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  1. I think it will mark a great influence in india's ecomony. Because it is very advance economic sector. This will obvious increase the economic value. And it will effect in international market.
  2. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse claimed in a new prediction that, only 1% of today's Crypto currencies will survive and 99% will likely go to zero. Behind of this hints he told that, among 3000 digital assets very few will be able to meet customer needs. He also stated, "Anytime there is a new market, there are a lot of people that run into that market and try to show that they can solve a problem, they can deliver a customer need." Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-ceo-only-1-of-todays-cryptocurrencies-will-survive What do your mind thinks about this prediction? Will it rea
  3. At the present time, it is very unlikely that currency prices are very volatile, in addition to the presence of barriers that affect prices, it may decrease significantly and return to rise again. There are many aspects that will take time.
  4. I do not think that it is possible that when a country depends on it, many responsibilities and restrictions will fall upon it. No one in the world can control alone the cryptocurrencies. They are linked to many aspects and the price that is closely related to supply and demand. This will negatively affect that country. They are volatile currencies. You cannot expect its course.
  5. Supply and demand: You have a lot of crowding in the network. People want to earn coins, and this has a huge impact on that. Not surprisingly, the rise in the formation of the currency is a well-known and highly desirable among many people
  6. There is still time for it to rise again, the price may rise again, and you cannot expect the Bitcoin movement and its path. The most important thing is that Bitcoin is safe. There are no possibilities for dancing, unless the mistake is from work I did, so it is better for us to wait if you need to withdraw
  7. Cryptocurrencies are characterized by their most important characteristic, which is decentralization and therefore it is very difficult to track transactions that occur and it is also difficult to analyze prices according to personal expectations, as until now some of the big traders face problems in analyzing shares, it is good to know the rules of bitcoin, but gradually
  8. Hello friends, I would like to talk about a new and important topic, which is happening now in my country and supports Bitcoin and well-encrypted currencies. A great feature has been added to smart cards that citizens use to purchase important needs. This feature is the ability to pay and deduct from the card itself in the following currencies: Bitcoin, digital dollars, Ethereum What do you think, will this contribute to accelerating the spread of digital currencies in the Arab world?
  9. The half-term aims to reduce the rewards obtained by mining and thus control the price of cryptocurrencies and prevent them from sliding towards cruel decline and raising the purchase rate, which is programmed automatically. I am sure it will reach $ 10,000
  10. Today, the price of bitcoin has increased by nearly $ 700, the price was $ 7,900, and it is now $ 8,600. This calls for optimism. I suspect that, as you say, the price is about 200,000 dollars, we must continue to work.
  11. I really had nothing. I could not claim for several reasons. The first is that I was paused from work and the other reason is that I did not know the Easter reload.
  12. This was in 2017 but now the payment has become very low and you need to enter every hour to withdraw a low amount and the withdrawal limit is very high and therefore you will earn a small amount in a very long period of time it is a waste of time
  13. Bitcoin cards are great. I got my bitcoin cards through the polls site, but they do not work in my country. That is why I sold those cards because they need a bitcoin cashier so I sold them for an amount of money.
  14. Since 2017, I started researching and learning about everything related to cryptography and cryptocurrencies, and then I moved to work on forums and trading and investment platforms on those platforms and the first gain was in 2019.
  15. Yes, it was high, then it went down, and now we are seeing a good rise. It calls for optimism that the half-term will change the course of cryptocurrencies for several years to come, and there will be no harmful speculation on the price of bitcoin.
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