals
    Edge: 3.64, Name: Queen's Day Tilt
    Edge: 3.65, Name: Butterfly Staxx 2
    Edge: 3.65, Name: Cubes
    Edge: 3.65, Name: Santa vs Rudolf
    Edge: 3.66, Name: Wolf Cub
    Edge: 3.66, Name: Raging Rex
    Edge: 3.67, Name: Cash-o-Matic
    Edge: 3.67, Name: FairyTale Legends: Red Riding Hood
    Edge: 3.67, Name: Jumanji
    Edge: 3.68, Name: Egyptian King
    Edge: 3.68, Name: Happy Riches
    Edge: 3.68, Name: Lucky Streak MK2
    Edge: 3.68, Name: Mayan Eagle
    Edge: 3.68, Name: Pied Piper
    Edge: 3.69, Name: Asgardian Stones
    Edge: 3.69, Name: Book of Immortals
    Edge: 3.69, Name: Charms And Clovers
    Edge: 3.69, Name: Coywolf Cash
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Avatars Gateway Guardians
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Bicicleta
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Brazil Bomba
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Chaos Crew
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Flowers
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Gong-Hei Gong-Hei
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Jack and the Beanstalk
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Jackpot Quest
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Legend Of Kaan
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Lightning Joker
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Lost Relics
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Miami Multiplier
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Multifly
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Ocean Fortune
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Vikings Go Wild
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Time Travel Tigers
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Tiger Rush
    Edge: 3.7, Name: The Rift
    Edge: 3.7, Name: The One Armed Bandit
    Edge: 3.7, Name: The Dark Joker Rizes
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Sunset Delight
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Story Of Egypt
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Rainbow Ryan
    Edge: 3.7, Name: Platinum Lightning Deluxe
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Disco Diamonds
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Hall of the Mountain King
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Holiday Spirits
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Hot Nudge
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Hot Sync
    Edge: 3.71, Name: Ivan and the Immortal King
    Edge: 3.72, Name: 7 Sins
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Cinderella's Ball
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Epic Journey
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Halloween Jack
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Jingle Bells
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Wild Tome of the Woods
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Totem Lightning
    Edge: 3.72, Name: Prime Zone
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Beauty Fruity
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Dungeon Quest
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Gem Splitter
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Gladiator
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Golden Osiris
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Lotus Heart
    Edge: 3.73, Name: Millionaire
    Edge: 3.73, Name: The Exterminator
    Edge: 3.73, Name: That's Rich
    Edge: 3.74, Name: Agent Destiny
    Edge: 3.74, Name: Midas Gold
    Edge: 3.74, Name: Night Queen
    Edge: 3.74, Name: Spinsane
    Edge: 3.74, Name: Skulls UP!
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Blinged
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Captain Shark
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Fortune Fest
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Golden Temple
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Heroes' Gathering
    Edge: 3.75, Name: King of Kings
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Neon City
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Panther Pays
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Panther's Reign
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Temple Tumble
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Star Joker
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Snake Arena
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Sails of Gold
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Rapunzel's Tower
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Rally 4 Riches
    Edge: 3.75, Name: Prosperity Palace
    Edge: 3.76, Name: 9 Masks of Fire
    Edge: 3.76, Name: 9 Pots of Gold
    Edge: 3.76, Name: Beach Party Hot
    Edge: 3.76, Name: Infinity Hero
    Edge: 3.76, Name: Mystery Reels
    Edge: 3.76, Name: Turn Your Fortune
    Edge: 3.76, Name: Sonic Reels
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Aladdin and the Sorcerer
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Black Horse Deluxe
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Charlie Chance
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Dawn of Egypt
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Diamond Duke
    Edge: 3.77, Name: East Sea Dragon King
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Fruits
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Ice Joker
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Legend of Loki
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Narcos
    Edge: 3.77, Name: The Great Wall
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Spin Town
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Rabbit Hole Riches
    Edge: 3.77, Name: Puss'n Boots
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Chinese Treasures
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Choco Reels
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Crazy Genie
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Durian Dynamite
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Golden Lotus
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Owls
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Sticky Bandits: Wild Return
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Second Strike
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches
    Edge: 3.78, Name: Reel Hero
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Book of Dead
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Doom of Egypt
    Edge: 3.79, Name: God of Wealth
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Gods of Gold INFINIREELS
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Grand Spinn Superpot
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Madame Ink
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Nero's Fortune
    Edge: 3.79, Name: Wolf Legend Megaways
    Edge: 3.8, Name: 24K Dragon
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Age of Asgard
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Ankh of Anubis
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Annihilator
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Arena of Gold
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Arthurs Fortune
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Big Blox
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Blood Moon Wilds
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Carol Of The Elves
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Chibeasties
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Chibeasties 2
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Diamond Vortex
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Five Star
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Flux
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Gem Rocks
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Gold Volcano
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Grand Wheel
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Helloween
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Iron Bank
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Jolly Roger 2
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Jolly Treasures
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Koi Princess
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Leprechaun Goes Wild
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Luchadora
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Lucha Maniacs
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Lucky Xmas
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Mafia: Syndicate
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Mega Flip
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Minted Money
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Money Train
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Niagara Falls
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Night of the Living Tales
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Nikola Tesla's Incredible Machine
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Nirvana
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Orient Express
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Zoom
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Wild Pops
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Wild Elements
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Wheel of Time
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Valley Of The Gods
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Testament
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Sunny Shores
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Serengeti Kings
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Sahara Nights
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Rise of Athena
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Ring of Odin
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Reel Joke
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Reactoonz 2
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Raccoon Tales
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Pumpkin Smash
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Pirates 2: Mutiny
    Edge: 3.8, Name: Penguin City
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Donuts
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Extra Chilli
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Fortune Multiplier
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Golden Caravan
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Golden Glyph
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Grand Spinn
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Jester Spins
    Edge: 3.81, Name: La Fiesta
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Wild Cats Multiline
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Vampire Senpai
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Trollpot 5000
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Tombstone
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Tomb of Nefertiti
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Telly Reels
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Red Diamond
    Edge: 3.81, Name: Power of Gods: Egypt
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Fortune Charm
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Gold Star
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Lion Dance
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Mega Pyramid
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Wild Circus
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Wild Blood 2
    Edge: 3.82, Name: Three Musketeers
    Edge: 3.82, Name: S.O.S!
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Artemis vs Medusa
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Blue Diamond
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Crazy Cows
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Crystal Quest: Arcane Tower
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Enchanted Meadow
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Hot Safari
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Matsuri
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Mega Dragon
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Panda's Fortune
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Wild Gladiators
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Wild Blood
    Edge: 3.83, Name: Reel King Mega
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Beat the Beast: Quetzalcoatl's Trial
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Crystal Queen
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Ice Ice Yeti
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Imperial Palace
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Lucky Halloween
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Manhattan Goes Wild
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Masquerade
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Mystic Wheel
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Winter Wonders
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Wilderland
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Vicky Ventura
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Treasure Mine
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Ten Elements
    Edge: 3.84, Name: Stage 888
    Edge: 3.85, Name: 9 Tigers
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Arcade Bomb
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Beat the Beast: Cerberus' Inferno
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Big Win Cat
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Fire Joker
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Gaelic Gold
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Woop Woop
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Wild Bazaar
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Three Kingdoms
    Edge: 3.85, Name: The Wildlife
    Edge: 3.85, Name: Ramses Revenge
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Beat the Beast: Griffin's Gold
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Beat the Beast: Mighty Sphinx
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Bee Frenzy
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Bonus Bunnies
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Cherry Pop
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Crystal Quest: Deep Jungle
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Frequent Flyer
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Gems Gone Wild
    Edge: 3.86, Name: God Of Storms Live Slots
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Harlequin Carnival
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Lucky Wizard
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Milky Ways
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Wild Wild Chest
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Wild West Wild
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Warrior Graveyard
    Edge: 3.86, Name: Rainbow Jackpots
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Ancient Egypt
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Dragon Castle
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Esqueleto Explosivo 2
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Gold Canyon
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Let's Get Ready To Rumble
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Viking's Plunder
    Edge: 3.87, Name: The Mystic Hive
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Super Lucky Charms
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Sumo Spins
    Edge: 3.87, Name: Pink Elephants 2
    Edge: 3.88, Name: All Win FC
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Chilli Chilli Bang Bang
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Elven Magic
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Fishing Frenzy
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Fortune House
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Fruit Blast
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Gold Frenzy
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Kraken's Lair
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Laser Fruit
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Lucky Little Devil
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Win a Beest
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Viking Voyage
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Rocket Men
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Pirates' Plenty
    Edge: 3.88, Name: Pirates Frenzy
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Flaming Fox
    Edge: 3.89, Name: House of Doom
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Lucky 9
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Magic Gate
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Majestic Megaways
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Mayan Gods
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Tower Tumble
    Edge: 3.89, Name: TnT Tumble
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Shining King Megaways
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Scudamore's Super Stakes
    Edge: 3.89, Name: Punk Rocker
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Alchymedes
    Edge: 3.9, Name: All Star Knockout
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Animal Quest
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Arcader
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Atlantis Megaways
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Big Cat King Megaways
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Carnival Queen
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Double Dragons
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Double Stacks
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Dragon Horn
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Dragon's Luck Power Reels
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Easter Island
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Esqueleto Mariachi
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Finn's Golden Tavern
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Flame Busters
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Football Glory
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Frog Grog
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Full Moon Romance
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Hanzo's Dojo
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Hot Triple Sevens
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Hungry Night
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Incinerator
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Irish Reels
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Jade Charms
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Jaguar Temple
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Jungle Books
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Legend of the Golden Monkey
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Legend of the White Snake Lady
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Lights
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Mega Jade
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Midas Golden Touch
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Midnight Show
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Not Enough Kittens
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Yokozuna Clash
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Yeti Battle of Greenhat peak
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Wild Heist at Peacock Manor
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Wicked Tales: Dark Red
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Well of Wonders
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Vikings go to Hell
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Vikings Go Berzerk
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Turning Totems
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Tree Of Light
    Edge: 3.9, Name: The Falcon Huntress
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Sweet 27
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Super Heroes
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Stick 'Em
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Starburst
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Seasons
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Rocket Fellas Inc
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Rise of Horus
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Riders of the Storm
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Reptoids
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Primal Hunt
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Power Plant
    Edge: 3.9, Name: Pink Elephants
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Divine Fortune Megaways
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Gold Lab
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Hot 4 Cash
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Jewel Strike
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Kanpai Bonzai
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Tomb of Akhenaten
    Edge: 3.91, Name: Ra's Legend
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Archangels: Salvation
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Assassin Moon
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Aztec Warrior Princess
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Break Da Bank Again Respin
    Edge: 3.92, Name: ChilliPop
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Emerald Diamond
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Lucky Valentine
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Master of Atlantis
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Wild Fight
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Vegas Magic
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Thor's Lightning
    Edge: 3.92, Name: The Equalizer
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Take The Bank
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Take Santa's shop
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Poison Eve
    Edge: 3.92, Name: Phoenix Sun
    Edge: 3.93, Name: 24
    Edge: 3.93, Name: Christmas Charm
    Edge: 3.93, Name: Dragon's Fire
    Edge: 3.93, Name: Gemtastic
    Edge: 3.93, Name: The Creepy Carnival
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Barbarian Fury
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Buffalo King
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Cash Noire
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Dark King: Forbidden Riches
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Devil's Number
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Dragon Tribe
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Five Star Power Reels
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Fruit Blox
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Genie Jackpots Wishmaker
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Immortal Fruits
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Irish Pot Luck
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Wild Spartans
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Reel Heist
    Edge: 3.94, Name: Piggy Pirates
    Edge: 3.95, Name: Arcane Gems
    Edge: 3.95, Name: Fishin' for Gold
    Edge: 3.95, Name: Hotline 2
    Edge: 3.95, Name: Kong's Temple
    Edge: 3.95, Name: Win Escalator
    Edge: 3.95, Name: Tiki Fruits
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Baker's Treat
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Crystal Prince
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Diamond Empire
    Edge: 3.96, Name: God's Temple Deluxe
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Mayan Magic Wildfire
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Twin Spin Megaways
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Super Striker
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Spinions
    Edge: 3.96, Name: Rage of the Seas
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Action Ops: Snow & Sable
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Deadwood
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Faerie Spells
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Fu Fortunes Megaways
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Gods of Olympus Megaways
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Golden Genie
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Golden Offer
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Gorilla Kingdom
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Jurassic Giants
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Ninja Ways
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Zeus
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Vegas Nights
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Totem Lightning Power Reels
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Thor: Hammer Time
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Temple of Nudges
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Return of Kong Megaways
    Edge: 3.97, Name: Queen of Wonderland Megaways
    Edge: 3.98, Name: 12 Animals
    Edge: 3.98, Name: African Quest
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Leprechaun's Magic Megaways
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Lucky Easter
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Monkey's Gold: xPays
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Wildchemy
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Super Strike
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Scribes of Thebes
    Edge: 3.98, Name: Reactor
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Book of Shadows
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Buffalo Hunter
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Dragon & Phoenix
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Legacy of Ra Megaways
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Lost Boys Loot
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Money Mouse
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Wild-O-Tron 3000
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Wild Nords
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Wild Ape
    Edge: 3.99, Name: Tractor Beam
    Edge: 3.99, Name: The King
    Edge: 4, Name: 100 Zombies
    Edge: 4, Name: 2020 Hit Slots
    Edge: 4, Name: 7 Bonus Up
    Edge: 4, Name: All For One
    Edge: 4, Name: Almighty Sparta
    Edge: 4, Name: Aloha! Christmas
    Edge: 4, Name: Arctic Wonders
    Edge: 4, Name: Asgardians
    Edge: 4, Name: Aus Dem Tal
    Edge: 4, Name: Aztec Magic Deluxe
    Edge: 4, Name: Birds On A Wire
    Edge: 4, Name: Bomb Squad
    Edge: 4, Name: Bonanza
    Edge: 4, Name: Book of Rest
    Edge: 4, Name: Book of Santa
    Edge: 4, Name: Book of Sheba
    Edge: 4, Name: Bounty Pop
    Edge: 4, Name: Bounty Raid
    Edge: 4, Name: Brutal Santa
    Edge: 4, Name: Buffalo 50
    Edge: 4, Name: Cash Tank
    Edge: 4, Name: Cash Volt
    Edge: 4, Name: Cazino Cosmos
    Edge: 4, Name: Cazino Zeppelin
    Edge: 4, Name: Doubles
    Edge: 4, Name: Dragon Stone
    Edge: 4, Name: Druids' Dream
    Edge: 4, Name: El Jackpotto
    Edge: 4, Name: Esqueleto Explosivo
    Edge: 4, Name: Exploding Fruits
    Edge: 4, Name: Extreme Fruits Ultimate
    Edge: 4, Name: Football
    Edge: 4, Name: Forest Dreams
    Edge: 4, Name: Forgotten Fable
    Edge: 4, Name: Fruit Nova
    Edge: 4, Name: Gladiators Go Wild
    Edge: 4, Name: Gold Digger
    Edge: 4, Name: Gonzo's Quest
    Edge: 4, Name: Gonzo's Quest Megaways
    Edge: 4, Name: Gorilla Gold Megaways
    Edge: 4, Name: Greta Goes Wild
    Edge: 4, Name: Grizzly Gold
    Edge: 4, Name: Hot Shots 2
    Edge: 4, Name: Hot Spin
    Edge: 4, Name: Hot Spin Deluxe
    Edge: 4, Name: Hyper Burst
    Edge: 4, Name: Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild
    Edge: 4, Name: Lucky Lands
    Edge: 4, Name: Lucky New Year
    Edge: 4, Name: Magicious
    Edge: 4, Name: Magic Wheel
    Edge: 4, Name: Mechanical Orange
    Edge: 4, Name: Merlin's Magic Mirror
    Edge: 4, Name: Mine Field
    Edge: 4, Name: Minotaurus
    Edge: 4, Name: Mystery Spin Deluxe Megaways
    Edge: 4, Name: Nuke World
    Edge: 4, Name: Pachin Girl
    Edge: 4, Name: Wolf Hunters
    Edge: 4, Name: Wolf Gold
    Edge: 4, Name: Windy City
    Edge: 4, Name: Willy's Hot Chillies
    Edge: 4, Name: Wild Bullets
    Edge: 4, Name: Western Reels
    Edge: 4, Name: Valley of the Gods 2
    Edge: 4, Name: Trolls Bridge
    Edge: 4, Name: Troll Haven
    Edge: 4, Name: Trip to the Future
    Edge: 4, Name: Treasure Mania
    Edge: 4, Name: Treasure Diver
    Edge: 4, Name: Thunder Shields
    Edge: 4, Name: The Wild Hatter
    Edge: 4, Name: The Slavs
    Edge: 4, Name: The Rise of AI
    Edge: 4, Name: The Moneymania
    Edge: 4, Name: The Big Deal
    Edge: 4, Name: Syncronite - Splitz
    Edge: 4, Name: Surf Zone
    Edge: 4, Name: Super Fast Hot Hot Respin
    Edge: 4, Name: Super Burning Wins: Respin
    Edge: 4, Name: Sprinkle
    Edge: 4, Name: Sheriff of Nottingham
    Edge: 4, Name: Season Sisters
    Edge: 4, Name: Sea of Spins
    Edge: 4, Name: Royal Gems
    Edge: 4, Name: Rocket Stars
    Edge: 4, Name: Robots: Energy Conflict
    Edge: 4, Name: Rich Reels
    Edge: 4, Name: Red Cap
    Edge: 4, Name: Pinata Fiesta
    Edge: 4, Name: Persian Fortune
    Edge: 4, Name: Penalty Shoot Out
    Edge: 4.01, Name: 7 Piggies
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Ace Round
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Aztec Gold Megaways
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Dragon Match Megaways
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Euphoria
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Ocean's Treasure
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Zhao Cai Jin Bao
    Edge: 4.01, Name: Temple Of Dead
    Edge: 4.02, Name: Morgana Megaways
    Edge: 4.02, Name: Western Gold Megaways
    Edge: 4.02, Name: The Golden City
    Edge: 4.02, Name: Super Lucky Frog
    Edge: 4.02, Name: Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits
    Edge: 4.02, Name: Phantasmic Fortunes
    Edge: 4.03, Name: Cash Camel
    Edge: 4.03, Name: Magic Maid Cafe
    Edge: 4.03, Name: The Nutcracker
    Edge: 4.03, Name: Pearl of the Orient
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Boomanji
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Buffalo Blitz
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Buffalo Blitz II
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Buffalo Blitz Live Slots
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Fruit Zen
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Kingdom Of Fortune
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Napoleon
    Edge: 4.04, Name: Racetrack Riches
    Edge: 4.05, Name: Book of Gold: Symbol Choice
    Edge: 4.05, Name: Ghosts'N'Gold
    Edge: 4.05, Name: Golden Tiger
    Edge: 4.05, Name: Leprechaun's Magic
    Edge: 4.06, Name: Ace of Spades
    Edge: 4.06, Name: Book of Gold: Classic
    Edge: 4.06, Name: Jumbo Stampede
    Edge: 4.06, Name: Lucky Diamonds
    Edge: 4.06, Name: Raging Reindeer
    Edge: 4.06, Name: Prosperity Ox
    Edge: 4.07, Name: 11 Champions
    Edge: 4.07, Name: 88 Dragon
    Edge: 4.07, Name: Yak, Yeti & Roll
    Edge: 4.08, Name: 3888 Ways of the Dragon
    Edge: 4.08, Name: Fruity Crown
    Edge: 4.08, Name: Lucky Stripes
    Edge: 4.08, Name: Santa
    Edge: 4.09, Name: Pixies vs Pirates
    Edge: 4.1, Name: Maze: Desire for Power
    Edge: 4.1, Name: Necromancer
    Edge: 4.11, Name: Ali Baba's Luck
    Edge: 4.12, Name: Macau High Roller
    Edge: 4.12, Name: Vegas High Roller
    Edge: 4.12, Name: Roo Riches
    Edge: 4.13, Name: Weird Science
    Edge: 4.13, Name: Reel Steal
    Edge: 4.14, Name: Sky Gems 5 Wilds
    Edge: 4.15, Name: Wild 888
    Edge: 4.16, Name: Legend of Cleopatra Megaways
    Edge: 4.16, Name: Spring Tails
    Edge: 4.17, Name: Sisters of Oz Jackpots
    Edge: 4.18, Name: Joker Poker
    Edge: 4.18, Name: Joker Poker HTML5
    Edge: 4.19, Name: Dalai Panda
    Edge: 4.19, Name: Hammer of Vulcan
    Edge: 4.2, Name: Babushkas
    Edge: 4.2, Name: Spinfinity Man
    Edge: 4.2, Name: Spin and Spell
    Edge: 4.2, Name: Reign of Dragons
    Edge: 4.21, Name: Jewel Box
    Edge: 4.21, Name: King Kong Cash
    Edge: 4.21, Name: Lady of Fortune
    Edge: 4.21, Name: Merry Xmas
    Edge: 4.21, Name: Robin Hoods Wild Forest
    Edge: 4.22, Name: Golden Cryptex
    Edge: 4.22, Name: Jingle Bells Power Reels
    Edge: 4.22, Name: Solar Queen
    Edge: 4.23, Name: Golden Tsar
    Edge: 4.23, Name: Jewel Scarabs
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Atlantis
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Aurum Codex
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Basic Instinct
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Book of Sun Choice
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Crystal Mirror
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Lucky Fridays
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Lucky Oktoberfest
    Edge: 4.24, Name: Sylvan Spirits
    Edge: 4.25, Name: Fruit Snap
    Edge: 4.25, Name: Ghost Slider
    Edge: 4.25, Name: Journey of the Gods
    Edge: 4.25, Name: Yucatan's Mystery
    Edge: 4.26, Name: Bombuster
    Edge: 4.26, Name: Caishen's Arrival
    Edge: 4.26, Name: Skulls of Legend
    Edge: 4.26, Name: Red Dragon Wild
    Edge: 4.27, Name: 10001 Nights
    Edge: 4.27, Name: Dice Dice Dice
    Edge: 4.27, Name: Lucky Emeralds
    Edge: 4.27, Name: Vault of Anubis
    Edge: 4.27, Name: Rio Stars
    Edge: 4.28, Name: 4Squad
    Edge: 4.28, Name: Book of Sun Multichance
    Edge: 4.28, Name: Dragons Fire MegaWays
    Edge: 4.28, Name: Golden Leprechaun MegaWays
    Edge: 4.28, Name: Spin or Reels
    Edge: 4.28, Name: Pirates' Plenty Battle For Gold
    Edge: 4.29, Name: 15 Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.29, Name: Aztec Spins
    Edge: 4.29, Name: Happy Birds
    Edge: 4.29, Name: Hoard of Poseidon
    Edge: 4.29, Name: Multiplier Riches
    Edge: 4.29, Name: Scrolls of Ra HD
    Edge: 4.29, Name: Reel Keeper
    Edge: 4.3, Name: 777 Gems Respin
    Edge: 4.3, Name: Charming Queens
    Edge: 4.3, Name: Cirque De La Fortune
    Edge: 4.3, Name: Dynamite Riches
    Edge: 4.3, Name: Path of Destiny
    Edge: 4.3, Name: Three Gems: Adjacent
    Edge: 4.3, Name: Piggy Riches Megaways
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Alice Adventure
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Dragons Luck MegaWays
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Eye of Gold
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Illusions 2
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Wings of Ra
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Wild O'Clock
    Edge: 4.31, Name: Slotfather
    Edge: 4.32, Name: 5 Families
    Edge: 4.32, Name: Eagle Riches
    Edge: 4.32, Name: Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines
    Edge: 4.33, Name: Buddha Fortune: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.33, Name: Danger! High Voltage
    Edge: 4.33, Name: Mystery Reels Power Reels
    Edge: 4.33, Name: Tiger Stone
    Edge: 4.34, Name: Well Of Wishes
    Edge: 4.34, Name: Super Diamond Wild
    Edge: 4.35, Name: Legendary Excalibur
    Edge: 4.35, Name: Space Fortune
    Edge: 4.35, Name: Red Hot Repeater
    Edge: 4.36, Name: Sun of Egypt 2
    Edge: 4.37, Name: Jungle Jackpots
    Edge: 4.38, Name: Forest Mania
    Edge: 4.38, Name: Legend of the Nile
    Edge: 4.39, Name: Genie's Fortune
    Edge: 4.39, Name: Thunder of Olympus
    Edge: 4.41, Name: Ambiance
    Edge: 4.41, Name: Golden Lemon Deluxe
    Edge: 4.42, Name: Attack on Retro
    Edge: 4.42, Name: Million Cents
    Edge: 4.44, Name: Goddess of the Moon
    Edge: 4.44, Name: Lucky Clover
    Edge: 4.44, Name: Lucky Dragon
    Edge: 4.44, Name: Lucky Lady
    Edge: 4.45, Name: Absolute Super Reels
    Edge: 4.45, Name: Ultimate Super Reels
    Edge: 4.45, Name: Super Lucky Reels
    Edge: 4.46, Name: Age of the Gods: Ruler of Dead
    Edge: 4.47, Name: Dragon Kings
    Edge: 4.48, Name: 20 Super Stars
    Edge: 4.48, Name: Joker Hot Reels
    Edge: 4.49, Name: Wild Antics
    Edge: 4.5, Name: Bar X Safe Cracker Megaways
    Edge: 4.5, Name: Beetle Jewels
    Edge: 4.5, Name: Wish Upon A Leprechaun Megaways
    Edge: 4.5, Name: The Curious Machine Plus
    Edge: 4.51, Name: Age of Caesar
    Edge: 4.51, Name: Eye of Horus Megaways
    Edge: 4.51, Name: Million Coins Respins
    Edge: 4.52, Name: Anaconda Wild
    Edge: 4.55, Name: Solar King
    Edge: 4.58, Name: 5x Magic
    Edge: 4.58, Name: Irish Gold
    Edge: 4.58, Name: Zeus Thunder Reels
    Edge: 4.59, Name: 3 Hit Pay
    Edge: 4.59, Name: 88 Wild Dragon
    Edge: 4.59, Name: Musketeer Slot
    Edge: 4.6, Name: Book of Gold: Multichance
    Edge: 4.62, Name: Super Multitimes Progressive HD
    Edge: 4.62, Name: Super Marble: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.64, Name: Golden Lemon
    Edge: 4.64, Name: Great88
    Edge: 4.64, Name: Icy Fruits
    Edge: 4.64, Name: Monsters
    Edge: 4.64, Name: Sword of Khans
    Edge: 4.65, Name: African Spirit
    Edge: 4.66, Name: Tycoons Plus
    Edge: 4.67, Name: Aztec Sun Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.68, Name: Fruit Burst
    Edge: 4.69, Name: Book of Sun
    Edge: 4.7, Name: 4 Seasons
    Edge: 4.7, Name: Sun of Egypt
    Edge: 4.71, Name: FaFaTwins
    Edge: 4.71, Name: Magic of Sahara
    Edge: 4.72, Name: Once Upon A Time
    Edge: 4.73, Name: Jackpot Rango
    Edge: 4.73, Name: Kawaii Kitty
    Edge: 4.73, Name: Super Fast Hot Hot
    Edge: 4.73, Name: Stampede
    Edge: 4.74, Name: Wish Upon A Jackpot
    Edge: 4.74, Name: Reels of Wealth
    Edge: 4.74, Name: Platoon Wild
    Edge: 4.77, Name: Ogre Empire
    Edge: 4.78, Name: Crystal Clans
    Edge: 4.78, Name: Fortune Diamond
    Edge: 4.78, Name: Fruitbat Crazy
    Edge: 4.78, Name: Thunder Zeus
    Edge: 4.78, Name: Royal Cash
    Edge: 4.79, Name: Fire & Steel
    Edge: 4.8, Name: Diamond Wild
    Edge: 4.8, Name: Jackpot Lab
    Edge: 4.8, Name: Secret of Nefertiti 2
    Edge: 4.8, Name: Scarab Riches
    Edge: 4.8, Name: Platoon Wild Progressive
    Edge: 4.81, Name: Hercules Son of Zeus
    Edge: 4.81, Name: Lucky Dragons
    Edge: 4.82, Name: Madder Scientist
    Edge: 4.82, Name: Mega Gems
    Edge: 4.83, Name: Great Panda: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.83, Name: Shaolin Spin
    Edge: 4.84, Name: Tiger's Claw
    Edge: 4.86, Name: Fortune Pig
    Edge: 4.86, Name: Kings Of Gold
    Edge: 4.86, Name: The Golden Rat
    Edge: 4.87, Name: Gun Slinger
    Edge: 4.88, Name: Jewellery Store
    Edge: 4.89, Name: Disco Double
    Edge: 4.89, Name: Monster Blast
    Edge: 4.9, Name: Clash of Pirates
    Edge: 4.9, Name: Excalibur
    Edge: 4.9, Name: Tiger's Gold: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.9, Name: Poisoned Apple 2
    Edge: 4.91, Name: Best Things in Life
    Edge: 4.92, Name: Mega Rise
    Edge: 4.92, Name: The Greatest Train Robbery
    Edge: 4.92, Name: Robin Hood
    Edge: 4.94, Name: Age of the Gods Glorious Griffin
    Edge: 4.94, Name: Secret of Nefertiti
    Edge: 4.95, Name: Alchemy Blast
    Edge: 4.95, Name: Oceanus Rising
    Edge: 4.95, Name: Vikings Winter
    Edge: 4.95, Name: The Golden Owl of Athena
    Edge: 4.95, Name: Sunny Fruits: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.95, Name: Pearl Beauty: Hold and Win
    Edge: 4.96, Name: Book of Gold: Double Chance
    Edge: 4.97, Name: Blood Eternal
    Edge: 4.97, Name: Super Sweets
    Edge: 4.98, Name: Fishin Frenzy Megaways
    Edge: 4.98, Name: Talismans of Fortune
    Edge: 4.99, Name: Dragon Pearls: hold and win
    Edge: 5, Name: Avalon: The Lost Kingdom
    Edge: 5, Name: Aztec Luck
    Edge: 5, Name: Chilli Fiesta
    Edge: 5, Name: Epic Gladiators
    Edge: 5, Name: Hawaiian Night
    Edge: 5, Name: Jumbo Joker
    Edge: 5, Name: Luck of the Irish Megaways
    Edge: 5, Name: Midnight Wilds
    Edge: 5, Name: Wild Spin
    Edge: 5, Name: Santa's Bag
    Edge: 5, Name: Royal Lotus
    Edge: 5, Name: Rhino Mania
    Edge: 5.02, Name: Jolly Roger
    Edge: 5.03, Name: The Best Witch
    Edge: 5.04, Name: Alkemor's Tower
    Edge: 5.04, Name: House of Fun
    Edge: 5.05, Name: Mistress of Fortune
    Edge: 5.06, Name: Giovanni's Gems
    Edge: 5.1, Name: Indiana's Quest
    Edge: 5.15, Name: Olympian Gods
    Edge: 5.16, Name: Jewel Twist
    Edge: 5.17, Name: Viking's Gods Gold
    Edge: 5.19, Name: Red Cliff
    Edge: 5.2, Name: USSR Seventies
    Edge: 5.23, Name: Mona Lisa Jewels
    Edge: 5.25, Name: At The Movies
    Edge: 5.25, Name: Basketball
    Edge: 5.3, Name: Egypt Gods
    Edge: 5.3, Name: Lavish Joker
    Edge: 5.42, Name: A Christmas Carol
    Edge: 5.42, Name: Magic Shoppe
    Edge: 5.44, Name: Age of the Gods: King of Asgard
    Edge: 5.47, Name: More Gold Diggin
    Edge: 5.47, Name: Rook's Revenge
    Edge: 5.5, Name: Age Of The Norse Ways of Thunder
    Edge: 5.52, Name: The Great Wall Treasure
    Edge: 5.54, Name: Mamma Mia
    Edge: 5.55, Name: Anotherland
    Edge: 5.55, Name: Prohibition
    Edge: 5.65, Name: Monkey Jackpot
    Edge: 5.65, Name: New Year Monkey Jackpot
    Edge: 5.69, Name: Black Gold
    Edge: 5.69, Name: Chicago, bang, bang!
    Edge: 5.7, Name: Action!
    Edge: 5.71, Name: Monster Lab
    Edge: 5.71, Name: Paco and the Popping Peppers
    Edge: 5.74, Name: 7 Days Anotherland
    Edge: 5.74, Name: 7 Days The Spanish Armada
    Edge: 5.76, Name: KD: BBQ Frenzy
    Edge: 5.77, Name: Space Race
    Edge: 5.8, Name: Fruits Land
    Edge: 5.8, Name: Viking Age
    Edge: 5.81, Name: Local Pub
    Edge: 5.81, Name: Ocean Bed
    Edge: 5.83, Name: Fortune Teller
    Edge: 5.83, Name: Photo Safari
    Edge: 5.87, Name: New York
    Edge: 5.87, Name: Pharaoh's Treasure Deluxe
    Edge: 5.88, Name: Bell of Fortune
    Edge: 5.88, Name: Cats and Cash
    Edge: 5.88, Name: Gift Shop
    Edge: 5.88, Name: Golden Goal
    Edge: 5.88, Name: Speed Cash
    Edge: 5.88, Name: Prehistoric Story
    Edge: 5.89, Name: Age of the Gods Norse: Book of Dwarves
    Edge: 5.89, Name: Halloween Jackpot
    Edge: 5.9, Name: USSR Grocery
    Edge: 5.92, Name: Dolphins Treasure
    Edge: 5.99, Name: Dragon Ship
    Edge: 5.99, Name: MWA
    Edge: 5.99, Name: Riches of RA
    Edge: 6, Name: Deep Sea
    Edge: 6, Name: Four Lucky Clover
    Edge: 6, Name: Lucky Girls
    Edge: 6, Name: Treasure Room
    Edge: 6, Name: Syndicate
    Edge: 6, Name: Super Sevens
    Edge: 6, Name: Sevens
    Edge: 6.02, Name: 15 Golden Eggs
    Edge: 6.07, Name: Battle Tanks
    Edge: 6.1, Name: Fire Lightning
    Edge: 6.1, Name: Johnny Cash
    Edge: 6.13, Name: Christmas Jackpot
    Edge: 6.13, Name: Naughty Girls Cabaret
    Edge: 6.14, Name: Aeronauts
    Edge: 6.16, Name: RockStar
    Edge: 6.2, Name: Candy Dreams
    Edge: 6.2, Name: Diamond Blitz
    Edge: 6.2, Name: Heist
    Edge: 6.2, Name: Lost
    Edge: 6.28, Name: Wild Melon
    Edge: 6.3, Name: The Emperor's Tomb
    Edge: 6.34, Name: Sin City Nights
    Edge: 6.4, Name: Mr. Vegas
    Edge: 6.4, Name: Mystery Planet
    Edge: 6.5, Name: Book of Atem WOWPOT
    Edge: 6.8, Name: Barbary Coast
    Edge: 6.8, Name: The Great Conflict
    Edge: 6.9, Name: Sindbad
    Edge: 6.95, Name: Fruit Bonanza
    Edge: 7.01, Name: Totem Island
    Edge: 7.27, Name: The Legend of Shaolin
    Edge: 7.29, Name: 7 Monkeys
    Edge: 7.34, Name: Carousel
    Edge: 7.34, Name: Persian Nights 2
    Edge: 7.37, Name: Neptune's Kingdom
    Edge: 7.39, Name: 88 Golden 88
    Edge: 7.39, Name: Book of Doom
    Edge: 7.39, Name: #buyBonus of Maya
    Edge: 7.39, Name: Double Crazy Nuts
    Edge: 7.39, Name: Lucky Drink in Egypt
    Edge: 7.46, Name: Highway Stars
    Edge: 7.52, Name: Jewels
    Edge: 7.64, Name: Robinson
    Edge: 7.7, Name: Blue Beard
    Edge: 7.71, Name: Crazy Nuts
    Edge: 7.71, Name: Halloween
    Edge: 7.72, Name: Venetian Rain
    Edge: 7.74, Name: Arrival
    Edge: 7.75, Name: Fruit Blast 92
    Edge: 7.75, Name: The Ghost Walks
    Edge: 7.79, Name: Princess Of Swamp
    Edge: 7.8, Name: Escape from Alcatraz
    Edge: 7.82, Name: Customs Storage
    Edge: 7.83, Name: Dracula Riches
    Edge: 7.85, Name: Legend of Ra
    Edge: 7.85, Name: The Wildlife 2
    Edge: 7.88, Name: Frog Creek
    Edge: 7.89, Name: The Smart Rabbit
    Edge: 7.92, Name: Green Grocery
    Edge: 7.95, Name: Marswood Party 2
    Edge: 7.97, Name: Lucky Mahjong Box
    Edge: 7.98, Name: Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah
    Edge: 7.98, Name: Glam Life
    Edge: 7.98, Name: Mega Glam Life
    Edge: 8, Name: Bank Robbers
    Edge: 8, Name: Elusive Gonzales
    Edge: 8, Name: Love Magic
    Edge: 8, Name: Mystic Ming Zhi
    Edge: 8, Name: Sisters of Oz WOWPOT
    Edge: 8, Name: Seadogs Story
    Edge: 8, Name: Piggy Bank
    Edge: 8.03, Name: Africa Gold
    Edge: 8.06, Name: 2 Million B.C.
    Edge: 8.06, Name: Win Shot
    Edge: 8.18, Name: Lucky Drink
    Edge: 8.48, Name: Dragon's Luck
    Edge: 8.6, Name: White King 2
    Edge: 8.77, Name: Gold Diggers
    Edge: 9.44, Name: 88 Dragons Treasure
    Edge: 11.98, Name: Golden Bucks
    Edge: 13.63, Name: Neon Bar
    Edge: 13.81, Name: Super Sevens Happy Wheel

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