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  1. Im just curious if you were able to make good profit from 10 min reload we are receiving. or are you saving it?
  2. i think high pay out is worth it amid high risk.
  3. im new to stake. im trying to learn better from you. Please share to some insights on what platform is for higher and faster profit. is it playing casino games or betting on sports?
  4. you will know the answer if you will keep on doing it. its called orgasm.
  5. There is green side and red side of this. Of course we want the green side because it means profit. Amid home quarantine and lock down due to covid 19, players have more opportunities. Opportunities does not always mean green, there are times its red. if its red, we are sad.
  6. Hello People in stake. im new to stake and to this forum. I am very interested to learn a lot from you on what is the most winnable event in stake?
  7. im hoping this will work on me. Dice is unpredictable. i tried to decipher a formula or winning probability but its not working.
  8. the probability of winning with this strategy is relatively low but i think the risk is worth it if you will get Green