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  1. Hope and pray that this pandemic vanishes soon...And d people who r affected by it, please don lose hope....cus nothing is impossible in this world n d solution is just around the corner....Well corona has not affected any part of my gambling...Instead it has got me closer to stake and the people around....
  2. Thanks buddy....I really appreciate your honesty...!!!👍 It just feels great, 2 cum across gud people like you...Wish u d best always..tc
  3. Hi beautiful people...I am alyans n I m new here....Wel I jst wanted to share how I feel about stake...I mean it's so much fun...I have bin gambling online 4 quiet sometime now on other sites...N then I came across stake, and I m hooked to it. It's better then rest and I feel any1 can become a winner...Rite??? Any tips for me