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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Tom mloi in Bitcoin mining difficulty, when all coins are mined?   
    Bitcoin mining has become more difficult due to the low percentage of mines and the multiplicity of many miners, so the race to obtain bitcoin has become very difficult and it is decided in favor of the most powerful processors around the world so I advise everyone who loves mining to start mining etherium and similar currencies it is easier
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Tom mloi in Why bitcoin is best??   
    Regardless of the fact that the price of Bitcoin is fluctuating, Bitcoin is the main currency for cryptocurrencies, so it is very natural to have a noticeable popularity in addition to the Bitcoin features that make you desperately want to get it and do not forget its significant impact on the other currency market.
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Salsa in Corona virus may stimulate central banks to adopt digital payment   
    Researchers from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) believe that the Corona virus may accelerate the adoption of digital payment and end the debate about central bank digital currencies (CBDC).
    They released their study in a bulletin yesterday, April 3, and they said that the COVID-19 virus alters the public's relationship to criticism, although the scientific community is unanimous that the transmission of the Corona virus through banknotes is relatively unlikely but there are many doctors who supervise finding corona virus treatment say Banknotes are the fastest way to transmit the epidemic, so digital currencies should be used for payment in order to reduce congestion in centers and reduce the movement of banknotes between hands
    My question is will cryptocurrencies benefit to reduce the spread of the Corona virus?
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Salsa in What is best website for buy and sell Btc in Pakistan   
    Thank you my friend for this post I will share a whole topic about the best Bitcoin buying and selling sites like the coinbas website and the site you just mentioned to us with details of each site
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    Magdsolieman reacted to wngo123 in Amazon Gift Card for bitcoin?   
    Is there any way to by bitcoin with amazon gift card?
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Salsa in Why bitcoin is best??   
    Hey guys,i have come today with a topic about bit coin..
    We know bitcoin is the best currency in crypto world..bitcoin has more popularity than any other currency... But why it happen???After research o understand the btc trader said btc is not stable coin plus it price too much high..so if we hold btc when it price low and sell it when it price go high then we will get much profit... So the trader like bitcoin...i my self also prefer bit coin because it price go high instantly and its helpful for us.
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from nasima begum 00 in Is it easy to steal btc??   
    This depends on you in the first place, so you must choose the safe and popular sites and platforms and choose the two-factor authentication wallets, then you will not be stolen and you must also not share passwords and personal information with any entity that you keep for yourself only
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    Magdsolieman reacted to nasima begum 00 in Do you love btc?? ❤❤   
    Yes.Tmain reason that I love Bitcoin is  it is easy to handle no wallets are necessary  to carry Bitcoin. Now many traders accept Bitcoin and we can use Bitcoin for booking hotels and lodges so it is more comfortable and no worry of robbery.
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Salsa in 5 best sites to buy and sell bitcoin (e-currency)   
    I wanted to share this important topic as a detailed and comprehensive answer to the post of a member who wants to know the best buy and sell sites
    1- Coinbase is the first item on this list because it is reliable in buying and selling bitcoins.
    The reason he is so popular is because of his method of doing business, which is "average dollar cost".
    When you use Coinbase you will be able to complete your Bitcoin purchase every week and month.
    It is an easy-to-use platform whether you recently started buying and selling bitcoins.
    However if you intend to do suspicious activities they are placed in the gray area of bitcoin then you may need to watch out for this site because it is very strict about its policy.
    The company that runs Coinbase is very firm about the type of activities that can occur in this exchange.

    2- LocalBitcoins allows those who sell bitcoins to communicate with the people who buy bitcoins.
    Once you log in to this site, the next step will take you to a page dedicated to your country, which will allow you to choose where to buy or sell your bitcoins.
    There is a built-in combining system which is great for protection so as to ensure that you get your payment.
    This is the best system and would not prefer to work with individuals rather than through a large company.
    The disadvantage with using this system is that scammers can reach you through it.
    You certainly do not want to be involved in a fake bank transfer, so be careful when using this system.
    While the word bitcoin may seem like a currency from the future, the future of taxes for this currency is not yet certain.
    Since bitcoin is a virtual currency, it is difficult to calculate and is important for converting its volatile money values.

    3- Kraken is a Bitcoin service provider that focuses completely on Bitcoin trading.
    You will be able to leverage and default on this system, which makes it a very big option for many Bitcoin traders present.
    If you are concerned about the legality of the platform, do not worry!
    Kraken is one of the first types of bitcoin to allow exchange to demonstrate self-checking.
    This means that your transactions are completely safe on this site.

    4- BitStamp is the first licensed bitcoin launcher.
    You will be surprised that this site has already been operating for 5 full years, so its reputation should be good in this field.
    With this system, you will be able to use a credit or debit card to make Bitcoin changes.
    This is a huge advantage for many buyers and sellers in this field

    5-CEX.io is ideal for both Bitcoin buyers and sellers. You will get important basics on this site.
    There are no flashy slogans or dazzling effects, and this is somewhat cute.
    It is a very practical site to use so it will not take long to get used to using it.
    I hope the cool members can put more if there are other popular platforms
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Wassouf in What do you expect the Bitcoin price to become after the Halvnig event   
    * Bitcoin Halving :

    Halving is the process of reducing the rate of creation of new digital currencies. Specifically, the word "Halving" refers to the events of reducing mining block rewards provided to miners.

    * The importance of halving :

    Halving operations is the essence of the economy of digital currencies, because it guarantees the issuance of new currencies at a fixed rate, this rate is used to combat inflation, and it is also one of the main differences between digital currencies and fiat currencies that can be printed in unlimited numbers.

    * The number of Bitcoin halving events that occurred before :

    There were only two Bitcoin halving operations, the first occurred in November , 2012 and the second in July , 2016 . At the time of the first Halving event the price of bitcoin was $ 12 and at the time of the second halving the bitcoin price bacame $ 650 .
    There will only be 32 Bitcoin Halving events, and after all these events have occurred it will not be possible to create new Bitcoin , as the maximum bid will be reached.

    What do you expect the Bitcoin price to become after the Halvnig event ?
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Ali saher in Why bitcoin not legal every country   
    Hey friends,
    I use bitcoin last 2 years even bitcoin is illegal in my country I know so many more countries bitcoin illegal if bitcoin is a currency then why not every country support this currency even every country govt know people use this currency and trade with this currency,
    What you think every country allow bitcoin for trade 
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Ali saher in Credit cards bitcoin exchange   
    Hey friends,
    I use before for buy sell bitcoin localbitcoin site but last few weeks localbitcoin not work in my country so I don't know about credit cards bitcoin exchange ,
    If you know some good credit card bitcoin exchanges where I easily buy and sell bitcoin please share on this topic
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    Magdsolieman reacted to sahil777 in If bitcoin go down to $2k   
    hey folks
    what if bitcoin go down to $2k level, what do you think it will be good or bad ?
    i think it will be good in few ways, many people can afford to buy a nice amount of btc and can hold them for future because as we know it can not stay at one price, if it goes down it will go high for sure, wether it take time or not, but at every high it will fall and at ever fall it will go high.
    any other cryptos will fall ofcourse if bitcoin falls, so we can buy other cryptos on cheaper prices as well, what you think.
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    Magdsolieman reacted to evet in How to Start Bitcoin Trading From Beginning   
    I am into the idea of holding crypto currencies for long term also. Like 1 to 3 years or so. I like investing into new cryptos that seems to have potential. 
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    Magdsolieman reacted to vikkiwinner in How to Start Bitcoin Trading From Beginning   
    trading on crypto very very risky , 🤓 last year i trade from 1000$ and  lost it , so beaware  lack of knowleges and news makes your money half or zero 
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Ali saher in How to Start Bitcoin Trading From Beginning   
    I also work bitcoin trading last 2 years but few months I stop this because I start my own business that's why I invest my money in my new business.bitcoin trading very risky but if you understand then you make good profit with this.
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    Magdsolieman reacted to wyj1306 in Is it easy to steal btc??   
    It's not easy, but it's possible if you don't take care of the security of your wallets and accounts, but it happens that a lot of people get hacked and lose everything.
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Ali saher in Is it easy to steal btc??   
    I don't think this is easy I use so many account for Btc last 2,3 years and I not face any this type problems. And if you active 2fa security then your account safe not anyone steal your Btc.
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Wassouf in bitcoin at 9000$   
    This price was amazing in that period and now it is the passion of many that everyone is waiting for the return of Bitcoin to the price of $ 9000 because it fell two weeks ago to $ 4,500 and today it creates a lot of happiness when it rose to $ 7000
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Wassouf in Is Cloud Mining Worth It   
    I do not advise you to try cloud mining because it requires a lot of referrals and connects you to an unknown source mining company, that is, you work with an unknown party and it may be an attempt by a fraudster to steal personal information or use your personal computer processor as a mining tool without paying you for this.
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Wassouf in The pizza guy   
    No one forgets this man. He wasted a fortune he did not know its importance for the pizza. It is the most expensive piece of pizza in the world. I think that until now he regretted this behavior, but it was a good lesson for everyone who today have low value currencies in order to wait for a high price and save them instead of buying pizza in those currencies. Precious coded it is a treasure worthy of patience
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    Magdsolieman reacted to Wassouf in How to Start Bitcoin Trading From Beginning   
    As beginners, we must learn a lot about the cryptocurrency market, and know the reasons for the rise and fall of its value, and we must take advantage of the strategies that experts use in the field of trading, which bring them great profits ، at first, there must be a loss, but we must be patient in order to gain sufficient experience to enter the world of trading.
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Salsa in Bitcoin fees   
    Bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency and despite the difference in withdrawal and transfer fees between the platforms it is always the highest fee so we notice that Ethereum fees are much more low than Bitcoin for this reason it is always better to trade my currencies for Ethereum before I withdraw
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    Magdsolieman got a reaction from Salsa in You think this is the best investment in bitcoin   
    If the price is about $ 8,700, then it is an absolutely inappropriate price for buying and storing, and there is an important rule that when the price falls below the level of financial support, then it is in the best occasion for buying and storing, and the investment transaction will be successful, whatever the rate of increase.
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    Magdsolieman reacted to moudar92 in Best crypto wallet this 2020   
    Hi my friend, there are many e-wallet apps, all of them are easy to use and safe, but they differ according to the users ’preferences. For me, I prefer to use Blockchain for ease of use.
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