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  1. Litecoin
    Arnab12 got a reaction from nino11 in Bust only   
    Getting bust is a part of the game. Some days you win and some days you lose. Just try to limit your play everyday... Don't be greedy ...get your profit and be content. Discipline is the key. Players think that they found a safe Strategy and it will make me millions then you are wrong. This is gambling... You will lose at some point. The key is how much Profit you make before losing. And never play All in Strategies for that 1.01 or 1.1 odds
  2. Thanks
    Arnab12 got a reaction from Sandgr0under in Limbo or Dice 1.1 Wagering and small Profit Strategy   
    This Strategy is mainly for Wagering but also Keeping in mind the small Profit so that we don't lose any money in process of wagering.
    Payout : 1.1
    Increase on loss : 910%
    Now the most important thing is your bank roll, Bet and the number of rolls in auto.
    If your Bankroll is 1000 Doge then your bet should be 2 doge. (Change according to your Currency and bankroll)
    Rolls : 90. Please while playing Auto do not put rolls more than 90. More rolls means more losing streak.
    Stop on Profit : 20 Doge (change according to your balance and currency) After collecting each profit transfer them into vault. Accumulate 26.6% of your bank roll in vault. Now do not play further. More greed will bust you. Take 30 mins break and start again after changing seed. You balance should be only your bank roll. Rest on vault.
    Now every Strategy will bust you at sometime. 
    possible losing streak : -2 , -22 , -242
    Total loss : 266. ( Do not keep excess balance other than bank roll. Keep them on vault).
    Now this losing streak will happen Almost 3 times/1000 rolls. So while playing for longer time with each autobet of 90 rolls you will be in positive. Always change your seed when you have a losing streak. Do not change the equation but change the numbers according to your bank roll and currency.
  3. Love
    Arnab12 got a reaction from Caterpillar40 in Are you satisfied with Stake?   
    Well it depends on what you expect. I personally expect a 100% Probably Fair game and also good amount of interesting games. For me stake delivers it. They even give out bonuses according to your wager every month and week...so I cannot expect more from a gambling website but certainly stake fullfills more than I expect.
  4. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to Ali saher in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    Good luck I hope you make this amount and complete your target. I think if you play relx mind then you complete this target but if you think you complete your target within small time then very hard and mostly chance lost.
  5. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to Dp10011 in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    I, as well as here, wish you luck on this journey. Winning something with betting is the greatest uncertainty that exists. The only thing we know is that we can lose.
    Reaching 1 btc with little is an extraordinary job to face. Nothing impossible!
    But when we have the goal it is to stay calm. Very lucky on that path. My goal is also to reach 1 btc. I've been very close. But we will get there.
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    Arnab12 reacted to evet in Plinko : The game I played the least   
    Lots play plinko, you can obviously tell if you stay in english room. You hit big multipliers at plinko when it bounces towards the sides. The opposite happens when it hits the middle part. Not as complicated but not as easy as you play too. 
  7. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to iulianbutanu in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    lol, as funny fact, yesterday from 2 sats rakeback on primedice i did 1000 :)) and busted on x100 one hand all in. that's how this probably fair casino's are. 
    the winning/losing bet is all based on the stake that is at the middle or the chances, but really..1 btc out of 0.001 sounds like imposibru and I don't think at least with that strategy you can get even any closer to that. but who am i to judge?
    hopefuly you will send some rains right after it :))
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    Arnab12 reacted to Ali saher in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    I think this is a hard target but not impossible . I think if you play with a plan and relx mind you complete this target . I just 2 day before make 10k dogecoin to 400k dogecoin just in 10 hours . I withdraw 200k doge and 200k I lose . I think if I play more 2,3 days carefully game I make easily 1 Btc but I take risk and lost winning balance.
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    Arnab12 reacted to cryptonesiac in Casino or Sportsbook   
    With sports betting I have the illusion I could win every bet, with casino I know a losing bet is coming at some point...
    Sport betting is a great wager by the way... if your aiming for stars (not for races or rakeback)
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    Arnab12 reacted to wyj1306 in Casino or Sportsbook   
    I really like playing the casino, but there are only 2 or 3 games that I usually play, I really prefer sports betting and I'm always there trying my luck, because depending on external factors is much more reliable. However, at this time of quarantine we are out of games for betting, and these modalities that they found to put here are only making me lose, so I will wait for everything to return to normal.
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    Arnab12 reacted to JacksonPalmer in Casino or Sportsbook   
    I like both in different ways to be honest. I prefer Casino if I want to go and make some fast profits, but it is also a little bit boring after a while. I prefer Sports if I want to just have a little bit of entertainment, bet on a game and watch it and it automatically is even more exciting to watch. I think having both options on stake is amazing and variety is always a good thing.
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    Arnab12 reacted to sahil777 in Casino or Sportsbook   
    i like casino as you already know its fast in result instant betting and you can enjoy rolling all the time, sports betting is no fun thats a pure money making thing without fun, but if you want fun and earning both then casino is the best place.
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    Arnab12 reacted to Aponix in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    it is a good goal, something difficult but not impossible
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    Arnab12 reacted to evet in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    Seems like a hard goal to achieve, but not impossible. Good luck man. May the odds be on your favor.
  15. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to bentura in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    10$= 0.0015 not 0.015
    But wish you all the luck 
  16. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    Good luck on this, but let's be honest, there's just too much going on here. Your first strategy can drain your balance really fast with that much increase on loss. At least it will drain you at least once in 120 days if you don't stop in the middle. And the second strategy will only work if your first strategy work. Plus it's also depends on luck. Table tennis is pretty much unpredictable, there's no real underdog in this game. So winning all the games in a multi bet is really really really rare at such a high payout. So all I can say is good luck.
    Also, do not post with a title in all caps. You can emphasize a word or too but not the whole title.
  17. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to Kariuki in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    I actually am not so sure about the whole gamble thing but am asking a simple question , is it possible to get one bitcoin really , that would be something,  we have to really know what what we are doing to reach this kind, the right idea is to work as hard and have a strategy , am still looking at  the whole situation on Dice , ways to win is I get it , it would be a beautiful thing very very beautiful so thank you for encouraging me
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    Arnab12 reacted to reebox in ROAD TO 1BTC : DREAM FOR EVERY STAKER   
    I'm not sure you can succeed, but you have to do it to prove it if you can, I also doubt the limbo and dice strategy because if you don't change your playing strategy you will surely suffer losses.
    Good luck ...
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    Arnab12 reacted to evet in Dogecoins   
    Maybe lots of years from now, doge's value will rise up like crazy. we will never really know. I believe that investing in dogecoin for a very long term will eventually pay off along with investing in other alt coins with great potential. 
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    Arnab12 reacted to Ali saher in Dogecoins   
    Yes dogecoin is a very good coin and I think this coin future very good . I watch this coin price last 3,4 years and after every 3,4 months this coin price go up this is 1st time 6,7 months price not go up but I think very soon price again up.
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    Arnab12 reacted to Thirusmart in Dogecoins   
    Doge is a good crypto for long term sustainability. It might worthy if we hold longer. I came in crypto market when it was 15satoshi range. After few months, it is more than 10 times around 200 plus Satoshi per coin. So grab the bottom opportunity and make more by gambling or what you can...
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    Arnab12 reacted to ankit16 in Dogecoins   
    I think doge coin have a good potential in the market.I see people holding thousands of dogecoin for future. if you have noticed the daily rate of doge you will find it pretty interesting. Not today but doge coin have a bright future.
  23. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to Riki276 in Dogecoins   
    i believe Doge coin price will increase in parallel with other leading cryptocurrencies  in the future !
  24. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in Dogecoins   
    DOGE is not a mainstream coin hehe. It was made for fun as a meme and became hugely popular. I am pretty much surprised with DOGE still surviving between serious coins. However, DOGE got listed on Binance last year and had a 40% surge after Binance announced the listing. As a meme coin, holding doge isn't much profitable as I can see. But I like it anyway as it has the lowest value among coins available at Stake. I'd suggest holding more serious altcoins like ETH or TRX etc.
  25. Thanks
    Arnab12 reacted to reebox in Dogecoins   
    dogecoin is a coin that is on various gambling sites so I think maybe dogecoin will not go up because the current price is quite the same as before.
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