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  1. To get to VIP you need 10000 usd of wagering. Sports betting offers 2x wagering points, so if you are betting in only sports then it's 5000usd. But in total you need 10000 usd worth of wagering points
  2. Arnab12

    🦊 limbo

    This is not social media. This is forum. I can see you spamming unnecessary posts. Admins look at caterpillar40
  3. Getting bust is a part of the game. Some days you win and some days you lose. Just try to limit your play everyday... Don't be greedy ...get your profit and be content. Discipline is the key. Players think that they found a safe Strategy and it will make me millions then you are wrong. This is gambling... You will lose at some point. The key is how much Profit you make before losing. And never play All in Strategies for that 1.01 or 1.1 odds
  4. Well it depends on what you expect. I personally expect a 100% Probably Fair game and also good amount of interesting games. For me stake delivers it. They even give out bonuses according to your wager every month and week...so I cannot expect more from a gambling website but certainly stake fullfills more than I expect.
  5. I think BTC has ran it's course. I don't see it going anywhere further ahead. Maybe it's time for some other coins. There are actually far better coins than BTC with newer and more advanced technology.
  6. All players including non VIP gets monthly bonus every month. The reload you are talking about is the monthly bonus we got. There is no fixed time or method to receive the monthly bonus. Generally it's during the end of the month and some times before also. Monthly bonus can be given in any form being Reloads or coupons. Lastly I think this month's Monthly bonus will be given on 20th or 21st. This is because currently we are getting the daily reloads on prime dice. Which will end on 19th. So we generally get the bonus on stake after the prime dice is over.
  7. Well BTC is the most used crypto by far. Which being said it's high tx fees and high time taken by miners didn't stopped the users to use it. Network Congestion on network raises the fees. It's basic supply and demand. The bitcoin block size is 1 mb. So it can only process 1 mb worth of tx per block. As there is alot of congestion it takes time.
  8. I don't play this game often. I prefer other games but when I played last I remember getting 4 of a kind
  9. What if in future BTC becomes a primary Currency of a country. The high miner fees will certainly not help in transactions. Not to mention the taken time to send. We are in a time where we can transfer funds with absolutely low fees and instant transfer features through imps or UPI or any other. I guess doge or xrp can do better as a primary Currency of a country
  10. I don't play diamond poker much. But I hit 3x easily. Sadly there is no Strategy that I can play with in diamond poker. I prefer other games.
  11. It will take time to get to 50k. Remember big whales also influence some of the price
  12. Arnab12

    Bitcoin ATMs

    There are now more than 5000 BTC ATMs over the world. But it is clearly not enough and some of them are not functional. We clearly need more BTC ATMs . For that to happen there are two influences which will help. First being favourable regulations by countries and Second being acceptable by banks. If countries regulate BTC then it would be easier to maintain and open ATMs by service providers. Acceptance by banks will help in liquidity in the ATMs.
  13. Bitcoin is the most used crypto and we can say BTC represents Crypto. BTC is used among all crypto users. All exchanges atleast have a BTC pair market. After halving it is certain the price will go up but the question is by how much. In 2017 we saw the halving and resulting in the price increase to 20k$. Can we expect a 30k$ price this time after halving.
  14. I think after halving all the alt coins will also see a increase in price as altcoins hugely depends on BTC for the huge BTC market on every exchange.
  15. So seems like 10 min reloads are the way to go. Here are some strategies which will help you maximize the reload. 1. Sports multi - After each 10 mins bet on Sportsbook multi with 4-5 games. Total odds 6 or more. It's not difficult to win 4-5 match multi. If you win atleast 1 multi out of every 3. Then you are in profit. 2. Hunting - Hunting for big multipliers in limbo after every reload is a good strategy. Try pre rolls before you bet.
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